How to get Hundreds of Dollars in Free Baby Stuff (that’s legit!)

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Keep reading if you want to learn how to legitimately get over $500 in FREE baby things for you and your new baby. 

Is this legit? Yes – indeed!

Mother’s Lounge is an Internet retailer that has been giving away useful and high-quality baby stuff to moms in-the-know for years. 

They are a real company that operates on a marketing tactic called “loss leaders”. Which means, they may actually lose money in order to get you shopping. 

Sounds like a dream right?!

If you want to take advantage of this unique shopping experience and stock up on some awesome baby items, explore the options below!

How to get free baby stuff with coupon codes

Free Stuff for Your New Baby and for You, Mama!

What sort of baby items do new moms generally spend their money on already out of necessity? For instance, a carseat cover is a new baby essential.

Mother’s Lounge has heavy-duty, warm and cozy carseat canopy’s that retail for $50 you can scoop up for FREE (just pay shipping)!  

Use the Coupon Code LOVEOURLITTLES to Redeem Your Free Carseat Canopy

In fact, for all of the FREE baby stuff in this post, you can use the same coupon code LOVEOURLITTLES.

Get your FREE carseat canopy here and choose your color, print, pattern and style.

PSSST… Most all of these baby items can be customized and embroidered too!

canopy couture logo

Carseat Covers $50 off or FREE!


Photo of a carseat with a purple leopard print jersey carseat canopy over it.

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nursing pillow logo

Nursing Pillows $40 off or FREE!


Mom holding baby after nursing using a white nursing pillow.

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udder covers logo

Udder Covers $35 OFF or FREE!


Mom breastfeeding infant under a floral pattern nursing cover.

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Breast Pads Logo

Breast Pads $35 off or FREE!


Multi-colored and patterned fabric breast pads for nursing.

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seven baby sling logo

Baby Slings $40 off or FREE!


woman holding baby in a leopard print baby sling.

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3 FREE Custom Pacifiers


Baby with a pink pacifier that says Savannah.Separator for images and related posts

pregnancy pillow logo

Pregnancy Pillow $50 off!


pregnant woman lying on the bed with her purple minky pregnancy pillow.

These are all of the “loss leaders” Mother’s Lounge gives away for FREE, you only pay shipping – that’s a steal! 

  • Pregnancy Pillow (sleep better, longer!) take $50 off this practical pregnancy item >>>
  • Nursing Pillow (must-have breastfeeding essential) $40 off makes this baby item completely FREE >>>
  • Udder Covers (pump or breastfeed in public with discretion) FREE nursing cover, $35 value >>>
  • Breast Pads 10 pairs of reusable breast pads in adorable prints and patterns >>>
  • Baby Carrier (cute and comfortable baby slings) worth $40, get yours FREE here >>>
  • Custom Pacifiers (customize your baby’s binky) 3 FREE custom pacifiers >>>
  • Belly Button Band (must-have maternity clothing that can save you $$$) FREE >>>
  • Eskimo Kids (fuzzy hats for babes of all ages) >>>
  • Custom Snappies make your own onesies for FREE >>>

That’s a Wrap

I hope you scooped up some of these amazing offers, mama! The coupon code LOVEOURLITTLES is for my readers, but please feel free to share it with your friends too!

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