Baby’s First Christmas: Gift Ideas, New Traditions and Magical Memories

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There is nothing more magical than a child’s joy and wonderment at Christmas time.

For your baby’s first Christmas, how can you celebrate in a meaningful way that will matter to them and create lasting memories for you?

What are the best gifts to give your baby for their first Christmas? Are there any traditions you should start now with your baby for the holidays?

All of these questions will be addressed and more in this magical and complete baby’s first Christmas guide.

How do You Celebrate Baby’s First Christmas?

Having a new baby during Christmas time is every parents dream come true.

Celebrating Christmas with your own child brings back the magic of the holiday you’ve always held in your heart since you were a kid.

With that being said, how do you make Christmas special for your new baby when they are unaware of the significance to begin with?

The first thing to remember, is that even though your baby will not fully understand what Christmas means, you do.

Your baby’s first Christmas experience is going to be more about you making the memories and enjoying this precious time of your life.

After all, your baby is not going to remember their first Christmas, but how you celebrate it can leave a legacy for all Christmas’s to come.

Here are some ideas on how you can celebrate your baby’s first Christmas:

  • Take a family photo in matching outfits.
  • Make keepsake Christmas crafts with your baby.
  • Buy a special Christmas book.
  • Mark your baby’s height.
  • Go look at lights with the family.
  • Create a sweet holiday card for family and friends.
  • Get baby their first Christmas outfit.
  • Trim the tree with baby’s first Christmas ornament .
  • Give them a special teddy bear.
  • Decorate their nursery with all the Christmas trimmings.

Take a Family Photo in Matching Christmas Outfits

There’s no doubt you see fun and inspirational photos all over social media. This year, create some of them of yourself!

Invest in some matching Christmas outfits for the fam and capture a viral photo Instagram will love!

family christmas photos in matching christmas outfits.

Baby’s First Christmas Craft

Getting baby involved in their first Christmas is as easy as doing a craft they can participate in. A cute and simple keepsake Christmas craft idea is this adorable reindeer using baby’s footprint.

Babys first christmas craft

If you’d like to learn more about how to create this craft, visit this Christmas handprint and footprint craft with baby tutorial.

Baby’s First Christmas Photo Ideas

Incase you’re wondering how to get creative with baby’s first Christmas photos, inspiration is about to be provided!

Baby's first Christmas photo ideas

The photos you see above were all taken within a short time span of an hour and using only an iPhone. As you can see, baby’s first Christmas photos can be unique, fun and simple to do yourself!

Once you snap some shots you love, print them out and frame them for an added thoughtful gift for the Grandparents.

Read this post next to get even more tips on how to capture the perfect DIY Christmas photos of your baby. 

What to get Baby for Their First Christmas

Some of you reading this may be preparing for a newborn this Christmas. Or, your little one may already be out-growing their 6-9 month clothes.

Therefore, this gift guide will focus on first Christmas gift items that will be appropriate for babies of all ages under one year of age.

Baby’s First Christmas Ornament 

A keepsake Christmas ornament is a perfect gift idea for your little one’s first Christmas. Not only is this a sweet sentiment, but it can also be a wonderful annual tradition to carry on with.

babys first christmas ornament
Photo Credit: / Mooseberry Design Co

Baby’s First Christmas Outfit

Make your baby’s first Christmas extra memorable with a one-of-a-kind Christmas outfit. Another cute idea is to hang your baby’s Christmas outfit up in their decked-out nursery.

Your baby can wear their outfit in Christmas photos, to holiday gatherings and of course, on Christmas.

baby's first christmas outfit
Image Credit: / ASweetBabyBoutique

Baby’s First Christmas Pajamas

There’s nothing sweeter than a comfy and cozy baby, especially one dawning their very first Christmas pj’s. Find the perfect holiday pajamas and onesies on Amazon and stock up on a few for your baby’s first Christmas!

Tuck them in every night wearing one and so they can start celebrating all December long!

Baby’s First Stocking 

Picking out a stocking for your baby’s first Christmas is a sentimental gift idea and something you can easily personalize. As your family grows, so can your stocking collection.

Babys first christmas stocking
Image Credit: / PrettiesPlease

Baby’s First Christmas Book

Buying your baby their first Christmas book is a must! There are so many darling ones to choose from. You can even have them personalized for a keepsake. 

Wrapping Things Up 

Your baby’s first Christmas is sure to be filled with magical memories, new family traditions and cherished keepsakes. A baby makes Christmas that much more magical, so soak it in mama!

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