Productive Things to do while Pumping that Don’t Suck

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Are you exclusively pumping and feel like a prisoner because you’re stuck on your breast pump for most of the day?

I know how that feels and it can be torture at times!

What’s even worse, is when you are stuck on the pump and you’re sitting there thinking about all of the other things you could be doing instead.

Exclusively pumping really is a mind game.

Those of us who have played the game and conquered our pumping goal line had a plan and found a way to keep sane.

In this post, you’re going to get some great tips, ideas and inspiration on how to stay motivated and productive while exclusively pumping.

how to be productive wile pumping

How Exclusive Pumping can be Productive

Would you like to accomplish more than just pumping and priming on Amazon while you’re plugged in?

Obviously being stuck in one position for long periods of time limits what you may be capable of doing.

(Further down the page, I’ll show you what you need in order to be free from your pumping station!)

However, there are quite a few things you can do while pumping that will give you a sense of accomplishment and make you feel productive too.

Free Pumping Schedules

An image of a cell phone with a free pumping schedule on the screen.

Productive Pumping Ideas

  1. Start A Blog
  2. Bullet Journal
  3. Create A Digital Course or Ebook

As you can see, I narrowed the ideas down to some unique options. I wanted you to think outside of the box a little bit.

I also chose to expose you to some ideas that could potentially turn into a paycheck.

Hey, why not get paid while you’re pumping?

Let’s start this exclusively pumping productivity post with blogging.

Why starting a blog is productive pumping

The whole reason you are reading this post is because I exclusively pumped. Starting a blog had never crossed my mind beforehand.

But I was going crazy being attached to the wall all day with nothing productive for myself to do!

Until, one day when I was aimlessly pursuing the internet during a pumping session, the thought of starting a blog came to mind.

It was the perfect productive and creative outlet I needed!

Blogging and pumping go perfectly together.

Pumping is the perfect opportunity to dedicate time to writing a blog. Chances are you’re going to need an outlet of expressing yourself.

The beautiful thing about blogging, is that you can turn it into a side hustle if you want! And if you are an entrepreneur turned stay at home mom like me, that challenge will be too exciting to pass up!

Bullet Journaling and Pumping

This was another hobby I dabbled in while I was pregnant. It was the perfect stress relieving activity I needed during that time of my life-when I had all of this free time to myself. Ah, reminisng… Anyway, bullet journaling is a great way to keep yourself productive while pumping.

How to start a bullet journal

If you have never bullet journaled before, you will most likely not have the proper bullet journaling materials lying around the house to get started.

But don’t fret! Because I have gone ahead and built this bullet journal starter kit for you.

Once you have your supplies ordered, you can start planning your bullet journal layout.

The nice thing about journaling while pumping is how fun it is to keep track of your pumping sessions and breast milk output with it.

Here is an example of how I set up my bullet journal:

productive pumping bullet journal ideas

As you can see, I was able to track some neat stuff that was very helpful to keep my mom brain more organized.

The other great part about bullet journaling is how unique and creative you can get with each layout.

And that is a why I think bullet journaling is a great way to be productive while pumping!

Create A Digital Product

This concept was new to me a few months ago, but creating a digital product is actually surprisingly easy!

You could write an eBook on what you know best, how about pumping? Or even create your own online course to sell!

You could really help a lot of people and make some extra money on the side too!

In order to promote a digital product you created, you don’t even need a website or a blog. Teachable allows you to create your e-course right on their platform and sell it from there.

I hope this gets your creative and productive pumping juices flowing, and not just the milk!

Extra ways to pump productively

Maybe you just want to finally be free from the wall and pump while you vacuum or do dishes or even workout! Well, you can be!

I’m going to introduce you to a pumping system that gives you complete freedom without losing ounces.

The BabyBuddha double electric and cordless pump combined with the Moxxly Flow system is your deliverer from having to sit and pump.

Exclusively Pumping Productively Conclusion

There you have it, three different ideas to be productive on the pump. You don’t have to feel like you’re pumping your life away being an exclusive pumper.

You may even look forward to your time on the pump now that you have an important mission or goal to accomplish, (other than being a rockstar and providing your little one with expressed breast milk).

Let’s recap those productive pumping ideas again…

  1. Start a blog and share your passions in life or make it informative. 
  2. Put together a bullet journal to track your pumping stats. – Look above to get your bullet journal starter kit
  3. Create an e-course or ebook and sell it. – Go to Teachable and see how


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