Best Nursing Necklace For Distracted Baby

A nursing necklace! Babies under 6 months old have the palmar grip reflex, which causes them to instinctively close their hand when their palm is stimulated with a finger or an item. As a result, babies frequently grip their mother’s hair, a regular necklace, a chain, their arm, and her collar. whatever is closest to their hand.

Breastfeeding babies provides us with unique moments and we enjoy lulling our babies in our arms and feeling the tie that unites us. Observing our kid relax at the breast, glance at us, and touch us when breastfeeding.

However, as much as we like to contact and affection, we occasionally experience hair tugging, pinching, or little scratches as a result of our child’s need for contact and to grab onto something to feel safe.

Furthermore, babies become bored during breastfeeding and divert themselves by touching the first item they come across. We can avoid all of this by wearing a nursing necklace.

What Is The Nursing Necklace?

The nursing necklace is a normal necklace worn by women while breastfeeding their children, or by the father or mother when using a bottle. It is typically made up of numerous balls of various colors and sizes that are positioned at the baby’s height so that he can play with them while nursing.

The breastfeeding necklace serves a purpose: it entertains your infant when nursing, preventing pinches and pulls. The vivid colors that are commonly used attract a lot of attention. So they can be glued directly on it rather than on our hair, for example.

Additionally, wearing the nursing necklace as an ornament while you stroll your nursing baby will help you keep the child amused later on, once he or she has grown a little.

However, the advantages of a nursing or maternity necklace extend far beyond. For example, because they are also used as teethers, they considerably reduce teething pain and aid in the development of the baby’s fine motor skills due to their many textures, shapes, and colors. The nursing necklace has many other advantages that are discussed below.

Advantages Of Using A Nursing Necklace

Using a nursing necklace for a distracted baby can have many benefits. The necklace:

Aid in lactation

Many children are distracted when breastfeeding by any noise or anything that draws their interest and interrupts the moment of breastfeeding. The nursing necklace lengthens the time the baby is attached to the breast because the baby entertains himself by touching it and concentrates their attention on it.

Works as sensory stimulation

Despite the fact that the nursing necklace is the preferred instrument for keeping the baby from becoming distracted by his mother’s hair or from repeatedly pinching certain parts of her body.

It is an impressive sensory stimulus because it captures the baby’s attention with its shapes and bright colors. The necklace is at the perfect distance to catch the baby’s interest and is created in appealing colors and a size that is easy to grip. Palmar pressure, visual contact, and eye-hand and hand-mouth synchronization are thus advantageous.

Provides relief throughout the teething and oral stages

Nursing necklaces ease teething discomfort from the earliest symptoms and help to break the gingival membrane. Which causes gum irritation and stimulates tooth eruption. They also favor the oral stage of the baby.

When they explore the world with their mouths to get to know the environment in which they find themselves. This stage is critical in their sensory development, and we must enable them to put objects in their mouths so that they can learn about and explore their surroundings.

Strengthens the mother-baby bond

We’ve all heard the expression “don’t take the infant in your arms, he gets used to it.” In this case, what’s more, a loving manner to show a newborn your affection? Giving him our attachment and physical contact will make him feel safer, stronger, and more self-confident.

According to research, babies nurtured with attachment have better immune systems. The necklace represents a familiar and close element to the newborn in the mother’s arms. Mothers may find comfort in handing the necklace to their crying child. And he may smell mom, feel the warmth of her arms, and have a piece of exciting shapes and colors nearby to investigate and bite on.

What Material Is The Nursing Necklace Made Of?

When using a nursing necklace. Remember that it is not a toy and that your baby can touch and bite it. It should never be used without the supervision of an adult.

Because it will be in constant contact with our kid. It is suggested that it be covered in natural textiles such as cotton, and soft and skin-friendly fabrics. However, there are several silicone nursing necklaces on the market right now that are becoming quite popular since they are 100% antibacterial substances that can be introduced into the mouth without risk. Furthermore, it is simple to wash and dry.

The silicone necklaces can be purchased from daycare retailers or specialty internet merchants. All of these must be licensed to operate in accordance with laws governing infant health and utilize materials that are suitable and entirely free of harmful elements.

Best Nursing Necklace For Distracted Baby

Goobie Nursing Baby Necklace

This elegant yet straightforward nursing necklace is constructed from 100% food-grade silicone that is free of BPA and phthalates. Compared to another hefty breastfeeding necklace on this list, it is smaller. It comes in 10 distinct hues and has the appearance of a straightforward string of pearls.
The exposed rope is wrapped around the neck of this 32-inch-long necklace to prevent hair from being tugged.

Nursing necklace by Lofca

Because this beautiful nursing necklace is constructed entirely of non-toxic, food-grade silicone. You won’t have to worry about your child chewing on it. Mom can wear this necklace at the length they like because it is adjustable.

It’s also wonderful for keeping the baby occupied when you nurse her, preventing hair-pulling. This necklace’s ability to be cleaned with soap and water or the dishwasher is an additional benefit. By freezing it, you can also use it as a successful teething cure.

Consider It Maid Silicone Teething Necklace

This fashionable teething necklace in a single color is perfect for keeping your baby at ease and comfortable while you breastfeed.

It is manufactured entirely of food-grade silicone that is BPA-free and has undergone independent laboratory testing to guarantee your child’s safety.

The necklace measures 30 inches in length and has a breakaway clasp for enhanced security while being worn. You can quickly clean it by setting it on the top level of a dishwasher. It comes in ten various colors.

You may freeze this necklace to give your teething infant more comfort in addition to keeping them interested while you breastfeed thanks to the unusual designs and colors.

4 Piece Chewing Necklace by TecUnite

For nursing and teething babies, this chewable stimulation necklace works wonders. Your breastfeeding baby will be drawn to it during and after feeding because of its distinctive design and color.

This necklace’s chewable component is composed entirely of food-grade silicone. The pendant is strong, flexible, and big enough for your baby to play with while you’re nursing.

You can also use it to help your baby who is teething feel less pain. And because the necklace is bite-resistant, you don’t have to worry about accidentally chewing it off.

It comes in a set of four, and the length of the lanyard holding the swirling pendant can be customized.

Making Your Own Nursing Necklace

Now that you know what a nursing collar is and all the benefits it provides to the little one. Not only at the level of comfort but also cerebral and cognitive, promoting relaxation and preventing the mother from suffering from the dreaded little pinches. At the same time, she becomes familiar with the shapes and colors which helps ease teething discomfort. You may be inspired to make your own necklace.

If you want to know how to make a silicone nursing necklace of your own, all you have to do is get the following materials: wooden and silicone beaded necklace, cotton thread or cord, wool needles, scissors, and if you want a hitch or a clasp.

Given how easy it is for them to bite down on and how frequently they put the nursing necklace in their mouths to help with teething issues. The silicone used must be free of contaminants, other potentially harmful elements, and BPA (bisphenol A). A chemical linked to the production of food wrappers and plastics that is harmful to babies.

Once you have all the supplies available, you’ll realize that creating a silicone breastfeeding necklace is really not that difficult. In order to keep the baby engaged while it is on mommy’s lap. You only need to alternate the silicone pieces with the wooden nursing necklace in a logical color scheme.

Dare To Make Your Nursing Necklace

If you are particularly handy, make your own nursing session necklace out of wood and cotton. Natural materials should be used wherever possible, and wood should never be polished.

An important piece of advice is to knit the balls extremely tightly so that they are thick and compact and your baby cannot put his fingers between the stitches.


In conclusion, the best nursing necklace for a distracted baby is one that is made of safe materials and provides stimulation and comfort. Whether you choose to purchase a pre-made necklace or make your own. It should be designed with your baby’s safety in mind. A good nursing necklace will help keep your baby engaged while you breastfeed and provide relief from teething pain.