What is a “Tradwife” and What can we Learn from this Trend?

A “tradwife” (short for traditional wife) is an Internet meme which describes a woman who prefers to take a submissive role in marriage. Some may have chosen to leave careers in business or public life to focus instead on their families and raising children. – Wikipedia 

What is a tradwife? Illustration of wife and mother cooking in kitchen smiling.

The Tradwife Movement

Youtube may be playing a huge role in the rise of the tradwife trend. I bet you can think of a few Youtubers right off the top of your head who fit this role.

The people you’re thinking of are probably similar in age, economic status and family size. 

Channels like, BitsofBrie, Aaron Williams, Tara Henderson and Beauty and the Beastons – to name a few.

These mom vloggers have captured the attention of young moms around the world with their traditional wife mentality and motivational content.

But why are we modern-millennial moms so enthralled with watching tradwives be stay-at-home moms? 

Choosing A Simpler Path

The traditional wife movement is an extreme opposite to what feminism has taught us. Choosing to forgo careers with accolades and social importance may sound grim to a feminist.

However, make no mistake, these self-proclaimed tradwives are choosing this lifestyle and we are all watching it wondering – would I be happier as a stay-at-home mom?

You May be a Tradwife if…

What does a tradwife look like? 

If you have ever watched a classic 1950s TV show, you have no-doubt experienced what a traditional housewife would be represented as.

However, the modern-day tradwife looks quite a bit different than that.

As we discovered earlier, popular mom vloggers have paved the way for this movement, and they don’t necessarily resemble the women portrayed in those 1950s shows.

The #tradwife we see today is a go-getter to the extreme.

She is empowered to choose her destiny and designs it the way she wants it. This doesn’t sound like a submissive doormat to you, does it?

  • You may be a tradwife if you choose to raise your children under your care 24/7.
  • You may be a tradwife if you apply your many skills and create opportunities for yourself that no-one can take away from you.
  • You may be a tradwife if you take pride in your home, health and family’s well-being first and foremost.
  • You may be a tradwife if you stay-at-home to raise your kids, yet you also have a side-hustle.
  • You may be a tradwife if you do your hair and makeup even when you don’t have to leave the house.
  • You may be a tradwife if you implement self-car routines into your daily to-do list.
  • You may be a tradwife if you make lists and share your accomplishments on social media.

As you can see, the tradwife is UNSTOPPABLE.

What can we Learn from the Tradwife Movement?

I think the take-away here is that things are changing and maybe for the better.

It’s almost daily you see some disturbing daycare incident that makes your blood boil. Not to mention the outrageous price most daycare providers charge.

Just on that note alone, it’s not hard to see why some moms would choose to stay home with their kids.

Even so, the tradwife is so much more than a stay-at-home mom alone. She is empowered and seeks to empower other women.

We can also appreciate that it’s more than OK to want a traditional role for your life. 

We can learn that being a traditional mom and wife is just as rewarding and socially responsible as being out in the work force is.

There is also a lot of pride to gain by being in control of your happiness. And if being a tradwife is where you find yours – hallelujah. 

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