Baby’s First Fall Pictures: Ideas, Tips and Demos!

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Baby's First Fall Photos

I think it’s safe to say that most of us are unapologetically fond of fall. And now with a baby in the picture, (literally) fall becomes even more special!

Today, you are going to be treated to some baby’s first fall picture ideas you’ll want to try with your little one!

Also, if you’d like to see how I edit my baby’s fall pictures using Adobe Lightroom mobile app, you can find a quick video demo about halfway down the post, see you there!

Halloween Baby Picture Ideas

Baby’s first Halloween, what is more fun!?

Hopefully these scary-cute Halloween baby picture ideas will give you a chilling urge to experiment with some of your own at home.


What does the baby fox say? Does anyone else still love that song as much as me?! 

When it comes to capturing a timeless Halloween baby picture of your baby, they really will shine no matter what you put them in. However, this baby fox costume is seriously adorable and probably a must-have!

Baby posing for Halloween photo in an over-stuffed pumpkin costume in a white corner.

Make baby a pumpkin!

You can find over-stuffed pumpkin costumes like this one on Amazon for a steal!

The important thing to note about this Halloween baby photo idea is how they chose to place the baby in a white corner of the room. Paying attention to this simple detail really made this photo and the bright orange pumpkin pop!

Consider details such as these when you are experimenting with your DIY baby photoshoots.

Baby wearing a witches hat for Halloween photos

A simple baby Halloween photo using a whimsical witches hat, as shown on this sleepy sweetie, can have a simple and dramatic effect.

Likewise, choosing to edit some of your baby’s photos in black and white can also create a premium and professional feel to your DIY baby pictures.

Another thing to try and imagine is how all of your baby’s fall and Halloween photos will look grouped together in one place. As an example, all of the photos you have seen so far play nicely together.

Sleeping baby wearing a candy corn Halloween hat for Halloween photos.

Here’s one last inspirational Halloween baby picture idea using an adorable hat.

Again, this idea is great because it requires little to no cooperation from baby, and let’s be honest, that’s the best case scenario sometimes. 

The Halloween hat choices for babies are surprisingly abundant, you can browse them on Amazon here.

This picture idea is perfect for newborns, you could even switch out different hat options while they sleep and have a unique photo collage to display every fall.

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How do You Take Pictures of Baby with a Pumpkin?

You made it to the best section! Time to look at babies with pumpkins and get some tips and ideas of how you can take viral-status #babypumpkin pictures this fall.

Photo of a baby with a pumpkin for Halloween pictures

This photo is of my little doll baby. This was her fist Halloween, and of course, we had do the pumpkin photos! But not just any old picture of my baby with a pumpkin – oh no.

We needed to capture all of those rolls and ridges. And not just the pumpkins either!

As you can see, my little one went in the buff for her epic Halloween pumpkin photoshoot. You can use this baby and pumpkin picture idea for yours too! 

All you will need is a pint-sized pumpkin for baby, a white pain pen to write “boo!” and a backdrop of your choice.

I chose to place a back piece of poster-board I got from Target behind her with a letter board (like this one) to personalize with her age and year the picture was taken.

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Baby in a pumpkin patch photo

This baby with pumpkins picture idea is more natural and candid, which always looks sweet. If you little one is sitting up on their own, take them to the local pumpkin patch and sit them amongst the beautiful scenery.

You are sure to get some awesome fall baby pictures this way!

Are you looking forward to doing crafts with your little this holiday season? Here is a hand and footprint Christmas craft project you can do that turns into a piece of art to hang in your home or give as a touching gift! 

How to Paint a Pumpkin on Your Baby’s Bottom

Want to get on the viral Instagram #babypumpkinbutt trend this fall? This is the way to do it mama!

Baby with a pumpkin paired on her butt.

The painted-on pumpkin baby bottom is by far the sticking cutest way to incorporate pumpkins into your baby’s fall and Halloween photos this year.

You really don’t need much to make this photo a hit either. That is, other than a very fast hand to paint and quickly shoot the photo before your baby squirms, poos and smears the pumpkin off.

You do need to make sure you are using a paint that is safe for baby’s skin and this one on Amazon looks to be a good option.

Fall Baby Pictures with Leaves

If you are lucky enough to live in a climate where the leaves reveal stunning bouquets of sunset rainbows, then you MUST take advantage by using it in your baby’s fall photos!

There really is no easier way to depict fall in a photo than with a pile of colorful leaves. All your sweet little one has to do is sit there and explore while you tap away and fill your phone’s storage full.

baby in leaves fall photo

This fall baby picture idea with leaves is as fun to look at as you can tell she was having creating the memory. You can sum this fall leaves photo-op with one word, magical.

How to Edit Your Baby’s First Fall Pictures

Now that you have the best fall baby picture ideas, beautifully editing them is just as important.

Every extra large baby photo you saw in this post was taken with an iPhone 7 and edited with the Adobe Lightroom App. 

If you have not used Lightroom to edit any of your photos before, it has a lot of options without being too intimating. It handles most any photo beautifully and delicately. Which, is exactly what you need when working with baby photos.

For example, take a look at a fall leaves photo I took of my little one below.

Baby's first fall picture ideas

You can easily see the drastic difference between the two photos. The raw photo is of course too dark and harsh. If you would like to know how I edited this photo and to get some editing tips for yours, please continue with me.

Here’s how you too can achieve a similar edit.

First, I warmed up the color palette, softened the contrast and removed the out-of-place colors in her hacker. I also enhanced the red, orange and yellow tones in the photo to pop the color of the leaves more.

The green grass was too strong of a tonal difference to the warm cooler for my liking, so I de-saturated that some too.

Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I can bet that no two people would edit this photo the exact same – which is way makes editing so personal and unique!

Hopefully these editing tips gave you some new tools to use for your baby’s first fall photos this year.

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Helpful Photo Taking Tools

Now, this post wouldn’t be nearly as helpful if it didn’t also suggest some great tools that will increase the success of your DIY baby photos.

Investing in a couple of tools that will take your baby’s pictures from “meh, pretty good” to “WOW!” really is worth a few extra bucks. Just think of how much money you are actually saving by being your family’s photographer too!

So what tools are best for home photography use?

  • Ring Light – Having the assistance of light source using one of these compact and free-standing ring lights can make a huge difference in how much more you’ll love your photos. Even if you have a pretty well lit room to take your baby’s pictures in, extra light never hurts!
  • Backdrops – This is by no means necessary, but they are super fun and very inexpensive. A backdrop like this one below could make for some of the fanciest baby pictures any one on social media has ever seen

Baby photography backdrop

Final Words

With all of that said and examples shown, that will wrap up this baby’s first fall picture ideas. You should leave this post feeling very inspires to get some scary-cute fall and Halloween pictures of your little one this year!

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