Weird Breastfeeding Facts and Pumping Phenomenons

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In this article, you’ll learn about some weird breastfeeding facts and pumping phenomenons you may not have heard of before.

You may be very interested to find out what these breastfeeding and pumping oddities are. 

Maybe you are new to breastfeeding and are looking for an answer to a weird breastfeeding question. Or, you are just doing some research a head of time.

Either way, I think you’ll find yourself to be in the right place today!

You may at least encounter some strange facts that also happen to be pretty entertaining!

Now, let’s get weird!

weird breastfeeding facts and pumping phenomenons What are Those Weird Breastfeeding Feelings?

The first weird breastfeeding fact I want to share with you can be a serious issue and should be treated appropriately. However, I’ll try and keep things light and fun as much as possible.

It began with a strange sensation I started noticing a couple of months into exclusively pumping.

A very odd and very real sense of anxiety would rush in and take over my emotions every time I would begin a breast pumping session – I thought, this is so strange.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m referring to, I can only explain the sensation as strong feelings of dread and doom that suddenly wash over you like a black hole!

It’s like that pit you get in your stomach when you’re really nervous or when you’re about to crest the summit of a rollercoaster.

I didn’t think anyone else was also having this problem. Until, someone else in an exclusively pumping mom’s group also brought up her similar experiences.

After I realized this was what was also happening to me, I got curious to learn more.

These feelings I was experiencing during a pumping session is a real breastfeeding phenomenon!

I did some digging around and found out this weird and horrible sensation has a name, and it’s labeled as D-MER.

What is D-MER? 

D-MER is a glitch in the milk letdown reflex.

It’s a momentary hormonal imbalance that causes dopamine levels to drop to allow for prolactin levels to rise.

Incase you were wondering what dopamine does, it’s the hormone linked to feeling pleasure. Prolactin helps women produce breast milk.

D-MER doesn’t affect all women the same or at all.

Although, I have read that this condition can bring on very serious emotional issues. Such as, thoughts of suicide and extreme depression.

So please, don’t hesitate to reach out for help if you are experiencing a more severe case. 

Here is a bonus infographic on how to have a letdown that you can save to Pinterest for later.

The formula of a letdown infographic

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What’s with the Runny Nose?

Here’s another weird breastfeeding phenomenon I hadn’t put my finger on until someone else mentioned it.

Breastfeeding makes your nose run! At least it does mine…

Without fail, every time I pump, the sniffles begin. I’m not only using a rag for the milk dribbles, but my nose dribbles too!

I’m sure this phenomenon also has a good reason for existing. But in my research, I could’t really find a solid or direct answer.

Here’s my best guess: Mammary glands are probably like most other glands in the body, and since everything is connected – it makes sense that the other glands in your body would be stimulated to leak by default when your body is releasing breast milk.

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A Flatulant Flange

This one is pretty funny and keeps everyone in my house on their toes. It’s the unavoidable boob fart the happens when the skin to flange seal is broken while massaging and pumping.

I have to admit, I was pretty embarrassed for a while when this would happen. My little one would sometimes even jump in fear at the abrupt and unpleasant sound it made!

Here we are eight months later and everyone has gotten pretty used to the boob farts.

My baby girl can now soundly sleep through any breast pumping sound you can think of.

However, I do at times wonder what the upstairs neighbor thinks.

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Potty Mouth Pump

As a veteran pumper, you spend ALOT of time with your breast pump. There are many nights when you can feel delusionally tired, but force yourself to get up and pump anyway.

During these twilight hours it becomes inevitable that you will begin to hear your breast pump speaking to you.

The rhythmic sequence of compressed air starts to make out what sounds like a repetitive phrase you can almost hear plain as day.

The funny thing is, most exclusively pumping moms never say they get a nice phrase like “love you” or “good job” it’s usually always an agreed upon insidious statement.

So beware of the possessed pump mama and try not to let it drive you crazy!

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Pumping can be weird and hard

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One More Point 

I hope you thought this read was entertaining and informative all at the same time.

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