Adorable DIY Baby Christmas Crafts: Footprint Reindeer and Cardinal Handprint

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Are you ready for an adorable DIY baby footprint craft?!

There are so many fun art projects you can do with your little ones around Christmas time.

Today, you’re here to see how to make a charming cardinal handprint and a darling reindeer from your baby’s footprint. These keep-sake crafts could also make adorable and treasured gifts for grandparents!

Ready to get started?

The Supplies

  1. Canvas of choice – we used wooden hanging plaques.
  2. Craft paints – red, white, black, green, brown and gold.
  3. Brushes – sponge brush, thin detailing brush, paint pens and permanent black markers.

A photo of the supplies needed for this diy baby christmas craft project.

How to Create the Footprint Art

A photo of a baby foot with brown craft paint

Step 1.

Paint your baby’s sweet, little foot and try to do this quickly! Your little squirmer is likely to make a bit of a mess, so do this footprint craft project in a mess-approved zone.

Baby foot on canvas

Step 2.

Wrangle your baby’s wriggly foot and carefully press it onto your canvas. Try your best to keep it from sliding all over so it comes out as a distinct and recognizable footprint.

Baby feet with a baby footprint on canvas

Step 3.

This footprint is going to be the reindeer head.

You will now use your artistic skills to add the antlers and handwriting to personalize this DIY baby Christmas footprint craft.

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How to Turn Your Baby’s Footprint Art Into A Reindeer

To make this adorable little foot print transform into a Christmas reindeer, you will need to pull out your inner artist!

Simply paint or draw the antlers on, copy mine if you want!

christmas reindeer baby footprint craft project

How to Make the 3D Ornaments

  1. Paint your round ornament shape with craft paint in the color of your choice and let dry.
  2. Once dry, add a round mound of hot glue on top to create a 3D ornament shape effect.
  3. Before the glue dries completely, sprinkle with glitter if you’d like!

They turned out really cool and gave the artwork a lot of dimension!

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How to Hand letter Your Baby’s Name 

Write out your baby’s name or the words you want to use in pencils first, then trace with marker.

Use a thin line marker for your first outline, then go back over and thicken every down-stroke and Voila, you have just designed a hand-lettered font!

Christmas Baby Handprint Art

Here’s another DIY Christmas baby craft idea!

While you have all the supplies out already, you can also turn your little one’s handprint into a Christmas cardinal.

This project requires the same supplies and process and the first one. Just use those cute little handprints to make the cardinals body and get creative with the rest of the details!

cardinal handprint baby chrismtas diy craft

Wrapping it Up

I hope you feel inspired to make these DIY Christmas crafts with your baby! You can grab all of the supplies you need on Amazon with the shopping cart I created above.

If You’re a DIY mom like me, taking pictures of your baby for the holidays should also be on your to-do list!

I’ve compiled a baby Christmas photography post all about how to capture the perfect Christmas photos of your baby at home and with your cell phone!

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