Fall kit coloring activities and crafts printables for toddlers.

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Coloring pages, dot marker activity sheets and crafts! For littles 1 and up!

Fall activity kit coloring pages and learning sheets.


🖍 18 Fall Coloring Pages

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✂️ 2 Fall Craft Projects

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Leaves Printable

Fall leaves on tree craft for toddlers shown with printable pages.
Fall leaves printable to use for many different autumn crafts, such as the one shown above! You can even print these templates on construction paper, or have your little one color them in! Have your little one practice their cutting skills!

Fall Coloring Pages

Coloring pages printables shown with a toddler coloring one.
Do your littles love to color? Maybe you love it too! You will have endless amounts of coloring fun with these adorable fall coloring pages! Always a great option for a quick creative project the whole family can enjoy together.

Face Masks Craft

Fall craft for toddlers princess face mask craft.
Print out these adorable face masks on heavy cardstock paper and let your little ones color them in and add extra embellishments if you like! Punch holes in the sides and tie with string or a ribbon. Easy, fun and awesome fall craft!


Dot Marker Activity Sheets

Encourage your little one’s creativity and capacity for learning with these cute fall themed dot marker activity sheets!

Endless fun for only $10.15!