Recommended E-Courses

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Here is a resource page of my top recommended online courses for prenatal, breastfeeding and pumping preparation.

Prenatal Courses


Kopa Prepared Plus

This online course is ideal for moms who want to experience a natural birth with little to no hospital intervention.

kopa prepared prenatal course

Kopa Prepared Essentials

This course will provide you with everything you need to approach natural child birth with confidence. If you are hoping to experience natural child birth, this is the right place to get the information and tools you need to make it happen!

Kopa Prepared Sneak Peek

Get a limited time sneak peek at the first module of Kopa Prepared online childbirth class.

Online prenatal class for couples 2

Online Prenatal Class for Couples

This video course is for the expecting parents who are interested in receiving quick and engaging education about their delivery and birth from a real labor and delivery nurse.

Breastfeeding Courses

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