The Ultimate Traveling with Breast Milk Tips

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Are you about to take a trip, but you’re also breastfeeding and you’re a little nervous about how to travel with breast milk?  

Will you be flying soon and worried about what the protocol for taking breast milk on a plane is?

Let me help and give you some traveling with breast milk tips!

Read on mama!

Traveling with breast milk tips and pumping in strange places

Traveling with Breast Milk on a Plane

We are all aware of TSA’s strict liquid policies. This is worrisome for any breastfeeding mom when it comes to traveling with breast milk.

The thought of any of our hard earned “liquid gold” being dumped or confiscated is heart-wrenching.

I did some research of TSA’s breast milk policies.

I suggest you look through it as well and print it off to have with you just incase you encounter an officer that lacks training on this topic.

Keep reading to get the details on everything you need to know about traveling with breast milk on a plane.

How to Get Through Airport Security with Breast Milk

Rest assured mama, frozen breast milk is permitted to take through security at a reasonable amount.

Note: may be different flying internationally. 

Be sure to notify the TSA officer ahead of time and remove all frozen breast milk to be screened separately from your other belongings.

Your breast milk will need to be screened and passed as safe to fly just as any other liquid.

The officers will most likely want to X-ray the breast milk, which you can decline and they will proceed using a different method of testing.

  • Frozen breast milk is permitted on the plane at a reasonable amount.
  • Breast milk must be scanned separately from other belongings.
  • The breast milk will need to be screened, but you may request not haven it x-rayed.

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How do I keep my breast milk cold on the plane?

You are also allowed ice packs, freezer packs or frozen gel packs in a carry on to preserve the breast milk.

My favorite frozen breastmilk storage system, perfect for travel! No spills or leaks!

Tip: If you don’t want to mess with ice going through security, wait until you are through and get ice at a restaurant in the airport terminal.

Can I bring my breast pump and supplies on the plane?

Thankfully, your breast pump does not count as a carry on item! It is considered a medical device.

However, any other pumping supplies you bring on the plane, such as bottles and pump parts will be counted as a carry on or personal item. So, make sure to pack wisely and think about investing in a good breast pump bag.

best breast pump bags of 2019 sarah wells in berry bloom
Sarah Wells Lizzy Breast Pump Bag in Berry Bloom

Pumping at the Airport

It’s well known when traveling, especially via airplane, there can be a lot of down time spent in-between getting to where you need to be.

If you are stressing about when and how to pump during those extended stay layovers and long flights, I have some ideas that may make things easier for you, mama.

What’s the best way to go about pumping in the airport?

  • Get a cordless and rechargeable double electric breast pump. 

Investing in one of these cordless pumps is a smart idea for any kind of traveling. They are small and discreet and no worrying about finding a suitable spot to plug in. The best part of all, you maintain your freedom!

I recommend the BabyBuddha portable breast pump for your travels and here is a discount code you can use towards your purchase.

Pair a portable pump with freemie collection cups and you’re winning at this airport pumping game! If you haven’t heard of freemie’s, they are breast milk collection cups that pop right into your bra.

No one even has to know you’re pumping!

freemie breastmilk collection cups for traveling while pumping
Freemie Collection Cups

Breastfeeding at the Airport Tips

  • Get a good baby carrier that is easy to breastfeed in.

Ergo Baby carriers are designed with the most up to date technology for mom and babies’ safety and comfort.

Here is a special 10% off  deal for my readers you can use on your first purchase.

Here is a great article about baby wearing and why it has so many benefits!

  • A dual purpose nursing cover. 

For added discretion, it’s a good idea to bring a cute nursing cover.

I have this particular one and I love it! It’s a great nursing cover because it has multiple uses.

The cover can be used as a car seat canopy, shopping cart cover or on a high chair. Which makes this item is perfect for travel!

car seat canopy with floral design for nursing while traveling Road Trip Pumping Tips

Pumping on long car rides and traveling with breastmilk in a car is much less formal than flying. However, there are still some logistics that need to be worked out and here’s what you need to know.

Must Have Road Trip Pumping Supplies

  • If you’re pumping in the car, get a converter so you can use your standard electric pump! Grab one on Amazon and it should be to you within a couple of days!
  • Pack a hands-free pumping bra, my personal favorite is this one by Simple Wishes.
  • If you’re traveling without your little one, use a breast milk storage system that allows you to pump right into the bag. The Kiinde twist system allows for this option.

I have been using this system for a long time now and I have been extremely happy with it! See if you are eligible for free supplies here!

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3 Tips for Pumping in the Car

  1. Get a Converter
  2. Pack a hands free pumping bra
  3. Breast milk storage system like Kiinde Twist

Storing Breast Milk in the Car

I’m not going to lie, traveling with breastmilk far distances is a big inconvenience! Especially, if you are traveling without your little one.

You can end up with a lot of breastmilk that must be carefully stored and protected from spoiling!

I’ll state the obvious, you must use a good cooler!

There really can’t be any opportunity for the breast milk to increase in temperature more than 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

*Temperatures above 45 degrees Fahrenheit allow for harmful bacteria to grow that can compromise the quality of the breast milk.

Whatever method of cooling you choose, be diligent in checking the temperature of the breastmilk as often as possible.

Although, maybe you’ll be lucky with some chilly weather and won’t need to worry as much about the breastmilk getting too warm!

Get your breast milk in a freezer as soon and for as long as possible when you can!

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Top Traveling Tips Recap

Traveling with breast milk and having to pump on the go or in the airport can be a an inconvenience to say the least. However, I hope this article helped you to feel more prepared for your journey ahead.

  • Breast milk is allowed through airport security (at a reasonable amount)
  • A breast pump is considered a medical device and will not count towards your carry on and personal item.
  • Use a cordless, electric pump with freemie collection cups to discreetly pump at the airport.
  • Use a baby carrier that is easy to breastfeed in while standing in lines.
  • Invest in a dual purpose nursing cover.
  • Get a converter for your electric pump to use on long car trips.
  • Wear a hands free pumping bra while traveling.
  • Keep breast milk in a reliable storage system.
  • Use a good cooler that will not allow breastmilk to reach temperatures more than 45 *F.

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