Baby Registry Necessities for Target

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Hello mama! What is more fun than creating your baby registery!?

If you are a first time-expecting mama, this helpful baby registry necessities for Target I put together for you will come in handy!

All of the items I chose for this sample Target baby registry are some of my most loved baby items I used with my little one.

Have fun creating your Target baby registry and enjoy this helpful guide!

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Baby Registry Necessities for Target Checklist and Perks

Before we start with the baby registry items, take a minute to sign up for your Target baby registry. All done? Great! 

baby registry necessities for target

Newborn Clothes from Target

It is a good idea to not over-do the newborn clothes as there is a good chance that your new little bundle will not wear most (if any) of the cute, but very impractical outfits we first time moms can’t resist buying.

One thing you do want to stock up on though is sleepers! Look for ones that zip from the bottom up – that will make changing diapers so much easier!

Here is your link for newborn clothes

My favorite brand of Target baby clothes that is also priced right is by Cat and Jack. Check out their sweet baby clothes, and definitely add some to your Target baby registry.

Your link to Cat and Jack

You must add some swaddles, they are a baby registry necessity for sure! I waited too long to get a decent swaddle, but once I did – my baby started sleeping so much better!

Here is the swaddle I really liked 


You cannot have too many diapers stocked up!

However, you can have too many of the same size diapers that your little one can quickly grow out of before you can use them – that would be tragic!

Diapers are not cheap!

I suggest adding size 1, 2 and 3 to your registry so you don’t end up with all newborn sized diapers that your baby will most likely size out of quickly!

Another baby registry necessities item you cannot have too much of is wipes. You will not believe how quickly you will go through these mamas!

My favorite wipes and diapers:

Hospital Door Signs Optin Image
Free signs with new baby rules for visitors. Keep your baby from getting sick!


Of course you have seen and heard of the Boppy pillow right? Not only is this pillow ergonomic, but the adorable designer prints they put on them, make them irresistible.

Find your favorite Boppy here

While you are preparing and planning for breastfeeding your baby, consider grabbing a seat in the BEST and most affordable online breastfeeding class by Milkology too!

In The Ultimate Breastfeeidng Class, you will learn all of the most important ways to breastfeed your baby successfully without all of the pain and frustration.

Plus, you can watch this all video course in the comfort of your home and go at your own pace.

This is a must-have for every mama-to-be! 

Health and Safety 

We want our little ones to have everything they may need to stay healthy and safe and there is no price to steep for that peace. Here is your list of items you apply to your Target baby registry.

Frida Baby has the best feel better kits for all ailments a baby may face. I personally loved the Windi to help my gassy and sometimes constipated baby.

Adding all of Baby Frida’s products to your baby registry is a great idea!

Add Frida Baby to your registry

Gripe Water is an absolute must-list baby registry item. I can’t tell you how miraculous Gripe Water was during those late night colic episodes. Even if you never have to use (fingers-crossed) having it on stand-by is essential.

Here is your link for Gripe Water

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The stroller choosing is usually where dad likes to have his input – after all, it is on wheels. I chose a stroller caddy for one option because they are super portable with tons of storage and the convenience of simply placing any carseat carrier on them is genius.

Chicco Carseat Caddy 

Of course you may also want a standard stroller meant for more activity such as a highly rated Britax stroller.

Britax stroller link 

Baby Registry Necessities for Target Style Nursery

Adding your nursery theme decor to your baby registry is a smart move because these items can get expensive, but having them to decorate with is so fun!

I used Target’s exclusive “Floral Fields” Cloud Island theme for all of my nursery decor. I love it so much!

Here is your link to Floral Fields by Cloud Island 

Gear and Activity

There’s nothing you will appreciate receiving more from your registry than a safe and comforting rocker or swing you can place your baby in and take a much needed mommy time-out.

I chose the Rock N’ Play because it is always a much loved baby item by new and veteran mamas.

Add this baby gear item to your registry 

Baby Registry for Target Extra Add-ons

These are some items I used a lot and was so glad to have, they are also at a great price point for your baby shower guests who are on a budget.

Sign up for your Target baby registry today!

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