Handprint and Footprint Christmas Craft Ideas to do with Baby

11 Keepsake Christmas Handprint and Footprint Crafts 

In case you weren’t aware, your baby comes equipped with the most perfect art-making appendages – their sweet little hand and footprints.

There’s also no end to what Christmas-inspired figures your little one’s hands and feet can create.

Without further delay, let’s look at some footprint and handprint art ideas for Christmas you can do with your baby!

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Pinterest pin for Christmas footprint and handprint baby art and crafts.

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Footprint Christmas Tree in a Vintage Truck 

Footprint Christmas art with baby footprint of an old vintage truck with a Christmas tree footprint in the bed of the truck.

I love using these acrylic paint pens to add the smaller details that make these footprint craft projects complete!

Handprint Christmas Wreath 

Handprint wreath stamped on a wooden round tray.

Footprint Deer and Fawn (Siblings)

Baby and toddler footprints made into a buck and a fawn sitting in a field on a decorative wooden board.

Grab your premium craft paint at Amazon perfect for these types of crafts!

Christmas Tree Footprint 

Christmas tree footprint stamped on a wooden christmas tree.

Reindeer Footprint Craft

Baby footprint turned into a Christmas reindeer on a wooden plank for art.

Use a glue gun to dab a beed of hot glue over the painted ornaments and sprinkle with glitter for a 3D effect!

Here is a dedicated tutorial post on how exactly to create this Christmas reindeer footprint art craft.

Cardinal Handprint Craft

Baby handprint turned into a red cardinal on a branch.

With this Amazon link you can shop for various different styles of wooden crafting signs like the ones used in this post!

Next, we’ll look at some printable Christmas craft keepsakes you can do with your little’s hand, foot and thumbprints! These Christmas crafts are available at my Etsy shop in a bundle of 10 different Christmas designs!

Thumbprint Christmas Lights

Mockup of a thumbprint Christmas craft with a string of Christmas lights in red, yellow, green and blue.

Santa Beard Handprint Craft

Mockup of a Santa face with handprint beard that says Merry Christmas 2021

Mistletoes Footprint Craft

Mockup of mistletoes footprint Christmas craft

Reindeer Handprint Antlers

Reindeer handprint antler Christmas craft.

Fingerprints Ornament Christmas Tree

Christmas tree printable with thumbprint ornaments.

Grab this Christmas crafts bundle in my Etsy shop!

Printable mockups on Christmas crafts for babies and toddlers.

See it at Etsy!

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Tips and How-To’s (with Images)

Here’s a few tips that will help your footprint and handprint Christmas art projects with baby turn out beautiful and gift-worthy!

Put Your Little One in a Smock

Toddler wearing pink smock doing handprint crafts.

There’s no surprise when I tell you that these hand and footprint crafts get messy! So, do yourself a favor and cover your little one with a smock.

This also goes for the area you’ll be doing the crafting in. Take the extra few minutes to place down some paper or plastic for quick and easy clean up!

Here are some perfect crafting smocks for kids you can pick up at Amazon.

Use Water-Based Paint

Baby's foot being painted with green craft paint.

Since these keepsake Christmas crafts involve applying paint to your baby’s sensitive skin, it’s important to use gentle and non-toxic materials.

Such as water-based paints that are harmless and easily wash off of baby’s skin. These acrylic paints Amazon carriers are the perfect paint medium for handprint and footprint art with baby.

Do you also need some paint brushes? These are the ones we used, also at Amazon.

It’s a one-stop shop isn’t it?!

Plan Your Design Vintage truck sketched on to wood sign with chalk.

Before you apply your baby’s foot or handprint, sketch out the design. Like I did with this vintage truck for the Christmas tree footprint art.

I used chalk so that I could simply wipe it away after I had made it permanent with the paint.

You could also find a vintage truck photo online to print and cut out to trace around if you really don’t trust your freehand abilities.

Line Up and Stamp

placing baby's foot on the wood to make a christmas tree.

If you have a wriggly little baby or toddler, the challenge will be in getting a crisp enough footprint or handprint that it can be used for your art pieces.

You may only have one shot at it – so take notes here!

I have made many of these handprint and footprint crafts with baby’s ages 4 months to 3 years. In my experience, I have learned that you MUST work fast and recruit a helper.

This is not a one person task.

One person holds the baby while the other guides the canvas or wooden sign to the baby’s foot or hand and stamps it on.

If you end up with some wobbly bits or large holes, feel free to do some touch ups, but not too much! You don’t want to lose the details of those little hand and footprints.

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