Chalk Art for Toddlers: Town and Roadway Play (with images)

This easy to create chalk town and roadway is a fun idea for an outdoor toddler activity they will love! 

I’m going to show you how to easily make this chalk art idea come to life – even if you don’t consider yourself an artist. 

Ready to get outside and have some fun?!

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How to Make A Chalk Art Town and Roadway

How to draw a chalk art town and roadway

First, don’t let this chalk art intimidate you! After all, your toddler will love it regardless, even if you don’t. 

You can use the building ideas I have placed in this post and copy them exactly. Or, get a little creative and add your own personal places and buildings your kids will recognize.


This chalk art project requires only a couple supplies to accomplish, but here is what I order from Amazon incase you need to stock up too!

Washable Sidewalk Chalk

Photo of chalk for toddler chalk art town and roadway

Toy Cars

toy cars for chalk art town and roadway project

First Steps

  1. Draw your roadway. Keep in mind that the bigger you make it, the more buildings you’ll need to fill it up!
  2. Begin a rough outlining of your town (buildings etc.) with gray or white chalk.
  3. Color in and add detail to your chalk town. 

How to Draw Your Buildings

Below you will find photos and a description of each building I drew in my chalk art town for some inspiration and an artistic “cheat sheet”.

  • A church with white picket fence
  • Factory with billowing smoke
  • A traditional farm with red barn and silo
  • Cone-shaped ice cream shop with picnic table and umbrella
  • A large lake surrounded by trees
  • Big, blue police station 

How to draw a chalk art church for toddler roadway town. Chalk art factory for toddler chalk roadway and town play. Chalk art farm building for chalk town and roadway. Ice cream shop chalk art in chalk town and roadway toddler play activity idea. Chalk art lake in toddler chalk town activity play. Police station chalk art idea for roadway and town.

Top Tips for Chalk Art Roadway 

Toddler playing with chalk art roadway and town with a toy car.

  • Don’t go too big with your roadway, it can easily become overwhelming trying to fill in your town.
  • If you are encountering very hot weather, try and choose a shady spot for your chalk art to live.
  • Use big and simple shapes for your buildings.
  • The smoother the sidewalk, the easier it will be for you to create detail and color in your town.
  • Use your fingers to spread and blend the chalk.
  • Use small chalk pieces for words and outlining.

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