12 New Mom Gotta-Have Baby Items and Why You’ll Love Them!

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You are about to see some gotta-have baby items and the reasons why I love them.

These un-regrettable baby buys are what every new mom needs to have on her list. Or, better yet, in her Amazon shopping cart!

Are you ready to check them out?!

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These are just what I need!


1. DockATot

The DockATot was and is my smartest first time mom purchase, by far!

This baby lounger is truly amazing, yet so simple and sleek. I couldn’t believe how many of the Youtube moms I follow were enthusiastically recommending this baby lounger, but now I know why!

I own both versions of the DockATot Loungers and used them without fail with my first baby and plan to with my second one as well.

My first one used her DockATot to sleep right next to me in bed, every night until she was about 9 months old.

Having her so close put my new mom fears to rest, being able to have her inches away, gave me huge peace of mind.

It made middle of the night feedings much easier too!

Eventually we upgraded to the DockATot Grande and she always sleeps through the night.

We even take her DockATot on trips when we leave home and she sleeps just as well anywhere else because she always has her own bed.

I really can’t express enough how much this item has enriched and simplified my experience as a first time mom!

Read this thorough review on DockATot baby loungers and how to safely care for and use them with your baby!

Pictured: DockATot

The Grand DockATot with orange and blue sunset palm tree cover.

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2. Infant Nail Scissors

I really can’t urge you enough to get a GOOD pair of infant nail scissors, like these Rubis Infant Scissors. 

If no one has ever told you that the SCARIEST thing about being new a parent, is trimming your baby’s delicate little nails – IT IS.

Two kids later and I still get the sweats when confronted with this task. However, these magic nail scissors have been a huge game changer!

I honestly don’t know what it is, but they WILL NOT cut your little one’s fingers and they make this nerve-wracking chore a breeze!

Pictured: Rubis Infant Nail Scissors

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3. Baby Swing

This Fisherprice Baby Swing is an overwhelmed and unproductive mom’s life-safer!

I can’t tell you how many times this swing has calmed a colicy and overly-tired baby so I could get some much needed work done around the house and even a little of that precious “me time.”

I also love the look of this particular swing. The pastel teal, white and light grey color scheme works beautifully with my home’s decor.

Of course, this swing also comes in many other color options for your desired aesthetic or theme.

Pictured: Fisherprice Baby Swing

favorite baby product must haves - fisher price swing

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4. Skip Hop Play Yard

The baby play yard from Skip Hop is not only adorable and practical, but our little one loves it!

It gives her a chance to stand on her own and explore these detachable sensory toys. Which is a great way to help develop your baby’s learning and motor skills.

We tend to move our skip hop all over the house, which means it’s not too heavy or bulky that it takes up an entire room.

Again, I really like the design of this baby item, It’s modern looking and not over the top gaudy like a lot of baby toys can be.

Pictured: Skip Hop Play Yard

favorite baby products - skip hop play yard

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5. Air Purifier

After I did some obsessive pre-mom research, I discovered that an air purifier was something I knew we needed to invest in to keep our new infant in a clean and healthy environment.

I really like how quiet this Kiois air purifier is and the reviews were outstanding. No regrets with this purchase!

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6. Wubbunub Pacifier

This adorable little lamb Wubbanub is not only sweet in style, but it has been the ONLY pacifier my daughter will take. I hear this from other moms all of the time too!

The fact that it has a little stuffed animal attached to it, makes blindly grabbing it half asleep in the middle of the night extremely convenient as well!

Wubbanub makes many different characters to choose from to suit the unique theme you have going on.

Pictured: Lamb Wubbanub

favorite baby product must haves - wubbanub

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7. Sound Machine

This Dohm sound machine was gifted to me by my mother the day I had my baby, and it’s been on my night stand, making it’s perfect white noise every night since.

Seriously, I hate sleeping without this!

Just like me, my little one is a light sleeper and this sound machine cancels out surrounding noises so well, while still remaining inconspicuous.

This is a must have item for sure!

Pictured: Dohm White Noise Machine

favorite baby buy - dohm sound machine

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8. Night Light

This Vava night light is probably my favorite little find of all!

It sits next to me on my night stand every single night. There has not been one night that I haven’t used it since I brought my baby home.

It has been the soft glow of light I have used to gaze upon my perfect little sweetheart during many middle of the night feedings and pumping sessions.

This night light features a touch sensor dimming control, soft or white light and is cordless. You have to put this on your list! Better yet, head over to Amazon and put it in your cart right now!

Pictured: Vava Night Light

favorite baby product must have - vava night light.

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9. Baby Monitor with Video

A baby monitor is of course a must-have!

We are so lucky to have the advancements of technology in this day and age that ultimately help us keep our little ones safer! This Project Nursery monitor we purchased has been working out great!

I love all of the features, like the ability to move the camera around from a different room and have the live feed on my cell phone.

Pictured: Project Nursery Baby Monitor

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10. Baby Sling

Don’t forget a good baby carrier!

Baby K’tan makes mom trusted and baby preferred wrap carriers. I love this style of carrier for newborns because they have a womb simulating feel to them and are simple enough for mom to put on by herself.

Pictured: Baby K’tan Sling

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11. Electric Baby Nail File

You CANNOT leave this item out of your must have baby buys! I am not joking when I say that the scariest thing about being a parent is cutting your baby nails!

The fear of accidentally nipping your precious little baby’s finger is debilitating.

The last thing any parent wants to do is bring unnecessary harm to their little one. Having said all of the that, the item you have to get is this electric baby nail trimmer!

Electric Baby Nail File

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12. Online Breastfeeding Class

Have you thought much about feeding your baby when he or she arrives? It may seem like a pretty straight forward task, but breastfeeding can sometimes get a little complicated.

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class by Milkology and what a difference this resource made!

Milkology offers many fantastic breastfeeding courses that are online and on demand.

The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class is equipped with tons practical information you will need to know in order to feel ready to breastfeed.

I have yet to find anything else like this resource for breastfeeding moms that is done so well for such a low price. This online breastfeeding class had to be on my list of most-used and loved baby purchases!

The Bottom line

There you have it mama, these 10 items were my most-loved baby purchases that I do not regret buying! In fact, if I needed to, I’d purchase them again!

As first time moms, it’s easy to get suckered in to thinking we need so many expensive and frivolous baby items – that we NEVER end up using!

I share these items with you because I was that mom, and these are the things I actually got my money’s worth out of. I think you will too! 

Use the links above to check for sales and current pricing on Amazon (all Prime links).

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