Easter Basket Ideas for A 1 Year Old Boy or Girl

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There is nothing better than celebrating any holiday for the first time with your baby! As parents, we go all out and out of our way to make these first holiday memories as special and significant as we can.

Easter is one of those holidays that is so much more fun when the kids are involved in every aspect of celebrating it.

In this cheerful and helpful read, I’ll help you lovingly craft the perfect Easter basket for a one year baby boy or girl! Keep reading until the end – that’s where the real treasures hide!

Easter basket ideas for a 1 year old

Keep it Simple and Sweet 

There’s no need to over think an Easter basket for a one year old. After all, they typically tend to enjoy the package the gift came in more than the gift itself!

We all know that the tradition of the Easter basket is more for the parents at this stage than it is for our toddlers. However, there is nothing wrong with establishing traditions at an early age.

I’m going to keep this list below of Easter basket ideas to items you can easily find at Target or on Amazon. That way you can hop over there online right after this and fill your baby’s Easter basket without them even knowing!

Toys and Beyond Easter Basket Ideas 

First, I must give you some basket ideas, as in the actual basket you will put these adorable toys and treats in! Since it is your little one’s first real Easter, the basket you choose this year could be the Easter basket your child has forever! 

Personalized Easter BasketEaster basket bunny for a one year old.

I found this sweet Easter basket on Amazon that you can customize with your baby’s name. I love the idea of personalizing things, you cannot go wrong this Easter basket!nbsp;

An Easter Outfit

We must start our Easter basket items with a dashing Easter outfit for our one year olds to wear! Here is a darling Easter bunny dress suitable for any one year old princess to wear.

And likewise, your one year old prince will look beyond handsome in this dashing Easter attire from Target.

Unique Easter themed Items for 1 year olds

I found some fantastic Easter toys your one year old is going to love and actually play with for a long time!

Wooden Musical Egg Maracas

Wooden percussion Easter eggs for your one year old.
Wooden egg shaker maracas on Amazon 

Check out these creative maraca egg shakers I found on Amazon. 

These wooden musical eggs could not be more suitable for a one year old Easter basket. I’ve got them in my cart as I write this!

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Baby Touch and Feel Rabbit Book

Easter book idea for one years old's Easter basket
Furry rabbit book on Amazon 

Another Easter basket idea for a one year old is of course an Easter themed book! My one year old LOVES books! She is thoroughly content to deeply analyze every image and color a good book provides.

The Easter book I have on the list for you today goes one step further and adds the element of touch and feel to it’s toddler appeal. A furry bunny book is just what you need for that scholastic element in your todller’s Easter basket this year!

Bunny Bites Teething Set

Teethers that look like garden vegetables for Easter basket.
Bunny bites teething set on Amazon 

A one year old is changing rapidly and looking more and more like a toddler by the day. More than likely your one year already has some teeth and more on the way!

Which is why I think these bunny and root veggie teethers are too cute to pass up for your one year old’s Easter basket.

Bunny WubbuNub and Lovey Bundle

Bunny and lamb pacifier for a one year olds easter basket.
Mary Meyer bunny WubbuNuB bundle on Amazon

I’m still thinking of our little ones’ tender mouth and I know they need to be soothed more often while they are teething. Which is why I chose to add this special edition bunny WubbaNub pacifier and lovey blanket bundle onto the list of Easter basket ideas for a one year old.

Just look at how fluffy and sweet these two things are! I don’t know about you, but my daughter is obsessed with her lamb WubbaNub! I think I’m going to be adding this into my cart as well!

Easter Basket Treat Ideas for a 1 Year Old

Your one year old has a sweet tooth (literally “a tooth”) just like the rest of us! Of course we need to be responsible parents and not load our one year olds up with candy, but what kind of an Easter basket would this be if we didn’t have some sugar in it?

Peter Rabbit Organics

Peter rabbit fruit pouches for Easter basket idea.
Peter Rabbit Organics squeeze pouches pack of 10 on Amazon

I think these fruit pouches are the best invention ever! They are a guilt-free treat any parent can give their one year old, and our kids love them!

Throw a variety of fruity flavors into your one year olds Easter basket and they’ll be feeling pretty satisfied.


There you have it! You are now fully prepared to put together the perfect Easter basket for your 1 year old boy or girl!

I had a lot of fun putting together these Easter basket ideas and look forward to my little one’s first Easter this year!

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Easter basket ideas for a 1 year old

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