Best Online Breastfeeding Classes (with video sneak peeks!)

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There is a lot of wisdom to be found in a mother who intentionally invests in her breastfeeding success before her baby arrives.

Likewise, a mother who is struggling to breastfeed, but doesn’t give up and seeks better instruction is also just as smart.

You are that wise mother…

Who, is here today hoping to learn about the best online breastfeeding classes. You will also find options for free breastfeeding classes online as well.

And after you’re finished here, you will know without a doubt which one will serve you and your baby the best.

Why Take an Online Breastfeeding Class?

Below are some good reasons as to why you should strongly consider diving in to an online breastfeeding course.

1. Time 

For one, an online breastfeeding class eliminates the hassle and time commitment of an in-person class. You can comfortably learn how to breastfeed in private at home whenever is most convenient for you.

2. Cost

Online courses are typically very inexpensive, and in some cases free! You’ll be introduced to those a little further down.

3. Convenience 

An online course is self-paces, on-demand and never-ending. Meaning, you can refer to it over and over again whenever you need a fresher!

This is a HUGE advantage in the online course arena and a big reason why many busy and tired moms prefer to learn this way.

4. Great for Couples

Because of the on-demand nature of an online course, you can easily include your partner to take part in the lessons with you.

For first time parents, this is a nice boding opportunity and a way to get dad involved and more educated on breastfeeding before baby arrives.

5. Access

The accessibility of online classes is what makes them the perfect learning tool. You can stream them on almost any device, no matter where you are.

Best Affordable Online Breastfeeding Classes

First, you’ll be introduced to the best paid breastfeeding courses.

There will also be the best free options for you to check out as well further down the page. 

For your convenience, this list (with a short description of the course) will go from least to most expensive. 

Best online breastfeeding courses by Milkology

The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class by Milkology

This is the first and most popular online breastfeeding course Milkology has created. More moms have enrolled in this particular online breastfeeding class than any other I know of.

You may be able to quickly see why as you read on.

Who is The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class For?

This online and all video breastfeeding class is for the mama who is looking for a visually dynamic and informative introduction to breastfeeding. 

If you are that mama, this course is a wonderful place to start learning about how to have the best breastfeeding relationship with your new bundle of joy. 

What Type of Content Will I See in This Online Class?

There are fun visuals, graphs and voice-over audio lessons. This is the type of breastfeeding class you could even keep your husbands attention with! 

The creator of The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class is a real-life lactation consultant who has helped thousands of women to breastfeed successfully – she knows her stuff!

Cost: $19 

Time commitment: 90 minutes

Register Now

If you’re not sold yet, visit this full Milkology review of The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class and get an even more in depth understanding of the course.

The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class by Milkology

The second online breastfeeding class by Milkology is also just as entertaining and educational. The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class focuses on helping breastfeeding mothers transition back to work with more ease.

It covers everything about being a breastfeeding mom while working and how to balance both.

You will learn how to protect your milk supply, build a freezer stash and navigate the logistics of pumping at work while maintaining your precious breastfeeding relationship with your new baby.

Who is The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class for?

I would recommend this course for the mama who will be making the tough breastfeeding transition from on-deamnd at home to work. 

This working mama is determined to keep her breastfeeding relationship with her baby solid while still producing enough breast milk to send to daycare everyday.

What is the Course Like?

The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class takes preparation one step further to fully inform and encourage the back to work breastfeeding mom.

It’s goal is to help make the hard transition less stressful and eliminate a loss in milk supply. 

The content of the course is still visually engaging, with loads of video and complimentary graphics. And the voice-over teaching style if perfect for those who just like to plug in some ear phones and listen.

Cost: $19 or $15 (when purchased with The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class or vice versa)

Time commitment: 90 minutes 

Register Now

If you’re still unsure, check out a full review of this course here.

three pink arrowsP.S. If you enroll in any of these online breastfeeding classes from a link on this post, you can get the Pumping Pro Course for FREE! Simply contact me once you’ve completed your purchases and I’ll do the rest!

Best online breastfeeding classes by Cindy and jana

Simply Breastfeeding 

Here is an online breastfeeding class that aims to professionally deliver the crucial breastfeeding information every parent needs in order to feel confident from the very first feed.

Who is Simply Breastfeeding for?

Simply Breastfeeding is a course for the ultimate plan-ahead mama.

The mom who invests in this course wants to be completely prepared for any and all breastfeeding difficulties that may come her way.

This new mom also doesn’t want to wait until she’s sleep deprived and stressed to get the best and most reliable breastfeeding information she needs.

What Type of Content Should I Expect to See?

I would recommend the Simply Breastfeeding online course as the best option for a more technical breastfeeding video class with the expertise of not one, but two registered nurses who are also certified lactation consultants.

You can expect to see real-life examples of breastfeeding that include video of proper latch, positioning and more.

Cost: $40

Time commitment: 100 minutes

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Lactation link logo: an online breastfeeding course provider.

Breastfeeding Basics Class 

Lactation Link is a well-known online breastfeeding course provider. They have many wonderful prenatal courses in their network.

Who is Breastfeeding Basics For?

This course is recommended to pregnant moms as the perfect prenatal introduction to breastfeeding.

The mama who chooses this course is looking for a high-production and very professionally executed course with all of the information she needs to build up her breastfeeding confidence.

You should also note that this is the most expensive breastfeeding course of all the ones I have presented to you today.

Even so, Lactation Link is still at the top of their game for providing the best online breastfeeding classes.

Cost: $97

Time commitment: 70 minutes 

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Breastfeeding Hurdles and How-to’s

This is the second online breastfeeding course Lactation Link offers.

Breastfeeding Hurdles and How-To’s  is designed more for the troubleshooting aspects of breastfeeding and the difficulties that you may encounter.

Who is This Course For?

If you are worried about encountering any potentially devastating breastfeeding difficulties, this course may be the best service to you and your baby.

Likewise, Breastfeeding Hurdles and How-To’s may be the best option for you if you have experienced breastfeeding problems before.

I would recommend Breastfeeding Hurdles and How-to’s to the mom who is nervous about the negative effects some of these breastfeeding struggles could have on her and her baby.

This mama wants to be prepared for any and all situations that may come her way so she can overcome them and thrive.

What Does This Course Cover?

  • Jaundice
  • Thrush
  • Nursing strikes
  • Introducing solids and more

Cost: $97

Time commitment: 60 minutes 

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three pink arrowsP.S. If you enroll in any of these online breastfeeding classes from a link on this post, you can get the Pumping Pro Course for FREE! Simply contact me once you’ve completed your purchases.

Best Free Online Breastfeeding Classes

We’ve made it to the free section – woohoo!

These free online breastfeeding classes are certainly helpful and most of them give you a good taste of what the flagship course will have to offer.

However, I do not believe a free course can replace the valuable asset that a paid online course can be for new moms (speaking from personal experience.)

In any case, here are the free online breastfeeding courses available to you.

Cindy and Jana simply breastfeeding logo

Getting Ready to Breastfeed

Cindy and Jana who created Simply Breastfeeding offer this free course as a little introduction to their flagship breastfeeding class.

It’s three short video lessons (about 30 minutes long) that go over a few hot topics about breastfeeding and some helpful tips. 

best free online breastfeeding course by Cindy and Jana

Lactation link logoBreastfeeding Breakthrough

Breastfeeding Breakthrough is Lactation Link’s free 6 day email course and it covers the basics of breastfeeding.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to get the best latch.
  • How to save money, time and sleep.
  • How to not fall for common myths.
  • How to overcome problems, such as nipple pain!

best free online breastfeeding class by lactation link

Breastfeeding Back Up: Pumping Pointers

The last free breastfeeding course is one I created.

This is a free 5-day email course full of breastfeeding facts and priceless breast pumping pointers to use a back-up plan when breastfeeding doesn’t go as planned.

Pumping and breastfeeding free email course.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

I’d like to wrap up this overview of the best online breastfeeding courses by saying that it is my privilege to serve you with only the best options (in my tested opinion). 

If you are interested in a course, but are still feeling torn as to which one will best suit your needs and wants, maybe I can speak for myself and see if you relate.

Out of the choices presented in this post, I would steer you toward The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class ($19) first and Simply Breastfeeding ($40) by Cindy and Jana as my second choice.

The reason I’m recommending these two as my top picks is because they are both full of the best information, delivered in an easy to comprehend manner and are set at the best price range for what you get.

three pink arrowsP.S. If you enroll in any course through one of my links, I will send you my pumping and milk supply course for FREE, here are the details.

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