BreastFeeding Cart Checklist That You Should Have

breast feeding cart checklist

Are you all set to breastfeed your child? If you believe so, check your preparations with this breastfeeding cart checklist first.

Breastfeeding Essentials That You Should Have In Your Cart

Here is a list of supplies that you can use to set up the coziest breastfeeding station ever!

1. Burp Towels

Burp towels are always useful because of the frequent spit-ups and your dripping breasts. For each breastfeeding session, keep them close to your nursing station!

2. A Reliable Breast pump

If you intend to pump, you’ll need a solid, dependable pump that can help keep the flow steady. It’s a good idea to have the ability to pump in case you need to be away from the newborn baby for a while. A smart alternative for ensuring that the infant receives the benefits of breast milk even if mom and baby are apart is a manual breast pump or a double electric breast pump.

3. Bags For Storing Breast Milk Production

You should have a handy and secure location to store your baby’s milk supply if you are a pumping mother. We strongly advise buying storage bags rather than storing everything you pumped in a breastmilk collection baby bottle. It makes more sense to keep a stock of breastmilk bags on hand for eventualities and emergencies.

4. Nursing Tanks And Bras

A proper nursing bra and tank are essentials for a mother who is nursing. You may nurse whenever you want by covering it with a comfy robe or, for our favorite nursing-wear technique, by layering it beneath any shirt or sweater. This will allow you to effortlessly raise your top without showing your stomach. However, not all nursing bras and tanks are made equally!

5. Nursing Chair

Maintaining good posture is crucial for a breastfeeding mother. It not only saves her from fatigue but also lowers the child’s reflexes and reduces colic. So, before you embark on the breastfeeding journey, invest in a decent nursing chair.

6. Nursing Pillow

Both nursing mothers and their newborns benefit from the support and comfort that breastfeeding pillows offer. They’re fantastic for putting the infant at the appropriate angle during bottle or breast feedings to lessen the likelihood of reflux or gas. Additionally, nursing cushions can be used by the infant to rest while being burped after the feeding is finished. Every mom must have it!

7. Nursing Pads

One breast may leak while the other is being breastfed. For the sake of preventing clothing from being stained and milk from leaking freely, many mothers opt to use washable or disposable nursing pads or breast pads.

The Safe & DryTM Nursing Pads from Medela come in two thicknesses: Ultra-Thin for days with only a little leakage and Super Absorbent for days with a lot of leakages and/or nighttime protection. Both at home and on the go, having some of each can help provide protection from any amount of milk.

8. Nipple Cream

It can be very unpleasant for some mothers to nurse while suffering from sore nipples. For the comfort you require, always carry calming Purelan nipple cream. It goes on softly and gently without making a mess, is safe for both mom and baby, and works both ways! For cooling and relaxing painful nipples, you might also think about using hydrogel pads. Of course, if this problem persists, be sure to see your doctor.

9. Baby Wipes And Diapers

A baby’s digestive tract can be stimulated by eating, and before you realize it, you’ll need to change their dirty diaper or dirty clothes in the middle of the feed! Keep extra diapers and baby wipes on hand for these situations.

10. A Couple Of Water Bottles

It goes without saying that you should drink plenty of water when nursing. The moment the infant latches on, some mothers in particular get extremely thirsty. You may get a bottle with a straw to make it simpler to drink and one that is simple to carry in one hand. You may even think about keeping two bottles nearby!

11. Nutritious Snacks

Maintaining a healthy diet is equally crucial to staying hydrated! When you are adjusting to nursing and dealing with infant sleep deprivation, it is really easy to forget to eat or miss meals, but it is crucial to have a healthy diet.

Almonds, hard-boiled eggs, grapes, lactation cookies, cheese sticks, and energy bits are just a few of our favorite one-handed, easy-to-grab goodies. You’re prepared for on-the-go snacking by placing your snacks in a reusable snack bag and placing it in your diaper bag.

12. Nightlight

A gentle nightlight or lamp will be essential for feedings in the middle of the night or in dimly lit areas. You’ll need something with sufficient lighting so that you can see what you’re doing without waking the infant or anyone nearby.

13. Nice-To-Haves

Feeding your infant will take up a lot of your time. Even though it’s a lovely time to be with them, occasionally they doze off and you find yourself without something to do. To make your time at your nursing station even more enjoyable, think about purchasing some nice-to-have products like a magazine, book, or electronic reader. If you wear reading glasses, don’t forget to keep them handy!

Keep all of your gadget chargers close by in case any of your devices run out of power. To hold your phone or tablet upright while it charges, if you can, think about making a little docking purchase. By wearing earbuds, you can prevent your baby from waking up in the middle of the night feeding.

If you decide to give your infant a pacifier, keeping a few clean ones on hand and close by with your nursing supplies ensures that you will always have one on hand for any eventuality.

You might wish to watch TV during nighttime feedings to pass the time, stay alert, or even just for the light. Keep the TV remote near your nursing or pumping station so it’s simple to turn on at any time!

Last but not least, you could even want to think about spending money on a rolling shelf or basket to create a portable nursing station you can move about your home!

The Bottom Line

Nursing is a beautiful experience, and you should have everything set for your nursing station to make it even more enjoyable. Check out the list, and if you think we left something out, please let us know in the comments area so that all the mothers out there can benefit.