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Rules for Visiting a New Baby and Free Hospital Door Signs

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What Are the Rules Visiting a New Baby?

You may be reading this because you are about to have a baby and you’re wondering what the etiquette, or better put “rules” are for visitors of your new baby.

On the flip side, if you’re checking this article out because you’re the would-be-visitor, wise on you!

Being here will help you know how to go about defining your expectations for relatives and friends who want to meet your new bundle.

Plus, I’ll provide you to a free sign to display with” rules for visiting a newborn” so you can hopefully avoid feeling like a broken record.

In any event, stick around to get some useful information on the best and healthiest approach for your newborn and the visitors who can’t wait to meet him or her!

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Rules for Visiting a Newborn in the Hospital 

Let’s begin by setting the foundational etiquette and expectations for visitors of a new baby at the hospital.

The hospital visitations can be most worrisome for new moms.

This is because a first time mom may have no idea of how she is going to feel, look or even act after she gives birth. The pressure of allowing friends and family to visit soon after her delivery can bring on a lot of added stress.

Additionally, there is a lot of adjusting that needs to take place for both mom and baby. Adding a drove of well-meaning visitors to this crucial time may not be what’s best.

When Should Family Visit the Hospital?

Having explained all of that, when is a good time for family to visit a new baby at the hospital? Is there a definite answer to this question?

Of course not.

The fact of the matter is, that it should never just be assumed that guests are welcome to pop in on a mom after she has just given birth.

The best way to go about arranging these family visits at the hospital is to not make any promises, but wait and see how you are feeling, mom.

If you would like to extend an invitation, then do so and be sure to also designate times that are appropriate and comfortable for you.

The fact of the matter is that you may not feel like sharing you and your baby’s new breastfeeding relationship with your family.

Keep those things in mind when you are graciously allowing family to come see your new baby for the first time.

Do what is best for you and your baby’s developing relationship and your recovery.

In regards to breastfeeding, being prepared is the best way to ensure a smoother ride.

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What to Bring When Visiting a Newborn in the Hospital

This next section is for the new baby visitors. If you do plan on making an appearance at the hospital, DO NOT come empty handed.

Below are some ideas of thoughtful gifts you can bring for the mom and new baby you love.

  • Food or gift cards
  • A new mom gift basket with postpartum recovery care essentials
  • New outfit for baby
  • Flowers and a card
  • Something, ANYTHING

Although it may not feel required to bring a gift, it is the right thing to do. Not only will it show how sweet and thoughtful you are, but it will also ensure that mom feels special and important.

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When is it Safe to Visit a Newborn?

It is perfectly fine to have visitors around your newborn.

That is, as long as they are not sick or have recently been sick. 

Below, are the new baby rules for visitors you will find on the free printable newborn signs available to you.

  • Wash hands
  • Use hand sanitizer
  • Ask before touching
  • Do not enter if you or someone you live with has recently been sick

Once your newborn becomes a couple months old, you can worry less about visitors meeting your baby.

However, it is still recommended to NOT let anyone other than mom and dad KISS A YOUNG BABY.

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Grandparents Visiting Newborn

Listen up Granny and Papa, this part is for you. Mom, you may also appreciate these points as they may help give you some courage to speak up if need be.

When it comes to grandparents visiting the new baby, here are some rules they should abide by and everyone will be happy!

For one, grandparents shouldn’t compete with the other grandparents.

It is only natural for one set of grandparents to hope that they are the favorite. However, competing with each other for any reason is just silly and dare I say, petty?

Grandparents hoping to visit for an extended stay should wait until they are invited first. If they do recieve an invitation, they should also do their best to take direction well and not question the new parents decisions with how they care for the baby.

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Rules for Holding My Baby

Please remember mama, there is nothing wrong with you being firm about these new baby rules for visitors. Your job will always be to protect your children. 

When it comes to rules for holding your baby, be extra vigilante about NOT ALLOWING someone who has just smoked to hold your newborn.

Require them to wash their hands thoroughly and wait at least 20 minutes after smoking before holding or getting too close to your newborn.

This is because toxins will stay on their breath, skin, hair and clothes after smoking.

Also consider limiting the amount of time the baby is being held and passed around as this can be too stimulating for a newborn.

Keep your new baby away from anyone who is coughing, has diarrhea or is vomiting.

Newborns are much more susceptible to bugs while their immature immune system is still so new.

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Final Words

There you have it, rules for visiting a new baby from both perspectives.

Mom, you have every right to deny visitors for as long you feel is right for you after baby is born.

Visitors, you have no right to complain or feel sour toward a new mom who needs more time alone with her new baby and healing body.

Lastly, do not worry about hurting anyone’s feelings when it comes to keeping your baby safe. If visitors do not want to accept and follow the rules for visiting your newborn, they do not have to come by.

Before you go, help yourself to one of the four free hospital door signs with these new baby rules already written out. This way, you don’t have to explain yourself over and over again!

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