25 Best Breastfeeding and Pumping Infographics all Moms Must See!

Must See Breastfeeding Infographics

Who doesn’t love a good all-in-one piece of media that delivers loads of helpful information in one aesthetically pleasing little package?

Infographics are the best for delivering just that!

So mama, if you are looking for some seriously cute graphics, lots of helpful tips and info on breastfeeding and pumping – look no further!

Please share these best of the best infographics to your hearts contents and don’t forget to pin some for later too!

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1. Breastfeeding Positions

Here is a viral-goodie that makes breastfeeding positions look so simple! If you are new to breastfeeding, these little breastfeeding holds and positions to reference are super handy to have access to!

Breastfeeding Positions you will learn in an online breastfeeding course infographic image.

2. Bad Latch VS Good Latch

Check out this infographic packed full of the best breastfeeding advice for first time moms. Being knowledgeable about latching your baby is crucial to breastfeeding success early on in your journey.

If you’d rather be prepared versus discouraged and you’re a visual learner like me, I would recommend you grab yourself a seat in my favorite online breastfeeding video course, The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class by Milkology!

Newborn breastfeeding latch pictures in an infographic with descriptions on how to perform a good latch vs a bad latch.

3. Working Mom’s Breastfeeding and Pumping Schedule 

This next infographic is a great combo of both pumping and breastfeeding information for working moms. Breastfeeding infographics that are easy to read with actionable tips on them are always great to save for later! 

If you’ll be pumping at work, I would highly encourage you to register for this online video class to help you get fully prepared for the tough transition! 

Breastfeeding and pumping schedule for working moms infographic.

4. Dairy Free Breastfeeding Diet

An infographic like this next one is geared towards helping breastfeeding moms who are in need of switching up their diet, specifically dairy in this case.

You can see from the clear graphics and complimentary colors that this breastfeeding infographic would be a helpful resource.

dairy free breastfeeding diet dairy free food alternatives infographic.

5. Breastfeeding Questions to Ask 

Below is an infographic packed full of knowledge and guidance any potential breastfeeding mother should see. This particular graphic helps moms ask their health care provider important breastfeeding questions.

breastfeeding infographic from Milkology

6. Breastfeeding and Diet

More food for breastfeeding information on this next infographic. This one is lengthy with tons of great information on how food affects breast milk and a breastfed baby. 

I love this breastfeeding friendly cookbook full of easy to prepare meals and snacks curated to help new moms make plenty of milk!

Breastfeeding diet and foods infographic

7. Breastfeeding and Pumping Schedule

Next up is a very popular breastfeeding and pumping schedule pin/infographic.

New moms especially are always looking for guidance on how often, when and how to breastfeed and pump. This little sample schedule hits the mark for taking some of the guess work out of all of those things.

breastfeeding and pumping infographic with a schedule

8. Benefits of Breastfeeding 

You’re on a roll mama, ready to check out some more?! 

This next breastfeeding infographic outlines the benefits of breastfeeding for mom. If you like to learn something new that gives you a little motivation, this would be a great save for you!

9. Breastfeeding Latch

Sometimes a picture or in this case, an illustration can be illuminating. The breastfeeding infographic below visually teaches how to properly latch a baby to the breast. 

Breastfeeding latch infographic

10. Breast Milk Colors Chart

Breast milk is always on a continual journey of change. Throughout the day and even hour, your breast milk composition is modifying itself. You may not always notice these variations in breast milk color if you are exclusively nursing, but a pumping mom will get to see all of the action. Let’s explore these many different breast milk colors in detail below.

Breast milk colors chart infographic. Breast milk colors in a circular pattern with explanations below.

11. Exclusive Pumping Schedule

The first pumping infographic you’re going to see wastes no time getting straight to exclusive pumping, with a schedule and some insight on how often an exclusive pumping mom should expect to be breast pumping for the first 3 months postpartum.

Exclusive pumping sample schedule after birth

12. Pumping at Work

Pumping at work can seem like a daunting under-taking for a new breastfeeding mom, any help I can offer to alleviate some of that stress is my goal.

This pumping at work infographic below is full of helpful tid-bits of back to work pumping tips worth referring back to.

Milkology also has a back to work pumping class to compliment their breastfeeding course. Leave your questions and concerns about transitioning back to work while breastfeeding in their knowledgeable hands.

P.S. Milkology gives every enrolled student a 20% off coupon to put towards a second course (incase you want to stock your breastfeeding and pumping resource library!). 

pumping at work infographic

13. Pump More Milk

Viewing an infographic with interesting illustrations is a clever way to learn and this next one won’t disappoint!

For the milky mamas who are seeking new ways to improve their pumping output and pump more milk, try the tips and techniques on the fun infographic below.

Pump more milk infographic.

14. Spectra Pump Hack

Many pumping moms love their Spectra Breast Pumps for many reasons and if you’re interested to learn some new settings for your Spectra, this infographic below is for you!

Spectra breast pump settings hack infographic.

15. Replacing Pump Parts

Let’s continue with more pumping infographics that are sure to make your pumping journey easier! The chart below identifies when some of the most important pump parts should be changed.

An infographic for when to change pump parts to help increase milk supply.

16. Storing Breast Milk

Next up is an essential infographic for all milky mamas wanting to protect the safety of the breast milk they feed their little ones. Refer back to this breast milk storing guidelines infographic any time you are in doubt! Or, just extremely sleep deprived.

Storing breast milk chart infographic image.

17. Exclusive Pumping 101

Another infographic for the exclusive pumpers reading this. This exclusive pumping infographic outlines exclusive pumping for beginners.

If you’re new to exclusive pumping, or are considering this route for your next baby feeding venture, hop into Milkology’s Ultimate Exclusive Pumping Class!

P.S. Same previous offers apply, FREE enrollment in the Pumping Pro Course and 20% off your second Milkology course at checkout!

Exclusive Breast Pumping 101 infographic

18. Power Pumping

As a pumping mom, there will no doubt come a time you will try the power pumping method. The infographic below helps you plan out your power pumping routine.

This is a great infographic to keep on your pumping board in Pinterest.

Power-Up breast pumping infographic to demonstrate power pumping

19. The Formula of a Letdown

Understanding how to achieve a let-down is just as important as any other pumping pointer. The next pumping infographic focuses on the let-down and gives some facts along with tips on how to master yours.

The formula of a letdown infographic

20. Calories Burned Pumping

Infographic number 20 demonstrates the process of how to determine how many extra calories a pumping or breastfeeding mom could be burning per day.

This is a pretty neat little calculating graphic you may want to refer back to later.

How to calculate calories burned infographic

21. How to Increase Milk Supply

Following is a fact-packed graphic with loads of tips on how to increase your milk supply. This type of infographic is great because it has real-life actionable tips on it. 

There are even a few different pumping schedules to follow that are super helpful if you don’t have a memory like an elephant.

How to increase milk supply infographic

22. Free Breast Pump Through Insurance 

Moving along with the best pumping infographics, here’s one that guides you through the process of getting a free breast pump through insurance simple.

You can use this link to quickly sign up and qualify to start the easy process towards your FREE breast pump!

It really is as easy as it looks!

How to get a free breast pump through insurance infographic

23. Breast Milk Storage 

You’re 22 infographics in now and hopefully you’ve found some to save for later that will make your mom like a little easier.

Next, you’ll be introduced to a breast milk storage graphic that outlines the best ways to store and keep different forms of breast milk in the safest and most efficient way possible.

Breastmilk storage tips infographic

24. Removing A Clog

This pumping infographic is for moms who occasionally, or may in the future suffer from a clog. This infographic displays a few effective ways that can help relieve a clog fast.

Infographic for how to remove a clog for breastfeeding and pumping moms.

25. Pumping and Dumping

Lastly, is an infographic with a more intoxicating vibe as it outlines some interesting claims about alcohol consumption and breastfeeding.

If you are a nursing mama, but find yourself thirsty for an adult beverage from time to time, keep this breastfeeding and alcohol infographic at hand.

Alcohol and breastfeeding infographic

Closing Words

There you have it mama, 23 of the best pumping and breastfeeding infographics for moms! You have many to choose from and feel free to fill up your corresponding Pinterest board with as many as you need.

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