Best Breastfeeding Subscription Boxes for Nursing and Pumping Moms

Did you know that there are subscription boxes that cater to breastfeeding moms?!

If you are breastfeeding, or will be in the future, you will definitely be interested to see what these breastfeeding subscription boxes have to offer you.

Lets’s check out a few!

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The Boobie Box

My favorite box on this list!

The Boobie Box offers carefully selected breastfeeding products by a real Certified Lactation Counselor! No matter how you are breastfeeding, by chest, bottle, syringe or donor, these products will help make your breastfeeding experience more enjoyable and less uncomfortable.

See the list below for some ideas on what you can expect to receive in your Boobie Box.

  • Lactation teas, drinks. bars and cookies
  • Silicone pumps, breast pads and tumblers
  • Items for baby too!
Photo of mom breastfeeding with the Boobie Box full of breastfeeding products.
Image credit: Cratejoy.com


Peace, Love & Breastmilk

Here’s another very thoughtfully curated subscription box for breastfeeding and pumping moms! Peace, Love & Breastmilk was dreamed up to bring monthly support to breastfeeding moms with helpful and hand-picked lactation tools, affirmation cards, nursing covers, lactation treats and so much more!

A subscription box full of lactation tools, t-shirt and other cards and products.
Image credit: Cratejoy.com


Breastfeeding Subscription Box

I love what I am seeing in this Breastfeeding Subscription Box by Milk Buds.

Every month, you can expect to get up to 6 professionally selected items all breastfeeding and pumping moms can use! These types of subscription boxes are so useful because many big box stores don’t carry these kinds of items.

The Breastfeeding Subscription Box gives you the opportunity to try amazing new products you would otherwise never know about!

A product photo of the breastfeeding subscription box full of lactation tools and aids.

Queen and Baby Box

Finally, a subscription box just for our pumping mamas!

This breastfeeding subscription box is tailored to pumping at work mamas, but the goodies inside would be great for any breast milk expressing mom!

The Queen and Baby Box will also help to keep you encouraged and flowing with milk so you can work and pump like a boss!

Image of Queen and Baby Box for pumping at work moms.
Image credit: Cratejoy.com


Birth with a Voice

This box isn’t as dialed in on the breastfeeding only products, but it does specifically keep breastfeeding moms in mind when each box is uniquely tailored for the mom who receives it.

Every box has an item to help with breast milk supply, as well as safe products mom can use while breastfeeding.

It’s very obvious from the product photos that this company cares about breastfeeding mothers and wants to help them achieve their goals!

Photo of the subscription box birth with a voice full of miscellaneous baby care items.
Image credit: Cratejoy.com


Fairy Milk Mother

Here’s a breastfeeding subscription box you can look forward every month! 

You’ll find carefully selected items that help to make breastfeeding easier. Whether you’re pumping or exclusively nursing, each box comes specially curated with quality breastfeeding products.

Such as nursing bras, nipple creams, breast pads, books and so much more!

Fairy Milk Mother happens to be a UK based company. Which means, if you are in the US and want this box, simply contact them and they’ll work out the shipping details with you.

Image of a mom care subscription box full of items in boxes. A black bra lays next to it, glasses a book as well.
Image credit: Cratejoy.com


Subscription Boxes for New Moms

So what if you end up loving this subscription box thing? Every month, you look for that package at your door and it brings a feeling of excitement and luxury into your life.

But now that you’re done breastfeeding, what other subscription boxes do you have as an option?

Maybe you are still interested in receiving self-care postpartum boxes or mom and baby exploration items. If you find yourself curious as to what the best subscription boxes for moms are, look no further than that bright pink link you just passed!

In that read, you get another listed round-up of the subscription boxes any mom will love to indulge herself with.

Buy hey wait!

Does baby have any subscription boxes just for his or her growing inquisitive nature? Why yes, of course! This post lets you explore some incredible subscription boxes for babies.

Breastfeeding Delivered Online

We live in the digital age, where everything is literally at the tip of our fingers.

You already learned about a couple of really cool breastfeeding subscription boxes, but how about I introduce you to some digital breastfeeding products next?

Online Breastfeeding Classes

If you like to feel prepared by being proactive and learning about something you may be currently unfamiliar with, but don’t have time to commit to an in-person class, an online course is probably perfect for you.

The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class by Milkology is an all-in-one essential breastfeeding prep tool. This course delivers breastfeeding training by a real lactation consultant.

You can curl up with hubby in bed and watch the fun and engaging 90 minute video lessons together!

It’s only $19 and that gets you access for a lifetime, so you can always use it as a resource for a later time.

Another wonderful breastfeeding online class is by the lovely ladies Cindy and Jana who are both registered nurses and lactation consultants.

Simply Breastfeeding is a thorough and definitive guide to successful breastfeeding. After taking this class, YOU could probably teach someone how to breastfeed!

This course is $40 and takes 100 minutes to complete. You will also receive tons of bonus material to further help you digest and comprehend the material.

If you’d like more options that the two above, visit this buying guide of the 7 Best Online Breastfeeding Courses for New Moms

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Final Thoughts

Well friends, that concludes a thorough look at the best breastfeeding subscription boxes. And of course, those extra breastfeeding resources I snuck in as well!

Hopefully these breastfeeding subscription boxes will help you discover new products to help you find BETTER ways to breastfeed with more ease.

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