Extreme List of Essential Breast Pumping Accessories

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Are you just beginning your breast pumping journey?

Or are you doing some pre-delivery research in preparation for becoming a new mom?

Maybe you’re like thousands of other mothers who have discovered pumping their breast milk as a more doable form of breastfeeding.

Whatever the case may be, I have compiled a comprehensive list of all the breast pumping essentials and accessories you should ever need!

 Essential Breast Pumps 

We’ll start with the first and most important component on this breast pumping essentials list, the best breast pumps for exclusive pumping.

I own four of them myself, so I’ve done the hands-on research for you!

If you’re going to be spending as much time on the pump as I do, it is a good idea to invest in a couple really good pumps!

Next, I’m going to briefly go over some highlights and disadvantages of a few popular breast pumps you could use for your everyday pumping sessions, starting with the big gals.

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Free Pumping Schedules

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A Keep-at-Home Breast Pump 

The Medela Pisa was the pump I began exclusively pumping with, it’s the o.g. in my house.

The feature that worked out the best for me with this pump was the quick and strong pull it has. Which for me, seemed to help trigger multiple letdowns more quickly.

Hand expressing with the medela was easily performed as well. I also really like the flanges and pump parts with the Medela, they are easily and cheaply replaceable.

However, there are some negative things about this pump too. Such as, the fact that it is a loud one.

I can’t use this pump for my middle of the night pumping sessions because of that.

Which leads me into the next essential breast pump I have on the list.

An Essential Every Day Breast Pump 

Many exclusive pumping moms have ranked Spectra as their all-time favorite hospital grade, every day breast pump.

Because of the love Spectra gets in the pumping moms community, I had to find out for myself!

I have to say, it is the cutest pump I’ve ever seen! The S2 is pink and plugs into the wall (not rechargeable), unlike the S1.

I found the Spectra S2 to be perfect for my late night pumping sessions.

It’s super quiet and even has a night light.

You’ll love how light, quiet and portable this pump is. Another bonus is that it has a much gentler suction, for when you need a break from Medela’s aggressive pull!

Must-Have Portable Breast Pumps

The Genie Plus is discreet, portable and rechargeable – perfect for travel!

I recommend every serious and exclusive pumper get a travel size electric pump.

There is a lot you can do with a small rechargeable pump like this, hang it from your neck and go about your day while pumping on the go.


This is by far my favorite pump that I own.

The BabyBuddha is a little peanut compared to the others, but even so, it’s a power house! Level 1 on this pump rivals the highest suction capabilities of any other pump I know of.

The shape and portability of the BabyBuddha make it perfect for mobile pumping and it can be hacked to be used with almost any other milk collecting system you prefer.

The only downside about this pump, is that it is in such high demand, it’s hard to get your hands on one!

However, you’re in luck because I have an exclusive discount code for the BabyBuddha and the Genie Plus you may help yourself to!

Manual Breast Pumps

A manual breast pump is definitely a breast pumping accessories you must-have!

This is because of the freedom and total mobility a manual breast pump provides. You can give no thought to traveling with it and easily toss it in your bag and head out of the house.

Manual breast pumps can also be the best tools for getting out a clog!

A silicone breast pump is great for breastfeeding because you can nurse on one side and catch the leaking breast milk on the other side.

The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Essentials

This is an essential online resource for your back to work pumping and milk supply questions. It also guides you through the tough process of transitioning back to work while breastfeeding and pumping.

The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class is your pumping breast milk manual, learn more about how this must-have online pumping resource can help you more easily achieve your back to work breastfeeding goals!

P.S. If you enroll in this course through one of my links, I will send you a second pump pre course on the same platform for free, here are the details.

Another key essential to mention is how you can make pumping at work less of a hassle and more efficient.

Try using a mobile breast pumping kit to eliminate the time-consuming pumping bra swap and cumbersome breast pump kit impossible to conceal.

Instead, use Freemie Collection Cups and you can leave your shirt and normal bra on!

FREE Pumping at Work Prep

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Breast Pumping Accessories for Improved Milk Flow 

Ensuring you have fully emptied your breasts everytime you pump is crucial to avoid infections like mastitis.

Which is a painful clogged duct that can become infected and turn into a serious medical problem. Your doctor may usually prescribe antibiotics that should clear this up quickly if caught in time.

As mentioned before, sunflower lecithin is a key supplement to aid in the ease of milk flow through the milk ducts.

This pumping essential supplement will keep the lines lubed and clogs at bay.

Keeping a clean flow of milk without any sticky ducts backing things up will help to ensure you are fully emptying at each pumping session.

In addition to sunflower lecithin, a lactation tool such as a warming pad, massager and vibrator by LaVie are must-have breast pumping accessories.

You can grab yourself 10% off at LaVie with this discount code.

FREE Pumping Schedules

An image of a cell phone with a free pumping schedule on the screen.

Essential Breast Pumping Accessories and Supplies

  1. Hands-Free Pumping Bra
  2. Breast Therapy Packs
  3. Nipple Lubricant
  4. Breast Pump Parts Kit
  5. Lactation Supplements
  6. Breast Milk Storage Bags
  7. Sunflower Lecithin
  8. Lactation Tools

The essential pumping supplies in this post are mostly from Amazon, if you don’t have an Amazon Prime account yet – try it FREE for 30 days! After all, they don’t call it pumping and priming for nothing!

The Essentials Explained

  • Hands-Free Pumping Bra is your answer to multi-tasking pumping! I really like how secure these bras make me feel while pumping.
  • Breast Therapy Packs are hugely beneficial for pumping because the heat therapy really aids in milk production. Or, use them cool when you’re feeling tender or engourged for soothing relief.
  • A Nipple lubricant will be very important to keep stocked up on. You’ll need to apply this before every pump session. 
  • Extra pump parts are a good idea to have spares of in your supply kit. There’s been quite a few times my breastmilk production would go down in a day’s time and the problem would be as simple as needing to change either the tubing, or the valves and membranes.
  • Sunflower Lecithin is always at arms reach when I pump. I take it at every pump session. It makes a huge difference to help to help loosen up that sticky flow and fully empty your breasts each time.
  • The Kiinde Breastmilk Storage System is definitely something you should invest in. Getting started on a freezer stash is a great idea. Especially during the first few months after your milk comes in and is most bountiful.
  • Also, check if you apply for free breastfeeding supplies through insurance, I did!

Some other key essentials to mention

Lets talk a little about nourishment, consuming foods that will encourage a healthy milk supply is key!

Make some of my No Bake Boobie Bites to keep your milk production amped up and rinse them down with your favorite sports drink, like Body Armor.

Staying hydrating at all times during the day while you are pumping is crucial.

Add some hand sanitizer to the list too. I also like to keep a towel by me to clean up any dribble. Being conscious of hygiene is so so important!

You do not want thrush or any other kind of skin conditions.

Breast Pumping Essentials, A Second Look

  1. Efficient Double Electric Pump
  2. Manual Breast Pump
  3. Cordless Double Electric Pump 
  4. Hands Free Pumping Bra
  5. Breast Therapy Packs
  6. Nipple Lubricant
  7. Water
  8. Extra Pump Parts
  9. Sunflower Lechitin
  10. Breast Milk Storage System
  11. Lactation Aids

Don’t forget to grab your exclusive discount codes!

PS: The BabyBuddha is the #1 recommended breast pump by the 20k plus member os the private facebook group for exclusively pumping moms!

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