Ultimate List of Baby Registry Must-Haves for Target

Hello mama, what is more fun than creating your baby registry!?

Especially, at one of our FAVORITE places to shop, Target – of course!

All of the baby items chosen for this baby registry must-haves from Target are ranked as most important and most-used by new moms.

Have fun creating your Target baby registry and enjoy this helpful guide!

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The Perks of Having A Target Baby Registry 

With most baby registry’s, there are usually some added perks or incentives that come with your sign up. 

Since we are focusing on a Target baby registry today, have a look at the extra goodies you can expect.

Free Welcome Kit

One of the BEST perks that come with a Target baby registry is the over $80 worth of coupons and hand-picked samples that come in your free welcome kit.

Whether you sign up online or in-store, simply visit the Guest Services to claim your free gift!

15% Discount

Target also gives a 15% discount on everything left on your registry that wasn’t purchased for your baby shower. The only kicker is that you need to use this 8 weeks before baby’s expected arrival.

So plan accordingly and use this nice little savings on something big!

Smart Checklist

Target has a smart baby registry checklist feature. Which means, it crosses off times as you build your registry.

This will help keep you organized and efficient when creating your registry.

three pink arrows pointing downIf you haven’t yet, quickly sign up for your Target baby registry here. 

Target Baby Registry Checklist

1. Newborn Clothes 

  • Sleepers: Plan to stock up on sleepers! Your baby will most likely live in these for the first few months. Look for ones that zip from the bottom up – that will make changing diapers so much easier!
  • Affordable and Cute: A favorite brand of Target baby clothes that is also priced right is by Cat and Jack. Check out their sweet baby clothes here, and definitely add some to your Target baby registry.
  • Swaddles: You must add some swaddles, they are a baby registry necessity for sure! I waited too long to get a decent swaddle, but once I did – my baby started sleeping so much better! Here is the swaddle I used and had breast success with.

2. Diapering

You cannot have too many diapers stocked up!

However, you can have too many of the same size diapers that your little one can quickly grow out of before you can use them – that would be tragic!

Diapers are not cheap!

I suggest adding size 1, 2 and 3 to your registry so you don’t end up with all newborn sized diapers that your baby will most likely size out of quickly!

Another baby registry necessities item you cannot have too much of is wipes. You will not believe how quickly you will go through these mamas!

Favorite wipes and diapers:

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3. Baby Feeding

  • Breastfeeding Support: Of course you have seen and heard of the Boppy Pillow right? Not only is this pillow ergonomic, but the adorable designer prints they put on them, make them irresistible. Find the right Boppy Pillow for you here.
  • Baby Bottles: When selecting a bottle for your baby, there can be some trial and error involved. All babies are different and there is no “one-size-fits-all” scenario in regards to which bottle your baby will reject or prefer. Listed below are a couple of trusted options.
    • Nanobebe: This baby bottle is unique to it’s kind. It was designed to most closely resemble a breast is recommended for breast milk.
    • Comotomo: These baby bottles are a trusted brand for most new moms.
  • Breast Pumps: A breast pump is a must-have baby registry item and Target carries all of the best options. See the best picks below, there’s a pump for every occasion!
    • Spectra S1: This is a great all-purpose hospital grade breast pump. 
    • Elvie: A little bit of a pricier baby registry item, but a must-have if you plan on pumping often and on-the-go!
    • Medela Harmony: A manual breast pump is a must for any breastfeeding mom.
    • Haakaa: This silicone pump is a must for building a freezer stash.

Pro Tip: Use this form to quickly qualify for a free breast pump!

Must-Have Baby Feeding Tool

While you are preparing and planning for breastfeeding your baby, consider grabbing a seat in the BEST and most affordable online breastfeeding class by Milkology.

In The Ultimate Breastfeeidng Class, you will learn all of the most important ways to breastfeed your baby successfully without all of the pain and frustration.

Plus, you can watch this all video course in the comfort of your home and go at your own pace.

This is a must-have baby feeding tool for every mama-to-be!

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4. Health and Safety 

  • Frida Baby: If you want to add some health and safety items to your Target baby registry, Friday Baby has the best kits for all ailments a baby may face. I personally loved the Windi Gasspasser to help my gassy and sometimes constipated baby.

three pink arrows pointing downAdd of all of Frida Baby’s products to your baby registry!

  • Gripe Water: This is an absolute essential baby registry item. I can’t tell you enough how miraculous Gripe Water was during those late night colic episodes. Even if you never have to use (fingers-crossed) having it on stand-by is essential.

We want our little ones to have everything they may need to stay healthy and safe and there is no price to steep for that peace. Here is your list of items you apply to your Target baby registry.

5. Strollers

The stroller choosing is usually where dad likes to have his input – after all, it is on wheels.

Adding a stroller to your Target baby registry is a great way to use that extra %15 off!

Below you will see two options. One is a stroller caddy, and these are awesome because they are super portable and have tons of storage.

The second option is a Britax stroller which are highly rated and very well-made.

6. Nursery

Adding some nursery decor to your baby registry is a smart move because these items can get expensive, but having them to decorate with is so fun!

I used Target’s exclusive “Floral Fields” Cloud Island theme for all of my nursery decor. I love the floral pattern and color scheme so much.

If you like it too, explore some of the baby items it comes in below:

7. Activity

There’s nothing you will appreciate receiving more from your baby registry than some activity pieces for your little one to explore, learn and enjoy.

  • Activity Center: Your new baby may not be ready for this Skip Hop Activity Center yet, but they will be sooner than you think! You’ll be so glad they have something of their own to keep themselves entertained for long stretches of time.
  • Jumperoo: If you only list one activity item on your baby registry, let it be this Fisherprice Jumperoo! There is nothing more fun to watch than your baby going nuts in one of these things!
  • Activity Gym: Now this is an activity piece your baby can start using almost right away. Linked is the Skip Hop Activity Gym.

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In Closing

That will conclude this extreme list of baby registry must-haves for Target! You were given detailed lists of essential baby products for your registry.

Save this resource to refer to later or share it with a mom friend who is expecting!

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