15 Pregnancy Must-Haves for Comfort at Every Trimester

First of all, congratulations! 

Your first pregnancy is such a beautiful time full of new experiences. Likewise, pregnancy leads to many special needs to help you stay comfortable, healthy and happy during each trimester. 

Today, you will see what these important first pregnancy must haves are!

Let’s check them out!

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Pregnancy Must-Haves for First Trimester

The first trimester is often the most turbulent time for expecting moms. Hormones are surging and even though there aren’t many physical changes happening, the emotional changes are more than evident.

It is essential during your first trimester that you intentionally practice self-care. The habits you form during your first 3 months of pregnancy may also carry over to the rest, so be kind to yourself mama.

Let’s look at some first trimester pregnancy favorites to help you feel your best during this time!

1. Prenatal Vitamins 

prenatal vitamins for all three trimesters of pregnancy

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Why prenatal vitamins are a first trimester must have: “A healthy diet is the best way to get the vitamins and minerals you need — but even if you eat a healthy diet, you might fall short on key nutrients. If you’re pregnant or hoping to conceive, prenatal vitamins can help fill any gaps.” – Prenatal Vitamins: “Why They Matter How to Choose” – mayoclinic.org

2. Morning Sickness Drops

first trimester must have morning sickness drops.

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Why these are a first trimester pregnancy essential: Incase you don’t get lucky with a morning sickness-free pregnancy, these tummy settle drops are life-savers! They also taste like candy, so you may find yourself sneaking one just because.

3. Lemon Essential Oil

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Why I love lemon essential oil for my first trimester needs: Not only is the fresh and bright smell of lemon uplifting, but it can actually help ease nausea. Keep it with you when you are feeling yucky and take in some deep breathes to instantly relieve nausea.

4. First Pregnancy Journal

first trimester pregnancy must have pregnancy journal from Etsy.

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Why you’ll love it: Your first pregnancy is so special and there’s no doubt you’ll want to remember every detail. A pregnancy journal will help you easily keep track of every sweet milestone.

5. First Trimester Survival Kit

Bump Box Subscription 

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Why it’s a must-have: Treat yourself every month of your first trimester with the perfect hand-picked products to help you overcome first trimester miseries.

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6. Belly Only Pregnancy Program

Pregnant woman holding her bump.

Why we love this: It’s easy to allow being pregnant to be an excuse for relaxing your health and fitness routines. However, pregnancy requires even more of your focus on those things. Not only will eating healthy benefit your baby’s development, but staying healthy and fit during your pregnancy will have a hugely positive impact on your birth. Consider joining an online pregnancy fitness program, like this one we love!

Pregnancy Must-Haves for Second Trimester

You made it the most magical trimester of pregnancy, the second trimester! 

Most moms express that they feel the best during this these middle three months. Your nausea subsides, your energy returns and you can start to make out a cute little baby bump.

The second trimester is a great time to use all this extra energy and mobility you still have to start preparing for baby’s arrival and for what’s to come in the third trimester.

Let’s jump into these awesome pregnancy essentials for your second trimester!

 7. Belly Oil

Earth mama organics belly oil for second trimester

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Why we love it: Your second trimester is truly the time to take action and avoid unwanted pregnancy stretch marks. Earth Mama Belly Oil is safe to use during pregnancy and provides maximum protection against stretch marks on hips, thighs, breasts and tummy.

8. Raspberry Leaf Tearaspberry leaf pregnancy tea

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Why you’ll love it: If you’re missing your morning coffee ritual, replace it with a caffeine-free red raspberry leaf tea that is proven to support your second trimester uterine health. 

9. Breastfeeding Cook Book 

Image of a mockup of the breastfeeding cook book on paper back.

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Why we love it: Getting ahead while you ares till feeling good is a wise move for any mama to be! The Cook Book Bundle helps set you up with healthy and breastfeeding friendly meals you can make ahead and freeze. 

10. Everyday Comfort Loungers

second trimester loungers

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Why you need them: Comfort is key from this point on in your pregnancy. You will most likely live in your lounge wear as often as possible. These are the perfect everyday comfort loungers by Kindred Bravely. Shop their store to get discounts and promos!

11. Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy pillow for second trimester pregnancy women.

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Why you’ll love it: A good pregnancy pillow will quickly become your favorite thing EVER. Your significant other may even get a little jealous of your new found love and affection for it. Sleep doesn’t always come easy during pregnancy, which is why a sleep aid like one of these pregnancy pillows is a second trimester must-have!

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Must-Haves for Your Third Trimester of Pregnancy

The third trimester of pregnancy often feels like the longest stage of your pregnancy. You are growing (literally) more uncomfortable by the day and are ready to have your body back. 

The excitement and anticipation of meeting your new little bundle is taking over every thought!

Your need for comfort and relief from common third trimester pregnancy symptoms are becoming more crucial. 

Listed below are the must-haves every woman needs in order to have the most pleasant and enjoyable third trimester of pregnancy she can have!

12. Heating Pad

Third trimester survival heating pad

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Why it’s a must: Increasing pressure on your skeleton means more muscle aches and pains as your body tries to adjust to the added weight and new accommodations it has to make. A heating pad to use during your third trimester will do wonders to soothe tight muscles. 

13. Bath BombsBath bombs to use during third trimester of pregnancy.

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Why we love them: You may be noticing a theme already. Self care has never been more important than at this stage of your pregnancy. And, the fact that you still have time to indulge in it helps too! Bath bombs are the perfect third trimester must-have because they are packed with muscle soothing and skin smoothing ingredients. 

14. Online Prenatal Class

Third trimester essential online prenatal class for couples

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Why it’s a third trimester must: Preparing for the birth of your baby is never time spent wasted. Birth can be grueling, scary and complicated. However, knowledge is powerful! Knowing what to expect and how to react puts YOU back in control of your birth story. This Birth it Up! prenatal class is great because it is all online, self-paced and a great idea for a date night in!

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15. Belly Support

belly band support for third trimester

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Why you need these: Investing in the support your body needs during pregnancy is exceptionally important. These supportive leggings can be worn all throughout your pregnancy. They provide the comfort and the support you will require once your ligaments loosen and more strain is put on your changing body shape.