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can pregnant women eat vodka sauce

Medical experts believe that excessive alcohol consumption during pregnancy is unsafe since it increases the risk of fetal alcohol syndrome and other health issues for the developing fetus.

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is alfredo sauce safe during pregnancy

You may look at an Italian restaurant’s menu and start craving alfredo sauce. But, while alfredo pasta is on the menu, you may wonder whether alfredo sauce is safe during pregnancy!

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can you eat egg drop soup while pregnant

Egg drop soup is an inexpensive and delectable weekday supper but is it safe to eat while pregnant? When cooked properly, homemade egg drop soup is a safe.

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Elizabeth and her newest little one, the author and creator of love our littles

Meet Elizabeth, the mom and creative heartbeat that gives life to Love Our Littles®.  She’s a licensed cosmetologist and a mama to two littles. She is highly educated in anatomy and body chemistry and has real life experience as an accomplished exclusive pumper. Get to know Elizabeth better and her story, here.

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