Incredibly Useful Breast Pumping Hacks, Tips and Tricks

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Are you a busy pumping mama looking for tips and hacks to make your #pumplife easier?

You just answered uh yeah. GOOD – cuz I have some genius breast pumping hacks for you today!

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Breast Pumping Hacks for Working Moms

Ok ladies, if you haven’t yet read my post on how to pump at work like a boss, you MUST head there next! Especially if you are a pumping and working mama!

I want to start this informative read out by sharing some pumping hack tips that will come in most handy while you are at work.

If you are a breastfeeding and working mom, I commend you!

The dedication and sheer will it takes to keep up a breast pumping routine and the demand of a career must be challenging!

Which brings me to the first of my many pumping hacks for the mom who still has “mom brain” and forgets everything important except to check if the baby is still breathing one thousand times a night – sigh. 

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No Bottle to Pump Into Hack

Ah yes, you’ve managed to make it to work with matching shoes and socks on – woohoo!

Three to four hours has passed of blissful productive adult-ing and it’s now time for your first pumping session of the work day.

But wait – no, you didn’t forget your darn bottles!

What are you supposed to pump into now? 

Here is your life-saving pumping hack for when you forget the bottles to pump in to.

You can Macgyver yourself a milk collecting vessel with either a breast milk storage bag or any old plastic zip lock bag and a rubber band.

Simply place the bag over the flange and valve, secure with a rubber band (what woman doesn’t adorn herself with a hair twisty bracelet) and pump on!

Now that you know this breast pumping bag hack, you never have to freak out when you forget the bottles again!

Concealable Pumping Hack for Pumping at Work

This next pumping hack is more of an introduction to a pumping product that will make you feel like you’re cheating the hassle of pumping at work all together.

The Willow Breast Pump is a completely concealable and wearable breast pump perfect for the task of pumping at work!

This pump discreetly fits in any bra, (no pumping bra needed – woohoo!) and hides almost seamlessly under any top.

The ability to keep on your shirt while you pump at work is the best breast pumping hack you could ask for! No more nosey co-workers compromising your privacy.

Who knows, maybe you’ll even feel brave enough to pump at your desk with this set up, no more clocking out to pump! 

Pumping at Work Success

Hey mama, real quick – let me turn your attention to a great resource for breastfeeding moms who are returning to work.

You may be dreading this thought as it adds yet another layer of unknown responsibilities on top of your already long list of new things you’ve had to become a pro at!

If you are worried whatsoever about pumping while at work and maintaining your milk supply – please consider this online video course by Milkology, The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class.

The course covers all of the major and minor necessities of what pumping at work will require and helps you transition from breastfeeding at home to work with ease.

P.S. If you enroll in any course through one of my links, I will send you my pumping and milk supply course for free, here are the details.

Pumping Bag Hacks, Tips and Tricks

Time is always precious, and this is especially true when you are on the clock!

Use this next time saving pumping tip and hack to get back on the clock quicker once you’re done pumping!

Instead of separating and washing every pump part, every time you pump, quickly rinse your just used flange and connectors. Place them into a zip lock bag and back into the fridge until the next session!

You can also use some Medela Quick Clean Wipes as a one time use substitute for recommended pump kit cleaning practices. 

Shop for affordable Parent’s Choice breast milk storage bags!

Storing Breast Milk Bag Hacks 

A freezer stash of breast milk is a wonderful thing. It alleviates so much pressure off of a mom to know the reserves are there. 

Storing your breast milk in the freezer where space is usually already limited requires some careful planning. Because not everyone has an extra freezer hanging around to dedicate exclusively to breast milk.

However, I have witnessed families investing in an extra deep freeze just to house a massive freezer stash of breast milk.

The breast pumping bag hack in this scenario focuses on how you lay your breast milk bags to freeze.

The wrong way to freeze your breast milk bags is by leaving them standing up.

I understand the thought process behind doing so, less opportunity for breast milk to leak this way.

However, once that bag of breast milk is frozen, it is about three times bulkier than it needs to be! This extra girth will quickly take up unnecessary room in your freezer.

Instead, lay the breast milk storage bags flat so you can later brick lay them in neat organized piles. 

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No-Spills Breast Milk Bag Hack 

When I first saw this breast pumping bag hack I couldn’t believe how simple and utterly genius it was! I also couldn’t figure out why I never though of it myself – huh.

This hack is for the transfer of breast milk from bottle to bag.

Those breast milk storage bags are just not easy to pour in to and as a pumping mom. By the way, we have EVERY RIGHT to cry over spilled milk. 

So, instead of awkwardly attempting to pour the breast milk straight into the bag without any spills, use a breast shield as the guide!

All you do for this hack is place the breast shield into the bag and use it as a funnel – GENIUS!

Want more help to get good at pumping (or at least avoid the struggles!) and the knowledge you need to master your milk supply?

Yes? Great!

I have the perfect resource to introduce you to. Follow me this way!

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Breast Milk Hacks and Pumping on-the-go

You may be a mama who doesn’t let anything slow her down – not even being hooked-up and milked for most of the day. If this you, I think you’ll find these pumping on-the-go tips refreshing.

Heating Breast Milk Hacks 

You’ve got your chilled breast milk with you for when baby gets hungry ten minutes into your outing. You are at Target and an impromptu bottle feeding is in order.

Giving your baby a cold bottle isn’t the best idea since it can upset little one’s tummy and you have a serious date with Target that needs to take place. 

I suppose you could stand in line at Starbucks (if your Target is that cool) and ask for a piping hot cup of water.

However, when this request is made – they rarely fill the cup to a level that my bottle of breast milk doesn’t force out all of the scaulding hot liquid everywhere. 

How to Heat Breast Milk while Out 

Get a wide mouth thermos (like this one at Amazon) and fill it with boiling hot water from your electric kettle. Do this right before you leave the house. 

The water will stay hot for HOURS (as long as the lid is sealed tight).

You can then place your ice cold bottle of breast milk into the thermos of hot water and it will be the perfect temperature in a jiffy!

I loved this breast milk heating hack so much, it was the only way I would heat my daughter’s bottles. It was faster, more convenient and always warmed the breast milk to the perfect temperature with no hot spots.

Breast milk heating in a thermos with the text breast milk heating hack and directions across the bottom.

The Best Pumping on-the-go Tip

The BabyBuddha portable breast pump paired with Freemie Collection Cups is your answer to hacking a more productive day while still getting in all of your pumping sessions!

This system gives you the ultimate freedom by eliminating the need for a power outlet. The Freemie’s allow you to pump without it all hanging out so to speak.

Here are your exclusive discount codes for the portable breast pumps.

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Tips and Tricks to Pump More Milk

These next pumping hacks focus on how to help you pump more milk. They are incredibly helpful and will likely be your favorite pumping tips in this post.

Put A Sock on it

I bet you never thought to put a sock on your bottle while you pump. Why would you do such a thing and how is this a pumping hack to help you pump more milk?

Its psychology.

Hiding the amount of milk being expressed from your view while you pump will help you feel less anxious. Therefore, feeling more relaxed to allow for greater milk output.

Change This Pump Part Hack

There is one pumping kit part in particular that can instantly help you pump more milk. The part I’m referring to is the valve and membrane.

This is the little plastic piece that resides on the end of the flange that goes into the bottle. There are valves and membranes (like these) or there are duckbill valves.

This small part is responsible for the suction strength of your breast pump. When compromised (even slightly) your suction can be significantly decreased. 

Plan on changing this part every 4-6 weeks. Or, if you notice less suction or milk output.

Learn more here: How to Use Breast Pump Parts and When to Change Them

Spectra Breast Pump Hacks

The stationary breast pump of choice for most of us seems to be Spectra. With so many mamas opting for one of these cute pink or blue pumps, it makes sense that Spectra breast pump hacks are a popular search term.

Here are a few you may want to save for later!

How to Pump on A Spectra 

First, you’ll find an infographic that demonstrates how to use Spectra’s settings to stimulate a letdown and continue to keep the milk flowing.

Don’t forget to click save this pin to refer to later!

Spectra breast pump settings hack infographic.

How to Find Hours Pumped on A Spectra Hack

The second Spectra hack will help you find your total pumping hours performed. For us exclusive pumpers this may be a mind blowing discovery.

The how-to card below shows you exactly what to do and can also be saved to your Pinterest account!

How to Find Total Pumping Hours on A Spectra Breast Pump

How to Find Total Pumping Hours on A Spectra Breast Pump

Yield: Pumping Pride
Active Time: 2 minutes
Total Time: 2 minutes
Difficulty: None
Estimated Cost: None

Here is a handy Spectra pumping hack! Figure out how many hours you have pumped on a Spectra all together.


  • Spectra Breast Pumps


  1. Power Button
  2. Letdown Button
  3. Cycle +
  4. Vacuum -
  5. Cycle -
  6. Vacuum +
  7. Letdown Button

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There you have it mama, so many good breast pumping hacks and tips I know you will use! Every one of my posts are here to provide you with information, support and guidance throughout your entire motherhood experience. 

Pleases follow my accounts to connect more and to stay up to date when I launch more helpful content curated with you in mind!

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