Milk Supply Must Haves

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This breast milk resource page has my must have milk supply products.

milk dust protein lactation powder for breastfeeding and milk supply.
Milk Dust Protein + Lactation Powder
Lavie lactation massagers for milk supply
Lavie Lactation Massagers
Breastfeeding Cookbook

Milk Dust is uniquely formulated for the special dietary needs of breastfeeding moms. This protein lactation powder is powerfully curated to nourish your milk supply and help you heal on a cellular level. Use the code LACTATION for 10% off your first order!

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Woman holding pumped breastmilk in one hand and a lava lactation massager in the other.

Lavie Lactation Massagers are one of a kind breastfeeding tools that promote the flow and production of breast milk. Use code LOVEOURLITTLES10 for 10% off.

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The breastfeeding cookbook is for nursing moms who want to maximize their milk supply the best way possible, by eating delicious and nutritious food! This eBook has over 50 easy and fun recipes for you try. Use code LOVEOURLITTLES for 10% off. 

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Master Your Milk Supply!

Learn how to master your milk supply with this quick and fun to take online course produced by the best online breastfeeding educators, Milkology! 

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Free ebook!

✔︎ Lactation recipes

✔︎ Pumping schedules

✔︎ Lactation aids

Milk Supply Rescue E-book mockup on iPad.

These are just what I need!