Cutest Exclusive Pumping Stickers and Breast Pump Decals

You’ve come to the right place to see the best pumping mom breast pump decals, exclusive pumping stickers and signs!

If you’re looking for some unique pumping mom graphics for DIY crafts or a unique gift for an exclusive pumping mom, you will love this selection!

Breast Pump Decals

A pumping mama spends ALOT of time around and with her breast pump. This piece of machinery begins to become quite a companion overtime. 

A breast pump decal or sticker is the perfect way to personalize a pump and can even be a fun source of support! 

Check out some of my favorite breast pump decals below!

Breast pump sticker that says pumpin ain't easy.

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This is a digital PNG file that gives you the option to print at home, online or at a local copy shop, just use sticker paper like this kind Amazon carries!

Did you know it’s actually way cheaper to buy a pack of images like this and print yourself versus buying individual stickers you can only use once.

These, you can use over and over again for your own personal use!


pumping mom sticker on spectra breast pump that says mother pumper.

Here’s a breast pump decal SVG file that you can use with any cutting machine, like a Cricut!

Use any colored or textured vinyl you want and make your own custom breast pump sticker. Gift it to a special mom friend or just keep it for  yourself!

Pumping mom sticker on a spectra breast pump that says this sucks.

Well, not everyone looks at pumping as such a glamorous undertaking. If you have a little bit of a sense of humor, this “this sucks” pumping mom sticker would be perfect for your breast pump!

Breast pump with breast milk drop and heart cut out sticker in holographic material.

I love the simplicity of this design! This “breast milk with heart” image can be created on any vinyl you want with a cutting machine, like the Cricut. Pictured above is what it would look like on holographic vinyl!

Wavelength font that reads "looks here!"laptop screen with Etsy shop pumping mom stickers and breast pump decals.

Find all of these pumping and breastfeeding designs and more in my Etsy shop! I make the designs, you create the art you love!

Exclusive Pumping Stickers

The pride an exclusive pumping mom feels towards her pumping commitment is understandably immense.

There’s really no surprise why a pumping mom may find exclusive pumping stickers, like the ones you’re about to see, speak to her in a unique way.

Pumping mom sticker that says liquid gold.

How sweet is this liquid gold sticker for pumping moms?! I could see using this beautiful breast pump sticker on a bullet journal or planner. It’s just so pretty!

pumping mom white liquid love decal / sticker for tumbler.

A hard-at-work milk makin’ pumping mom needs to stay hydrated! What better way to personalize her favorite drinking vessel than with a fun breast milk sticker like this one!

Woman holding iPhone with a cellphone case pumping mom sticker that says eat sleep pump repeat.

Here’s a another option for using SVG cut files to create totally custom pumping mom stickers for your cellphone case!

three black arrows pointing down.Explore vinyl options at Cricut for your projects!

Pumping mom sticker that says I cry over spilled milk.

If you’re a pumping mom, you feel these words deep down in your soul! Seriously though, grab this physical pumping mom sticker from this Etsy shop that I’m kind of obsessed with!


printed out exclusive pumping stickers on a sticker sheet in front of a printer.

This exclusive pumping stickers PNG file pack is great because you can print them out at home, or at a local print shop and use them as many times as you would like!

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Before you go…

I hope you found some joy from looking at these unique and fun pumping mom stickers and breast pump decals! Even more so, I hope you decided to grab some for yourself.

Or, better yet, for a pumping mom you know to show your support! After all, no matter our age, do ever really grow out of our love for stickers?

Please share this post and these beautiful creations with others to enjoy as well!

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