What is the Boobble Cup and How is it Used for Breastfeeding and Pumping?

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Hey mama, are you ready to learn EVERYTHING you need to know about The Boobble Cup? I’m thrilled to introduce you to this innovative and game-changing breastfeeding product I discovered!

In this comprehensive Boobble Cup review, you will learn how to use The Boobble, what it’s for, what it’s NOT for, the benefits of it, the flaws and so much more!

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What is the Boobble Cup?

The Boobble is a nursing cup/milk saver that is half-way between a breast shell and a breast pump. It can also double as a feeding vessel for newborns or as a training cup/bowl for toddlers.

The Boobble is made of food-safe silicone and is shaped like a half-moon with a large hallow opening. It has a pointed end for cup feeding and pouring with no spills. The Boobble feels squishy to the touch and is very light weight. 

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The Boobble Cup displayed with illustrations how to use it while breastfeeding and pumping to catch leaking breast milk.
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What is The Boobble Used for?

The Boobble Cup (10% off code LOVE-10) is the most multi-functional and versatile little breastfeeding product I have ever seen! This simple milk-saving cup can be used by a breastfeeding mom for the following purposes:

  • Helps Bring in Your Milk –  You can bring the Boobble to the hospital with you and begin using it right away after baby’s birth. Suction it on the side not being nursed and the gentle pull will help stimulate lactation. Which in turn, will encourages your milk supply to come in.
  • Relieves Engorgement – Using The Boobble cup is a fantastic way to relieve engorgement during those first few weeks postpartum. It is also a much safer way at removing milk this early on because you are much less likely to stimulate an over-supply than you would be by pumping.
  • Prevents Mastitis – Because the Boobble suctions, it also gently pulls stagnant breast milk out of sticky milk ducts with ease. 
  • Increases Milk Production – The Boobble effortlessly stimulates breast tissue and helps remove milk from your breasts, it in turn increases the supply and demand market of your milk supply. Remember, the more milk is removed, the more your body works to replace it.
  • Heals Nipple and Tissue Damage – The Boobble is uniquely shaped compared to similar breastfeeding products in it’s genre because of the very wide opening it has. This wide mouth allows for The Boobble to avoid contact with the aereola and lets any nipple damage heal.

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Important Facts about The Boobble Cup

The first thing you should know about The Boobble is that it is NOT a breast shell. Meaning, it is not meant to be worn for extended periods of time.

For instance, wearing it to bed is not recommended because it could easily come detached.

Another reason why you would not wear The Boobble (10% off code LOVE-10) to bed or for long stretches of time, is because the suction of The Boobble removes and pulls out milk unlike a breast shell.

You may be thinking wearing it for a long hours at a time could help increase your milk supply. When in reality, it could actually cause an unhealthy over-supply or damage your breast tissue if used in an extreme manner.

Having said all of that, The Boobble is the perfect size to easily slip into your bra. However, do be aware that the when The Boobble is being used correctly, the shape pinches and warps. Which in turn, creates an unnatural shape to the breast.

Even so, if that isn’t a concern for you and you still want to use The Boobble while out of the house, but also maintain your discretion – go for it!

Just keep in mind the important facts we covered above.

How to Use The Boobble while Nursing

The Boobble is a wonderful product for a nursing mom because it serves so many functionalities that are often over-looked by other similar products.

Below, I’ll list the most common and recommended ways a nursing mom and her baby can benefit from and use The Boobble.

  • Use it at the hospital to help bring in her breast milk without being too aggressive and causing nipple damage or an over-supply.
  • Once milk is in, The Boobble shines as a milk saver for the dripping breast milk that usually goes to waste in a breast pad. This leaking breast milk can then be stored and used to begin building a freezer stash.
  • The cup is also fantastic for cup feeding a preemie or newborn with a difficult tongue tie, poor latch or one that becomes painfully gassy. 

An infographic showing how to use the Boobble Cup.

How to Use The Boobble Cup while Pumping 

Using the Boobble while pumping will be pretty similar to using it while nursing. The only big difference is that instead of a baby causing the letdown, the pump is.

Now, most women like to multi-task and this goes for pumping breast milk as well. Meaning, it makes sense to pump both breasts at the same time.

However, some women do actually pump one breast at a time (I’m raising my hand). This is because some women have the kind of flow that requires manual massage to remove the milk while they pump. A pumping bra tends to get in the way of this action. 

One of the best ways to use The Boobble while pumping is to hand-express into it after you finish your pumping session.

Hand expression is a phenomenal way to fully empty your breasts when pumping and help increase milk supply.

Another fantastic way The Boobble helps a pumping mom out is by giving her damaged breast tissue and nipples time to heal. As was described earlier, the large opening of The Boobble means that no areola comes in contact with the cup.

Giving her relief and time to heal from the uncomfortable friction pumping can sometimes create.

The Mama Fox Nursing Line by Will and Fox has Boobble-shaped adapters that can be attached to a bottle and hand expressed directly in to. If you want to take a look at those, here is the way.

Multi-Functional Uses

Here are some other multi-functional ways The Boobble can be used other than just as a milk-catcher.

  • Use it as a training cup or bowl for your toddler.
  • Cup feed a baby with breastfeeding issues or to prevent nipple confusion.
  • Hand-express in to the cup while away from baby to protect your milk supply.
  • Use the pointy edge to easily pour out breast milk without spills.

Who Created the Boobble and Why?

Will and Fox, an Australian based company picked up The innovative Boobble Cup after Mama Fox realized the passion she had for hand expression and breastfeeding in general.

The mastermind behind the invention of The Boobble Cup is another like-minded mama with a PHD in Bio Mechanics who wanted to change the nursing world for the better!

Will and Fox strongly believes that The Boobble is a must-have for breastfeeding mothers from day one. Especially, if baby doesn’t latch correctly.

Did you know that 90% of new mothers report having at least one breastfeeding issue within the first few days of baby’s birth?

Having a breastfeeding product like The Boobble could be a game-changer for moms who just want the option of giving their babies breast milk without all of the added stress.

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Final Thoughts

I am truly thrilled that I stumbled upon this amazing breastfeeding product and that I can share it with you all! I believe it is and will change the way mothers breastfeed and for the better!

If you’d like to purchase The Boobble, it is available here and don’t forget to use code LOVE-10 for 10% off!

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