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Master Your Milk Supply

Has your milk supply seemingly tanked overnight and you are now in a full-blown panic trying to figure out how to replenish it to where it was before?

There are many reasons why your milk supply has decreased. Sometimes its stress, hormones or even a poor performing breast pump.

Let me try and help you solve this milk supply dilemma by giving you my go to tips on how to increase milk supply super fast!

As you scroll down through these top milk increasing tips, there will also be little nuggets of suggested resources and freebies to further help get your milk supply rescued quickly!

1. Reduce Stress and Don’t Panic

Panic is a real emotion when you notice you’re pumping half as much breast milk at each session as you usually do.

Which then leads to the late nights of googling “how to increase milk supply” with no sleep in sight worrying yourself sick.

However, as you know, adding stress on top of what’s already causing your low milk supply is only making it worse. It may sound impossible to turn off this suffocating stress switch most new moms acquire as soon as their baby is born, but please try.

Simply know that your baby will not go hungry, you have other options. Such as, supplementing with formula or donor milk.

2. Invest in Some Help from the Pros

Knowing personally how defeated not being able to provide enough breast milk for our little ones can make a new mom feel, “The Milk Supply Rescue” was conceived.

This FREE Action Pack is a quick guide to help you get your supply fueled back up as quickly as possible!

Once you download your digital copy, check your inbox over the next couple of days for more helpful milk supply tips.

All you need is a little extra help and instruction and you can confidently master your milk supply and successfully breastfeed without as much stress and worry! 

Another great milk supply resource to quickly mention is Milkology’s NEW and even more affordable mini course called Master Your Milk Supply!

This course has all of your urgent milk supply needs met in an expedited mini course.

If you like learning online and in the comfort of your own home (and pj’s) go here to check out this milk supply must-have.

P.S. I will even send you a second pumping course for FREE after you join one of Milkology’s courses from the link above. Just contact me at [email protected] to reserve your seat.

3. Get Plenty of Rest

A simple cause of reduced breast milk production could be because of exhaustion, what new mom isn’t tired though, right?

Even so, your body needs to regain balance and regulate those hormones to be a milk-making machine again.

When you can, get some shut-eye, take a relaxing bath or just sit down instead of doing the dishes. Let your loving husband get those, (feel free to show him this sentence).

4. Supplement with Formula

There may be a time during your milk supply down-turn that you will need to supplement your baby’s diet with formula or more solids (depending on your child’s age and pediatricians go ahead).

I know you’ve heard the saying, food before one is just for fun.

Even so, offering your baby some age-appropriate solids (discuss with your pediatrician) 30 minutes or so after a bottle may help keep their tummy full longer and that may mean 2-4 less ounces of breast milk a day.

If you’re a little hesitant or not quite sure what formulas would be the best for a breastfed baby, here is a very thorough formula guide to take a look at.

5. Change Your Pump Parts 

Have you changed your pump parts lately?

This is always the first thing I do when I notice my breast milk production is low.

If you’re pretty much an exclusive pumper like me, this has to be a part of your monthly/bi-monthly routine. See below If you’re not quite sure which parts to change.

How Often Should Pump Parst be Changed?

  • Valves and membranes – 4-6 weeks
  • Tubing – 6 months
  • Breast shields and connectors – 4-6 months
  • Backflow protectors – 6 months

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An infographic for when to change pump parts to help increase milk supply.

Valves, membranes and tubing are so important to change regularly.

If they are compromised, the suction from your pump can drastically decrease.

The good thing though, is that this is a cheap and easy fix! You can hop on Amazon and find what you need and have them the next day!

I’ll attach the parts I find work best for both Medela Pisa and Spectra pumps here, which are interchangeable.

6. Make Sure Your Flanges Fit Properly

Also take a look at the fit of your breast shields, make sure they are the correct size still. As an example, I just recently had to go down a size myself.

Correct flange fit diagram for exclusive breast pumping and tips on how to increase milk supply fast.

In addition to ensuring your pump part are up to par, a good breast pump is also a key ingredient to a healthy and abundant milk supply.

7. Best Breast Pumps for Milk Supply 

The breast pump you use can have a very significant effect on your milk supply. Some breast pumps will do a better job at pulling milk out.

Therefore, emptying your breasts of milk more effectively and causing a positive supply and demand market. 

With that being said, my recommended breast pump for a low milk supply is the compact, powerful and portable BabyBuddha pump.

The company wants to show my readers some extra love and has graciously offered my readers an exclusive discount to put towards your entire BabyBuddha Products purchase – snag it here! 

Pictured: BabyBuddha Breast Pump

BabyBuddha best breast pump for pumping on the go

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And as a second recommended option, The Genie Plus is a little bit less expensive than the BabyBuddha and it is more gentle. Which may make it a better option for moms who have very sensitive breast tissue.

You can also get their one-of-a-kind liquid flange inserts that enhance the comfort and improve milk flow.

Pictured: Pumpables Genie Plus

Pumpables Genie Plus Portable Breast Pump

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8. Change Your Pumping Schedule

The pump really is your breast friend when it comes to putting the pedal to the metal and speeding up out of this low milk supply black hole.

Using the pump to produce more milk really is the best tip I can give, but let me go a little more in depth on how to do so.

Let’s look at a pumping schedule that will signal to your body to make more milk!

Have you heard of power pumping? 

Basically, it is when you take an hour to pump twice a day and break up that hour long session into smaller increments and rest in between.

Here’s what it would look like:

Power-Up breast pumping infographic to demonstrate power pumping to help increase milk supply fast

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Best Time of Day to Pump to Increase Milk Supply

Ok, so in addition to the one or two power pumping sessions per day, I also want you to make one of those during the middle of the night or VERY early in the morning.

I know, this just keeps getting better!

Hopefully, implementing these new routines won’t be permanent. You should start to see an increase in milk supply in about a week, that’s usually what I notice.

The reason I suggest pumping at night and early in the morning is because prolactin levels are usually higher at that time.

It also helps that you’ve been relaxed and probably asleep for a while. I suggest picking a time between 3 and 5am.

What we won’t do for that boobie milk, right mamas?!

9. Move the Flange Around while Pumping

Changing the position of the flange while pumping and after you notice a stop in flow will help pull breast milk out of different milk ducts.

I like to reposition and put a little tension on different sides of my breast.

Make sure you are also massaging at every session, It’s imperative to get out every drop of milk. Lavie has amazing lactation tools that make this task effortless! 

Shop Lavie with a 10% off discount using this link and the code LOVEOURLITTLES10 at checkout.

The better you can empty your breasts, the more in demand your milk supply will be, which equates to more milk!

Another way to help remove more breast milk with more ease is by using Sunflower Lecithin. It’s a natural supplement that helps keep the milk ducts greased for a smoother and less inhibited flow. 

Pictured: Lavie Warming Lactation Massage Pads


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10. Add in Some Ades

This tip may seem pretty obvious to most pumping moms, but I was a naive newbie not too long ago so I like to cover everything.

Seriously though, get to the store and buy Gatorade, Powerade any type of sports drink will work!

Here’s a little secret, many pumping mamas swear that body armor drinks help increase their milk supply.

Being dehydrated can be the number one reason your milk supply is impeded.

Stay hydrated by adding variations to your liquid intake each day by getting creative with trying different drinks for breastfeeding.


  • Reduce stress, stay positive and on task.
  • Stay well rested and get as much sleep as possible to allow milk-making hormones to regulate properly.
  • Supplement with formula until your milk supply replenishes.
  • Change your pump parts.
  • Add in some power pumping until you see an increase in supply.
  • Move the flange around while pumping.
  • Drink some sports drinks.

I’m rooting for you mama, you can do this!