New Mom Gift Basket Ideas with Items She’ll Love and Use!

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Do you know a new mom who deserves to be spoiled with a special and thoughtful new mom gift basket? If you want some inspiration for how to put one together, you’re in the right place!

What do you Put in a New Mom Gift Basket?

It’s hard to know sometimes how you can show your excitement and lend a helping hand for the new mom in your life.

Do they need meals or someone to come over and clean? Those sentiments are nice, but putting together a homemade maternity gift basket goes the extra mile. 

In this tailored gift guide, you will see some items any new mom would love to be surprised with! These items are personal, fun and most of all needed!

Ready to see what they are?

Mom Tumbler

New mom tumbler gift idea "Best Mom Ever" saying.

The first item for your new mom gift basket is a cute and practical tumbler. The size, shape and saying on this particular one is perfect for a new mama who needs to stay hydrated while breastfeeding. Now that she is a mom, the “best mom ever” saying on this tumbler is just perfect.

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Memory Journal 

One line a day journal for a new mom gift basket item.

Help your new mom keep track of sweet memories and milestones with a new mom memory journal. This journal helps mom keep track of daily sentiments with an easy “one line per day” format.

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Baby Bonding Bracelet 

Boding bracelet made of rose quartz stone.This is a unique and award-winning gift for new moms. The bonding bracelet is made of semi-precious rose quartz stones which is believed to help aid a mother in postpartum healing. The bracelet also serves as a nursing reminder for when to switch sides.

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Do Not Touch Carseat Tag

Carseat tag with blue rainbow that says "stop do not touch, mom thanks you"

Gift your mama a cute way to keep her little one safe while out in public with this hand drawn car seat tag that comes in a pack of 3 different rainbow designs. 

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Postnatal Sitz Bath

Postpartum sitz bath gift jar for after labor recovery.

Your mama will greatly appreciate a healing soak after birth with this organic and soothing postpartum sitz bath.

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Postpartum Mood Tea

Postpartum mood tea for a new mom gift idea.Uplift is a caffeine free postpartum mood tea that would make a wonderful gift idea for any new mom.  This uplifting tea helps mom to relax and de-stress when she is feeling overwhelmed or defeated.

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Willow Tree SculptureWillow Tree sculpture of parents and baby to put in a new mom gift basket.

A sentimental gift such as this Willow Tree sculpture will be treasured forever. I myself was gifted one of these and I love it!

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Pumping Door Sign for Work

Pumping door sign that reads "magic milk makin, do not disturb"

If your mama in mind plans to do any magical milk makin’ at work, gift her this hand drawn sign to hang for privacy! She will appreciate the uniqueness and usefulness of this very inexpensive new mom gift!

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You may also want to consider adding in some helpful breastfeeding products to help your new mom conquer her breastfeeding goals. 

Pre-Made New Mom Gift Options

If you’re in a pinch and don’t have the time to assemble the perfect new mom gift basket, let Amazon do it for you! You can easily order an already put together gift box set perfectly tailored for the new mom you’re thinking of!

See some of these Amazon new mom gift box sets below.

Organic Gift Box

Any of these organic Earth Mama postnatal goodies will be hugely beneficial to a new mom. I personally was gifted the nipple butter and it was a life saver!

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New Mom and Baby Skin Care Gift Set 

Here’s a pre-made gift box set for mom and baby full of natural and healing skin care products.

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Bump Box

A Bump Box would be such a thoughtful treat for the mama you want to spoil. Every item has been specially chosen to meet a new moms needs and wants.

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Maybe you want to give the gift that keeps on giving, a new mom subscription box would fit that criteria.

An on-going subscription for the mama you love would be the ultimate and most memorable postpartum gift idea. Or, a unique push present.

Plus, this would give her the ability to test and try new products she may end up truly loving, but would never have bought for herself before.

This post contains the best subscription boxes for moms where you can easily find the right one for the mama-to-be you love.

New Mom Gift Basket Essentials

You now have a pretty solid list of some unique and personal gift ideas for the new mom you have in mind.

But you’re not quite done yet!  The next short list of items are new mom essentials that you should almost certainly toss into the DIY gift basket ensemble.

Out-of-the-Box Basket Ideas   

Now that you are fully prepared with ideas on what to put in this new mom gift basket, what about the basket itself?

What type of a basket should you use, should you even use a basket? Maybe there is a more useful and innovative way to pack and present your gift.

For instance, how about using a cute storage bin as your “basket” that mom can repurpose later to help keep her new life a little more organized.

Or, this adorable small rope basket is a nice idea for a more modern and trendy take. You could even get really creative and use a small and chic canvas tote bag, like this one by Kate Spade.

More Gift Ideas for Moms

One Last Word

There you have it, an inspirational buying guide with the best ideas for a new mom gift basket. You are sure to put together the most thoughtful, useful and unique maternity gift basket ever created.

All things considered, at the end of the day, there really is no greater gift to any mom than the blessing of a child.

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