How to Make Money Online with No Experience and Stay Home with Baby

Is it possible to make real money online so you can stay home with your baby without needing any specific experience?

You need these answers and you need them in an actionable straight forward way so you can get to work!

I am with you mama, I have been in this place and I am going to provide you with realistic ideas for stay at home moms to make money online!

Real ways to make money online stay home with your baby and an illustrated pregnant woman typing on her laptop.

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Make Money Online with No Experience Job Ideas

How can you start making money online so you can stay home with your baby? This can be done and somewhat quickly too.

I am going to walk you through some realistic work from home online job ideas that I myself have used to enable me the freedom of staying home with my kids.

In fact, I began my online work journey when my first daughter was only a couple months old.

I have a very strong desire to help other moms find ways to stay home with their kids, especially when they are very young. I hope these ideas serve you well, mama!

Start A Blog

This may be the most obvious work from home job option and the most promoted by other bloggers. I hope I don’t come across as cliche, BUT blogs are still a relevant way to earn an income online. 

The game has changed quite a bit, but if you’re savvy – you too can create an income-earning blog in a rather short amount of time.

My most important tips for creating a blog are as follows:

  • Create your blog on (not This tip alone will save you TONS of stress and money later on down the road.
  • Get your blog hosted with a good and reliable host, I would recommend Siteground. I was with them for many years and they were great. Their support is at your fingertips and you will need that when you first start out. 
  • Choose a niche for your blog content that you know or are an expert at. Stick to it for quite a while. Don’t try and branch out until you are established. 
  • Use a free and lightweight theme such as Kadence, Astra or Genesis.
  • Start learning about SEO (search engine optimization) from the very beginning. Implement good practices in every piece of content you write. I would strongly recommend that you take an SEO course right away, such as Stupid Simple SEO.

Open an Etsy Shop

Etsy is another fantastic way to make money online with no experience needed and no investment up front. I now have 3 different Etsy shops and they are a great way to create supplemental income.

This sounds great, but you’re probably wondering what type of an Etsy shop would a busy new mom even have time for?

Here’s my suggestion to you, think digital. Any kind of digital download, digital prints, planners, stickers, art etc. Do you have any hidden talents you’ve been itching to creatively express?

Again, think of a niche and begin creating digital products for it. You can use a free service like Canva to create your designs.

Just be sure you are doing things the right way so you avoid any type of copyright infringements before you put anything up for sale.

Here is one of my Etsy shops to give you an idea of what can be done. Feel free to browse and shop if you like what you see! It of course is much appreciated if you do support my small business!

Create an Online Course

People love to learn new things online in the comfort of their own home. Did you know anyone can create an online course for free?

There are easy to use platforms like Teachable where you can design and host your course. 

In order to create a money-making online course, you would need to be an expert or at least well-educated and confident in the material you are teaching.

But wait, don’t let this discourage you. 

Here are some online course ideas that don’t require any degrees or doctorates:

  • Niched crafting tutorials. 
  • Crochet, knitting or sewing tutorials.
  • Makeup, hair and beauty tutorials.
  • Organizing, cleaning and home decor.

I hope you feel a little more inspired after seeing those online course ideas. Courses are a lot of work upfront, but if you have an audience to market to, they can be great online income!

Start A Youtube Channel

Let’s face it, video content is here to stay. Which means, investing your time into creating a Youtube channel most likely will not return void.

As you’re reading this, you can probably easily think of a dozen stay at home mom Youtubers you regularly watch, and what are they doing other than being a glorified tradwife?

My point is, you can literally create videos of yourself doing your daily life and people would probably watch. So don’t think you have to live some extravagant life in order to reach and connect with an audience.

You’re probably wondering how you would even make money on Youtube? Well, a few different ways. For one, ads.

Once your channel sees good growth, you will be able to monetize it. This means, the ads that are served on your videos will turn into real passive income for you.

Passive income is always the best income!

Another way to make money on Youtube is to use the exposure to sell something. This could be your Etsy products, your course or your services you are selling online. As an example, you could create simple tutorial videos on how to use the products you created for your Etsy shop. 

Start out by using your phone to film and a simple editing software like iMovie. 

PRO TIP: Turn your traffic into a captive audience by building an email list. Aquire subscribers by placing a sign up form link in your description box. Once you have email subscribers, you can directly sell to them. Use an email provider like Convertkit, they make it really easy to do this.

Write an Ebook

Again, here’s another product creation idea. Ebooks are an easy way to create a product that can be turned into extra income. Consider writing an Ebook If you like to write and you feel like you have an interesting story to tell or you could help solve a problem for others. 

Ebooks are also great because you can create hyperlinks within them that could be attached to an affiliate product, or more of your own. More on affiliate products next!

Join an Affiliate Program

There are many many online merchants looking for people to promote their products. In doing so, you can earn commissions on sales you generate for them.

You can do affiliate marketing with our without a blog, but you do need some sort of an audience for most affiliate programs to accept you.

Check out ShareASale and consider creating an account, this is my favorite affiliate platform. You can find all types of merchants on there.

Once you get accepted into a few programs, consider taking an affiliate marketing course to help you advance your affiliate sales.

As well as to make sure you are following the FTC guidelines for sharing affiliate links online.

Open a Print on Demand Shop

This next work from home online job is interesting because you are selling tangible products to people, but you don’t actually store or ship anything.

A print on demand shop consists of items you create custom designs for and then another company prints and ships your items to the customer!

These items can include things like t-shirts, totes, coffee mugs, pillows, hats, jewelry and so much more!

You might be thinking, yeah, but I’m no designer. Remember  earlier when I shared an online design platform with you called Canva?

Well, you can actually find pre-made designs on there and have them placed onto your print on demand merchandise!

Again, just make sure you are using the version of Canva that gives you the rights to use these designs for profit.

If this is something that sounds feasible to you, I would recommend setting up your print on demand shop with Shopify.

Once you have your shop set up, it is imperative that you create mockups of your “virtual items”. You can use a mockup generating platform like Placeit to help you create realistic and beautiful mockups that will help you sell your products.

Here’s a Youtuber who has a wealth of knowldege on print on demand and drop shipping you can binge watch before you decide to take this work from home approach. 

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Create a Digital Product

If you have a laptop, you can create digital products that can be turned into real online income and you need no experience to do so! 

If you happen to be artistic, that’s amazing and a huge advantage but not a requirement. With the aid of so many online design studios, like Canva you don’t need any artistic skills whatsoever to create digital products.

Maybe you’re good at using Microsoft Excel or Powerpoint, these can also be used to create digital products. 

Here are some digital product ideas:

  • Digital Planners
  • Spreadsheets
  • Logs
  • Calendars
  • Ebooks

Bundling multiple products together can help you sell your digital products and adds value to them.

Once you have an amazing digital product to sell, you’ll need to use a service where your sales will be securely processed, I recommend and also use SendOwl for these needs.

Last Thoughts for No Experience Needed Online Mom Job Ideas 

You just jumped into real online job ideas that allow you to stay home with your baby that require no experience. How do you feel after reading this? I hope you feel…well, hopeful! 

Many many more women are realizing the deep desire they have to stay home with their kids. There’s no shame in that! This desire may feel like pipe dream, but it’s not.

I am living proof that you can create something from nothing. With the online income-making ideas in this post, I was able to bring home a full time income in less than 6 months and I had never worked online before in my life. 

If you want more guidance and resources on how to work from home online and stay home with your kids, use the form above to get on my exclusive online income list. I’ll be in touch!

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