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You have determined that an online breastfeeding class would be a good place for you start your breastfeeding preparations. Or, maybe you just need a breastfeeding refresher. Today, you will see the best overall online breastfeeding classes with a look at course outlines and an explanation of their curriculum. This

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How to Increase Milk Supply

Has your milk supply seemingly tanked overnight and you are now in a full-blown panic trying to figure out how to replenish it to where it was before? There are many reasons why your milk supply has decreased. Sometimes its stress, hormones or even a poor performing breast pump. Let me

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best diet and supplements for increasing milk supply

In this eye-opening and informative read, you will see dietary additions that might be beneficial to a breastfeeding mom’s milk supply. You will also be introduce to some incredible breastfeeding resources that give you the tools to help you master your milk supply for good! This post may contain affiliate

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Elizabeth and her newest little one, the author and creator of love our littles

Meet Elizabeth, the mom and creative heartbeat that gives life to Love Our Littles®.  She’s a licensed cosmetologist and a mama to two littles. She is highly educated in anatomy and body chemistry and has real life experience as an accomplished exclusive pumper. Get to know Elizabeth better and her story, here.

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