Best Montessori Subscription Boxes that Nurture Developmental Play

Best Montessori Monthly Learning Subscriptions

If you are worried that your child is over-stimulated during their play time, they probably are.

Many toys and activities for young children these days are packed with buzzing, flashing and dizzy-ing bells and whistles.

This buying guide will help you discover the best Montessori subscription boxes that will nurture your child’s innate inquisitive nature.

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What Are Montessori Toys?

Photo of child playing with wooden toys in the background and an illustrated wooden puzzle in the foreground with an arrow pointing to it.

A Montessori toy is usually made of natural materials, such as wood. They are also usually simple in design, to allow growth for the child’s use of imagination and fine motor skills.

As an example, think of wooden puzzles and blocks in colorful geometric shapes.

I love Montessori toys because they are timeless in design and can even fit in amongst your home’s decor.

If you aren’t sure where to buy or how to start with Montessori style toys and activities for baby or toddler, these Montessori subscription boxes are the perfect introduction!

Best Montessori Baby Toy Subscriptions

Introducing your baby to play with Montessori toys is a smart move.

As we’ve already touched on above, nurturing your baby’s natural skills and imagination in a simple way can have a much more beneficial effect in the long run. 

Also imagine the small fortune you could save by eliminating the endless amounts of noisy and distracting toys from your household.

Not to mention your sanity.

I think you get the point, let’s get to revealing the Montessori subscriptions your baby needs.


Baby on the floor playing with Montessori toys from the lovevery subscription box.

The Play Kits by Lovevery are my favorite Montessori style toys for babies! The kits are expertly designed to grow with your little one from ages 0-36 months.

Each stage of your little one’s development is nurtured with Lovevery’s award-winning and science-backed simple, but essential play approach. With toys that are made from sustainable materials and a timeless design.

Lovevery Play Kits prioritize minimal and Montessori-inspired playthings that will stand the test of time and enduring play. I love these kits and I think you will too!

Find me the right play kit!

Hoppi Box

Picture of the Hoppi Box Montessori play things subscription box for babies and toddlers.

The Hoppi Box is a toy subscription company that delivers an assortment of quality toys that focus on the simple, yet fundamental needs of your little one’s growing developmental skills.

Each box is different and curated uniquely to your baby’s changing stages of interests. Which means, no toys are ever duplicated!

Another nice factor about Hoppi Box – is that they only send toys that are made of natural and eco-friendly materials. So no need to worry when your little one explores with their mouth!

Try Hoppi Box risk free!

The Montessori Box

Subscription box full of wooden Montessori toys for toddlers.

The Montessori Box needs little explanation as it’s name perfectly describes the type of quality wooden toys your little one will be receiving.

The creator states that her boxes are for children ages 0-3 and up. She will curate your box to your child’s stage of development, educational needs and stimulation requirements.

There is also a coupon code for an undisclosed discount, try MONTESSORI2020 to see what you can save!

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Panda Crate

Baby girl playing with round wounded toys and a peg out of her panda crate by kiwico.

Panda Crate by KiwiCo are expertly designed for little ones ages 0-24 months. They are premium Montessori inspired subscription boxes for babies without the luxury price tag.

You will love Panda Crate for a number of reasons and here are a few highlights worth mentioning.

For one, their Bond With Me Crate (for newborns 0-2 months) help you establish a deeper connection with your new bundle through easier exploration of the world around them.

Two, Sense With Me Crate (for ages 3-6 months) helps your baby’s inquisitive nature by introducing products they can explore with their developing senses.

Lastly, there’s Explore With Me (for ages 7-12 months) which promotes your baby’s motor skills with toys that teach over, under and through. 

As you can see, Panda Cratehas everything your baby needs in a Montessori subscription box!

If you decide you would like for your little one to try Panda Crate risk free, use the code LEARN30 for 30% off!

Get your Panda Crate!

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Best Montessori Toy Subscriptions for Toddlers

Your toddler especially benefits from the intentional and imaginative play that Montessori style toys offer.

So now, let’s take a look at these Montessori subscription boxes for toddlers that are dedicated to ages 2 and up.

What A Babe! Kid’s Studio

Toddler playing with toys he got out of his Montessori subscription box.

What A Babe subscription for toddlers might not be traditionally Montessori, but it does still fall in line with the same type of simple and timeless play. 

Your little one will experience various forms of sensory play using ordinary materials turned extraordinary through expertly-curated play time activities.

What I love the most about this subscription, is the personalized touch they add to every monthly box.

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Little Learners Busy Box

Little learners subscription box picturing numerous sensory activities for toddlers.

The Little Learners Busy Box is for youngsters ages 2-4 and is designed to prep your little one for preschool learning. 

The best part — is that this box is designed by a homeschooling mom of three, who knows how busy moms are! Which is why she creates every Little Learners Busy Box to be ready-to-go upon opening. 

Your toddler will love the hands-on learning every new month delivers!

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Koala Crate

An assortment of wooden toys out of the Koala Crate doctor edition.

Koala Crate is designed for preschoolers to expose them to new concepts through imaginative and hands-on learning. 

As you can see in the photo above, Koala Crate uses Montessori principals to design their playthings. I am loving this adorable doctor’s kit. I know my 3 year old will love this particular crate!

Entertaining your toddler isn’t always an easy task, but Koala Crate makes it convenient and enriching – so you can actually enjoy the experience too, mom!

If you’d like to try Koala Crate for you little, please use the code LEARN30 for 30% off your first month!

Get The Koala Crate!

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Last, But Not Least

Montessori style toys and activities are gaining popularity fast and I hope you were able to find a Montessori toy subscription perfect for your little one today!

If you are looking for more wooden toy options, check out the Montessori toys Etsy has to offer!

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