Breastfeeding and Pumping Must Haves

This is a recommendations page with my favorite breastfeeding and pumping products I trust and love – and want to share with you!

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for nursing...

Lavie lactation massagers for milk supply
Lavie Lactation Massagers
Nursing Pillow
Nursing Cover
Product photo of the Boobble nursing cup
Boobble Nursing Cup
Woman holding pumped breastmilk in one hand and a lava lactation massager in the other.

Lavie Lactation Massagers are one of a kind breastfeeding tools that promote the flow and production of breast milk. Use code LOVEOURLITTLES10 for 10% off.

Mom holding baby after nursing using a white nursing pillow.

Nursing pillows are a must for breastfeeding comfort. They help to protect your back and keep baby in the best positions for latching. Use code LOVEOURLITTLES for a FREE nursing pillow!


Mom breastfeeding infant under a floral pattern nursing cover.

Nursing covers have always been a breastfeeding essential. Even if you don’t always choose to use them to cover yourself while nursing, they are conveniently multi-functional. Use code LOVEOURLITTLES for a FREE nursing cover and get it embroidered with your little one’s name!