Hands-on pumping is a form of breast massage and it was officially invented by Dr. Jane Morton at Stanford University. She discovered that moms with preemies could use hands-on pumping to help them produce more milk...

By using hands-on pumping before, during and after a pumping session, breastfeeding mothers may be able to more efficiently fully empty their breasts.

Some other benefits of hands-on pumping include: – Increased milk production due to higher volume of milk removal. – You will pump more milk at each pumping session. – It helps to more easily achieve a let-down. – Increases the amount of hind milk that you pump.

How to Use Hands-On Pumping: Hands-on pumping can be used to pump more milk, increase overall milk production and increase the amount of fatty hindmilk pumped.

Hands-On Pumping Steps: 1. Start by massaging both breasts for at least 10 minutes. Heat may also be used to stimulate your milk let-down reflex.  2. While wearing a handsfree pumping bra and a double-electric handsfree breast pump begin pumping while also massaging your breasts at the same time. Compress your breasts in a downward motion towards your nipple. Do this until no more milk is freely flowing. 3. Massage your breasts again using the aid of a warming lactation tool. 4. Finish the pumping session by hand expressing (see the steps for hand expressing below).

Summary Hands-on pumping is a form of breast massage and compression that will help increase the amount of milk pumped at each pumping session. Hands-on pumping is also beneficial in many ways. It can help increase overall milk supply, make it easier to have a milk let-down and increases the amount of fatty hind milk your baby gets. Hands-on pumping usually takes around 20-30 minutes for most women.