Top 5 Signs Your Toddler Needs A Pillow

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Time flies, you blink, and a baby becomes a toddler. Shortly, they will leave for college, get married, and have their babies, but for now, let’s stick to pillows.

You could wonder whether my toddler needs a pillow and, if so, what the signs are. Worry not! You are in the right place.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Institutes of Health, infants must not use pillows and sleep on their backs. In addition, the surface must be flat. Therefore, you must know the safe sleep environment for your growing babies. Read on for more information.

Does My Toddler Need A Pillow?

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You may hear some experts suggesting a pillow between the ages of 1.5 years and 3 years. However, every child is different, and you could decide what works best for yours. But, never introduce a pillow to a baby as it could be dangerous.

Generally, you can introduce a pillow when your toddler moves into the bed from the crib. However, it’s not a compulsion at this point. You also need to opt for the right pillow for the little neck. The goal here is that the pillow doesn’t strain your toddler’s neck, which is why it’s best to observe and look for signs of whether your toddler is ready for a pillow.

What Are The Signs That Your Toddler Needs A Pillow?

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Toddlers are different from adults, and thus, it’s vital to know what works for them and what doesn’t. You have to watch for signs when it comes to toddlers, for example, when they are ready to leave the diapers, major transition to a bed, need a pillow, etc.

Your toddler won’t need the pillow right away. It’s best to look for the signs. When you find your toddler ready for a pillow, you can introduce it.

Consider the following:

#1. Your Child Is Restless At Night

When you find your child restless at night, she might need a pillow. If you are confident, introduce the pillow and see if it makes a difference. If the child is restless for not using the pillow, you will eventually know once she sleeps peacefully at night with a comfortable pillow.

#2. Your Child Tries Using Your Pillow

Your kids may copy you! Since you love using a pillow, they may need one too. But it’s best to observe your child’s behavior and decide accordingly. If you find your toddler being at ease with the pillow, then sure, go ahead and give it! Being a parent, you will find it easier to understand when the child appears ready for a pillow. Also, if you find your kid sleeping on your pillow multiple times, it’s best to get a kid-friendly pillow.

#3. Your Kid Is Using A Toy As A Pillow

Another common sign that shows your toddler is ready for a pillow is that she will use a stuffed animal or toy as a pillow. For example, if there is a comfy teddy bear or any other toy, you may find your kid using it instead of a current pillow. Also, she may prefer making a pillow out of the blanket; thus, you know it’s time to search for toddler pillows in the market.

#4. Your Kid Is Waking Up Without A Pillow

If your kid finds sleeping hard or has sleep issues without a pillow, it indicates you can introduce one. Instead of giving your firm pillow to the child, search for the perfect pillows suitable for the toddler’s age.

#5. Your Kid Enjoys The Comfort of A Pillow

It’s all about comfort. Your toddler may find a pillow more comfortable! Your kid loves using a pillow and finds it hard to lie on the bed or sit without it. If that’s the case, you can look for the best toddler pillows or make an online purchase today.

What Are Some Tips to Consider When Buying A Pillow for A Toddler?

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When buying a pillow for your toddler, keep the following points in mind:

  • First, make sure the material for the pillow is kid-friendly.
  • Opt for pillows that are easy to clean. It’s best to read the cleaning instructions before buying the pillows.
  • Make sure the pillow covers are made of breathable material or organic cotton.
  • The pillow covers must be non-toxic, bleach-free, and suitable for the toddler’s skin.
  • Try finding eco-friendly pillows, as investing in environmentally friendly products is best.
  • Find out if your kid is allergic to the pillow material before the final purchase decision.
  • Your toddler’s body needs to be aligned while sleeping. It’s best not to give your pillow to the child. Buy a different one!

Keep In Mind: Your doctor is the best source of information. When unsure about a situation, talk to your doctor for medical advice. Your doctor can suggest what’s best for your toddler’s age and growing body.


Is it important to introduce a pillow to a toddler?

It’s not a compulsion but could be a choice for your kid. Usually, kids start using a pillow once they transition to bed. However, it’s vital not to put pillows or toys in the crib as it could be the risk of suffocation. When unsure about a decision, talk to your doctor.

How to know which pillow is best for my toddler?

You can look at the pillow material in the product description, read reviews from other parents using the same pillow, or check the product in person. Doing so can help you decide whether a particular pillow will be best for your child. You can also compare the costs and see what fits your budget and whether it fits your toddler’s needs. Also, you can ask your doctor to suggest pillows for toddlers.

At what age is SIDS no longer a concern?

After a baby is 8 months old, his or her risk of infant death syndrome goes down. But until a child is over a year old, parents and caregivers should still make sure they sleep safely. The cause of SIDS is not known at this time. This makes it hard for scientists to figure out why SIDS happens more often at some ages than at others.

Wrapping It Up

You must watch for signs indicating your child is ready for a pillow. It’s best to introduce a pillow when the toddler is ready for it or prefers it in the first place. When the kid finds it hard to sleep without a pillow, uses a toy as a pillow, stays restless at night, starts using your pillow, or loves the comfort of a pillow, it means she is ready!