Original Baby & Newborn Christmas Photo Ideas (Plus A Free Falling Snow Overlay!)

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Christmas Picture Ideas of Baby You’ll Want to Try

The baby Christmas photos you’re about to see are of my little ones, no stock photos in this post!

Not only that, but these magical-looking photos were super easy and fun to capture, which I did so with my iPhone.

I hope you get loads of inspiration from these baby Christmas photo ideas today! 

If you see an idea you want to try with your baby, pin it for later to your holiday Pinterest board!

Holiday freebie text with Santa hat over the letter f.

Christmas picture idea of baby lying on back on a white rug with digital snowflakes added on top.

Here’s how I easily created this “lying in the snow” effect Christmas baby picture: 

  • Place your baby on a light colored rug or carpet and snap a picture of their happy, smiling face.
  • Use an editing app like Lightroom, to correct the color and brightness of the photo to your liking. 
  • Finally, add the falling snow overlay!

Download this overlay for free when you sign up using the form above!

Use the free app Canva to place it onto your Baby’s Christmas photos.

PSSST… If you experience any trouble seeing the photos, try refreshing the page a couple of times.

Baby in a Christmas themed photo holding a chocolate cookie while wearing a red Santa hat.

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You simply can’t pass up the opportunity to capture the classic “baby in a Santa hat” photo!

Want to take the cuteness factor up a notch?

Put a very interesting cookie in your baby’s hand and hurry to get the shot before the cookie disappears!

If you don’t have a Santa hat for your baby, take a look at this adorable crocheted hat I found at Etsy.

P.S. Etsy also has Santa hats you can get your baby’s name embroidered on!

Christmas photo idea with baby sitting with a fake miniature christmas tree between his legs.

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A quirky Christmas themed headband was must-have accessory to pull off this fun photo of my baby with a mini Christmas tree.

With this Amazon link, you can grab a pack of 10 adorable Christmas headbands for your baby’s Christmas photos! 

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An easy idea for a Christmas photo of your baby can be as simple as posing them with a pretty Christmas pillow, like the one above. 

Shop for this pillow at Amazon using this link.

Baby sitting with a Christmas book for his first christmas photos.

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Do you love chubby baby hands as much as the next red-blooded mother? If so, check out these Christmas baby handprint and footprint art ides!

Baby boy wearing a Santa hat sitting with a mug of milk and cookies in a christmas photo.

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Here’s a tutorial for more in-depth tips on how to DIY your own baby Christmas photoshoot, what props to use, how to edit the photos and more!

Christmas photo of baby on stomach in front of a lit Christmas tree.

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Christmas picture of a baby boy lying on his back holding a stuffed Christmas nome on his stomach.

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What’s not to love about this sweet photo of baby with a Christmas gnome in front of a lit Christmas tree?

Shop for similar gnomes like this one at Amazon

Christmas picture of baby's torso standing in a Christmas outfit.

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If your little one still needs their first pair of Christmas pajamas, check out these stinking adorable long johns I found at Etsy!

A picture of a baby wearing a Santa hat and christmas beads sitting in front of a christmas tree.

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Picture of baby holding a string of lit up Christmas lights.

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Find ideas for new traditions to start on Baby’s first Christmas in this post along with outfit ideas, ornaments and stockings!

Baby peeking out from under a Christmas tree with cute "open-mouth" expression.

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You may also love this newborn photos tutorials post with prop ideas and photos for inspiration!

Christmas picture of a baby reaching out for a glass Christmas ornament with Christmas tree decor around her.

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Baby in front of christmas tree looking at a sparkly ornament.

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Newborn Christmas Photo Ideas

Next, you’ll be feasting your eyes on some sweet newborn Christmas photo ideas you could easily pull off yourself at home! 

A Christmas photo of a newborn baby lying on her stomach with a Santa hat placed on her bottom.


That’s A Wrap!

I hope you got a few Christmas baby photo ideas you’re excited to try with your little one this holiday season! Use the hashtag #lolmybaby to share on Instagram and follow @loveourlittles while you’re there!

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