Amazon Baby Registry Checklist with Instructions on How to Set it Up

Use this new mom buying guide to help inspire and lead your baby registry Amazon search. This Amazon baby must haves checklist will help you decide what you should put on your registry!

You will also get detailed instructions on how to correctly set up your Amazon baby registry.

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PSSST…Before you set up your Amazon Baby Registry, make sure you are also an Amazon Prime member. Members get EXTRA perks you will definitely want to take advantage of. I’ll explain this in more detail further down as well.

Baby Registry Checklist for Baby Gear

There are so many cool baby activity items you will want to place on your Amazon baby registry gift list!

These are the baby goodies your guests will be happy to purchase from your baby registry because they are priced reasonably and they know your little one will get a lot of fun and use out of them!

Each one of these baby activity items will transition with your baby perfectly as he or she becomes more active and engaged.

Activity Mat and Play Gym

activity gym and play mat to put on your Amazon baby registry checklist.A play gym, like this incredible wooden one by Loveevery would be a great addition on your Amazon baby registry checklist.

Not only will it be used A LOT with your newborn baby while they learn to visually explore their world around them, but your future children will also be able to enjoy it as it is made with very durable and high quality materials.

Sit Me Up

Sit me up floor seat for baby found on Amazon for a baby registry checklist must have item.

You’re also going to love having a sit-me-up floor seat for when your little one gains more neck strength and control, they will love their new perspective and using their hands to practice dexterity with the hanging toys that come attached with this sweet seat.

Baby Swing

Baby swing to put on your Amazon baby registry.

Finally, a must have baby registry Amazon find for you is a swing that your baby will melt into and be gently rocked to sleep while you get some much needed time to yourself mama! 


Snap-n-go carseat carrier for a must-have amazon baby registry item.

Next up on our Amazon baby registry search is the bigger baby gear. These items are going to be your big ticket items and they are usually dad’s favorite baby gifts.

For this Amazon baby registry checklist, the recommended stroller is actually a Snap N Go infant car seat carrier. this universal car seat carrier is fantastic because it is inexpensive, light weight and compact!

It also comes with a huge basket, which is a big plus in my opinion!


Choosing a carseat is one of the most important baby gear purchases you will make as a parent. This may also be one of the heftiest prices items on your registry.

Even so, many grandparents will gladly take this off of your registry. The carseats recommended for your Amazon baby registry are the highly reviewed and praised Graco 4Ever convertible carseats.

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Health and Safety Amazon Baby Registry Checklist Items

This baby registry category is always a great gift fillers for your shower guests to purchase. These types of health and safety baby items are always wonderful to have extras of too!

Below are some favorite health and safety baby products veteran mamas will always recommend to new moms with their infinite wisdom. Many of these items you probably wouldn’t even think to put on your registry, but now you can!

Fridababy Health Kit Bundle

Fridababy health bundle found on Amazon, perfect for baby registry.

The Fridababy bundle is my top pick for a bundled health and safety gift! You have no idea how many times those Windi’s were a life-saver when my little one was a fussy gas monster – instant relief for us all!

Baby Health Care and Grooming Kit

Baby grooming kit to put on your amazon baby registry checklist.Chances are you aren’t hoarding miniature combs and nail clippers around the house before baby arrives, but you will need those things more than you think!

Which is why, a baby grooming kit is the perfect inexpensive add-on to your Amazon baby registry checklist.

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5 Perks of Having an Amazon Baby Registry

Now that you have some great ideas for your Amazon baby registry and a checklist of must-have baby items to start filling it up with, let’s look at ALL of the perks and advantages there are to having an Amazon baby registry.

Plus, stick around to learn how to set up your Amazon baby registry to receive the full benefits that come along with it!

1. Amazon Baby Registry Free Welcome Box

Amazon gives their Prime member baby registrant’s a free welcome box worth up to $35.00, how cool is that?! So, if you’re not yet a prime member, sign up for your risk-free trial here! 

Back to the welcome box, this free gift includes some really great sample items to give a try that you may end up loving!

If you would still like more information, read this detailed explanation about the welcome box from Amazon’s help center.

2. Group Gifting

The Amazon baby registry also allows for group gifting. This is a really neat feature as it allows for multiple people to contribute to a bigger ticket item on your registry.

3. Free 90 Day Returns 

Returning duplicate items or the gifts you aren’t too excited about is super simple with your Amazon baby registry. You have free returns for 90 days on any Amazon baby registry gifts you don’t want. 

4. Amazon Baby Registry Completion Discount

If you have baby items left on your Amazon baby registry and you still really want to go ahead and get them, (prior to 60 days of your due date and at least 14 days after the registry was created) you are eligible for a complimentary 10% completion discount! 

Likewise, if you are an Amazon Prime member, enjoy 15% off and up to $500.00 in savings!

Go here to read Amazon’s detailed explanation on the completion discount.

5. Free Two-Day Shipping 

Another awesome perk of being an Amazon prime member (try Prime for 30 days free, and then check out my pumping and priming shopping guide lol!) is the free two-day shipping or get free shipping with purchases over $35.00.

Additionally, prime member baby registrants are eligible for additional limited time offers per the exclusive offers area of your registry.

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Amazon’s New Baby Checklist 

If you’re worried about forgetting some of the essential baby registry items, don’t be – Amazon has you covered with their thorough new baby checklist!

This list is as comprehensive as they get with everything you could need for your new baby! The list is assembled with every baby category imaginable with sub-links to every comparable product.

Here’s a quick look at the categories in the new baby checklist for the most popular Amazon baby registry search:

  • Travel and Safety
  • Feeding
  • Nursery Items
  • Diapering 
  • Baby Clothing
  • Bathing and Skin Care
  • Baby Health
  • Activities for Baby

Step-by-Step How to Create Your Amazon Baby Registry 

It’s super easy and quick to create your baby registry on Amazon. Here are the three steps to help you get started!

  1. Go to Baby Registry or click Gift Cards and Registry from the navigation menu and find Baby Registry.
  2. Click the Get Started button.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions from there!

Next, begin filling out the required information Amazon needs to best serve your baby registry needs. These next few steps to complete your registry look like this:

  • Enter your email address in About You.
  • Add A Co-Registrant so friends and family can find your registry through your other half.
  • You will need to add your shipping address, which will be confidential.
  • You can choose to share your registry on the Bump.com and that may take up to 72 hours to appear.
  • Click Create Baby Registry.

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✔︎ No kissing the baby!

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Download A Free Sign!

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Let’s Wrap it up 

I think you are well on your way to creating the most epic Amazon baby registry ever!

You have all of the tools and inspiration you need in order to hope for the best baby items for you new little bundle of joy!

I am so excited and happy for you! I just became a mom for the first time a little over a year ago and there is so much to plan for it can be overwhelming!

If I may, let me give you some recommendations that helped me a ton!

My number one recommendation, invest in YOU and your preparation as a new mom.

Take an online course or two that will help you build up your confidence through comprehendible and visual lessons by very qualified teachers.

Here are the courses I suggest taking a good look at and choosing at least one to enroll yourself in BEFORE your baby arrives. You can always refer back to them as often and for as long as you need to.