How to Bond with your Baby as an Exclusive Pumper without Nursing

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Hello mama, I’m glad you’re here and are interested in getting some sweet tips and ideas on how to bond with your baby without nursing.

You may be in the position I was when my nursing dreams suddenly came to an end without warning. Nursing at the breast is a remarkable and intimate experience you can have with your baby, there is nothing else quite like it.

However, sometimes our breastfeeding journeys don’t take the path we envisioned them to and that is ok. You can still bond with your baby as an exclusive pumper and without the act of nursing. Keep reading to the end for lots of great ideas to try!

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Babywearing for Extra Bonding without Nursing 

My first tip to help you bond with a baby you aren’t nursing is to try babywearing. Babywearing is wonderful because it helps keep that close contact with you your baby deeply craves.

There are so many studies that show how beneficial physical contact is for a baby’s health and even brain development.

Baby’s who are worn often cry less, gain weight more consistently and maintain a more stable heart rate and body temperature – just to name a few. 

Bonding with your little one this way is not only beneficial for baby, but for mom as well! 

How does baby wearing benefit mom?

Moms who practice babywearing often suffer less from postpartum depression because they worry less about their baby not getting the love and attention they need with the constant physical contact. 

Babywearing also frees mom up to move around more freely and get chores done around the house while baby is nestled safely in her bosom. 

There is also added benefit to your milk supply when you consistently keep your baby close to you. Skin to skin contact is not only wonderful for bonding with your baby, but is shown to help improve a mother’s milk supply.

So strap that baby on mama and bulk up your milk supply!

I have a resource for any mom looking to get some top tips on how to pump up her milk supply in this FREE eBook!

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Co-Bathing to Help You Bond when You’re Not Nursing 

Another bonding tip you can use without needing to nurse your baby is to impliment co-bathing. I found that bathing my baby with me in the tub was actually more convenient for both of us anyways.

I always cherished this sweet time with my little pumpling. This is also a terrific time to take advantage of skin to skin and get that extra boost in milk supply if you are bottle nursing. 

You may have a baby that struggles with latching or any other number of nursing battles, this is a great time to take the pressure off and see if any successful nursing takes place organically. 

Do you want help with nursing before baby arrives?

Before we go on with the rest of the bonding tips, there may be a few reasons you are here seeking out these ideas in the first place.

Let’s see if I can figure out some of those reasons and give you some suggestions that could be helpful!

Maybe you are like me and ran into problems breastfeeding and now you are in a position of providing breast milk for your baby without the act of nursing. 

You may be reading this and still holding out hope that you can still try and nurse your baby with some exclusivity and success.

Or maybe you are pregnant and the excitement and anticipation of becoming a mom for the first time has you interested in EVERYTHING baby related you come across.

If you desire to nurse your baby, but you’ve encountered some struggles or you are the plan-ahead type of mom who wants all of the tools in the tool box before she has to fix something later on.

Then Milkology’s inexpensive and amazing online course, The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class is where I recommend you start!

Quality Time to Bond 

Don’t underestimate the bonding power quality time with your baby can have.

Quality time can be anything you do with your baby that involves one on one interaction or contact. 

Sing your baby a song while they stare back up at you with those beautiful eyes that make you melt.

Your baby will love the harmonious sounds and I can guarantee if you are stressed about anything – singing a sweet lullaby to your precious babe will make all of that disappear. 

A nap is another simple way to bond with your baby without nursing.

You could also snuggle up in a rocking chair and hold your little sweetie while they slumber. 

I co-sleep with my little one and that has been a wonderful experience for both of us. I have a separate post about safe co-sleeping guidelines you can hop over to next, here is the link for that.

Reading to your baby will also create a bonding environment and it’s never too early to begin to regularly read to your child. There is so much evidence that shows how positive of an impact reading has our brain development. 

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Be the One to Feed Baby Her Bottle

Even though you aren’t performing the bonding act of nursing, you can still participate in the wonders of nourishing your baby through exclusively pumping and bottle feeding. 

Bottle nursing can be a satisfactory replacement for both mom and baby and sometimes even preferred in certain instances.

Are you interested to learn more about exclusively pumping?

If so, I’ll invite you to have a look at a resource for mom’s who want extra guidance, support, tips and solutions on how to pump and manage their milk supply with less discouragment. Here is where you can learn more.

The Bottom Line 

I’d like to end this article with an assuring word or two. No matter what method you use to feed your baby – your baby will love you unconditionally as long as they know they are loved. No amount of nursing or lack there of will change that fact. 

The bond between mother and baby is a gift from God. 

At the end of every post I like to do a quick recap of the hilights. Here are the top tips on how to bond with your baby you aren’t nursing one more time:

  • Babywearing is a wonderful way to bond with your baby when you aren’t regularly nursing. My favorite baby carrier our of the options I listed is the Archur by Tula.
  • Co-bathing is another tip I gave to help you bond with your baby. Taking a bath with your baby is also a perfect time to engage in some skin to skin boding time. Skin to skin is also beneficial for increasing milk supply.
  • The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class is your online and on-demand lactation consultant that can be consumed at your pace in the comfort of your own home.
  • Sing, nap and read your way to a closer bond with your baby. It’s never too early to start reading to your little one – the sooner you start, the better!
  • Feed baby her bottle to still take part in those special moments of nourishing your little one. 
  • Go check out my recommendations page for mommy resources I think you’ll love!

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