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This a resource page with my recommended breastfeeding products I trust and love. These products are linked to Amazon and other trusted retailers for your shopping convenience.


Multi-functional nursing cup. Catches leaking breast milk while breastfeeding, prevents mastitis, increases milk supply and many more uses.

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Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump

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Haakaa silicone manual breastpump is a simple way to support breastfeeding. Allowing moms to express easily, directly and effectively. Simple to use breast pump that will change your breastfeeding life.

LaVie Lactation Tools

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Lactation tools and massagers to aid in milk flow, remove clogs, increase milk supply and stimulate letdowns.

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Pumpables Genie Plus portable breast pump.

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BabyBuddha® Complete Kit

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Portable breast pump.

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