A New Way to Catch Leaking Breast Milk: Best Nursing Cups

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Woman putting breast pad in her bra to catch leaking breast milk.

What could be worse than wasted breast milk, right mama? 

Think of how many extra ounces of breast milk is just being absorbed into those breast pads at night or while you nurse. I’ll be honest, I did not know about how to catch leaking breast milk when I had my baby a year ago.

Which is why, this article should be very helpful in showing you with what and how to collect leaking breast milk.

You are going to be introduced to some really amazing breastfeeding products today! 

Ready to get started?

Dealing with Leaking Breast Milk

If you are a nursing mother, or soon to be. The thought of wasting any of that precious liquid gold is heart-wrenching.

Especially, during the first few weeks postpartum while your milk supply is being established and leaking is much more prominent.

Not to mention, the mess of EVERYTHING leaky breast milk makes of your clothes and furniture.

I’m sure you know that breast pads are an available option to solve this problem. However, the milk is still lost forever, never to reach your little one’s tummy.

Additionally, breast pads quickly get moist. Making the environment much more friendly to harmful bacteria and funguses, like yeast. 

Moral of the story, there is a better way to catch leaking breast milk!

How to Catch Leaking Breast Milk

As we established earlier, the best case scenario for ALL of that leaking breast milk is for it to be used! This is especially true if you are concerned about making enough milk for your little one.

There are a few different ways you can collect breast milk that leaks from your breasts.

But first, what are the most common times you may experience leaking?

The most common times to expect leaking is during a letdown. Usually, this happens while you are nursing and the other breast is going un-nursed. 

You may also leak at night, during intercourse or if you see or hear a lactation trigger. Like, your baby crying.

The most common products for catching breast milk are with nursing cups, breast shells and silicone breast pumps.

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What is a Nursing Cup?

Nursing cups, breast shells, milk cups, breast cups, and milk savers.

These are just some of the names these breast milk catchers are known by.

Try and say those ten times fast!

Essentially, a nursing cup is a disc-shaped, hallow vessel meant to be placed into a bra to collect breast milk. However, not all nursing cups are created the same nor should they be used as such.

For instance, some breast shells are primarily meant to help correct inverted nipples and should not be used to catch leaking breast milk to then also be given to baby.

But not to worry, mama!

Because this article is going to give you the best nursing cup options that will allow you to catch extra breast milk and also feed it to your baby!

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Best Nursing Cups to Catch Leaking Breast Milk

Let’s look at some nursing cups that will allow a breastfeeding mom to save her precious milk and safely feed it to baby. The two items I chose to focus this article on completely address the need for collecting breast milk that leaks.

One of the items even gives mama the ability to feed straight from it.

Ready to check them out?

The Boobble Nursing Cup 

The breastfeeding product I’d like to reveal as the best way to save leaking breast milk is with The Boobble Cup (10% off). I discovered this product recently and was blown away by how simple and innovative it is.

This silicone and multi-functional nursing cup is the perfect solution to eliminate the chance of wasted breast milk.

The Boobble Cup is shaped to fit into a woman’s bra and even suctions on securely. I even went ahead and purchased The Boobble (even though I’m not currently nursing) to test out this game-changing breastfeeding product.

Let me tell you, this little Boobble can suction!

Even on (dare I say) not so full breasts. The chances of this nursing cup coming loose or leaking seems to be minimal or not at all.

It even claims to help prevent mastitis by allowing the breastfeeding mom to still gently hand-express breast milk into the cup.

Bulleted below are some of the amazing features this nursing cup provides.

  • Fully transportable – can take it anywhere!
  • Express milk easily without damaging breast tissue.
  • Feed breast milk to baby straight from the cup to eliminate nipple confusion.
  • Stimulates milk production naturally.
  • Relieved engorgement, unblocks milk ducts and prevents mastitis.
  • Can place the cup onto a flat surface without risking spills or leaks.

If you’re interested in learning absolutely EVERYHTING about this must-have breastfeeding item, read this dedicated Boobble Cup review post.

The Boobble Cup displayed with illustrations how to use it while breastfeeding and pumping to catch leaking breast milk.
Image Credit: willandfox.com

The Boobble vs. Haakaa

The Boobble may sound like it has a lot of the same functionalities as the Haakaa silicone breast pump, and it does.

They are very similar.

However, I think the most important difference and potentially the tie breaker is in the shape. You see, Haakaa is still shaped like like a bottle and flange.

Which means, it’s protruding quite far from your body. Which makes it much less concealable and protected from baby’s excitable and unpredictable movements.

In other words, one swift kick to the Haakaa and there goes your milk!

Because of Haakaa’s less discreet shape, it’s also almost impossible to place completely inside of a bra. The fact that The Boobble (10% off) is cup-shaped makes it much more desirable for the purpose of catching leaking breast milk.

Both of these breastfeeding products can be used the for similar purposes and will achieve very similar results, but in different ways.

Personally, I prefer the option of placing something into my bra. So that I will have less worry of it being knocked loose or completely off and spilling my milk!

If interested, you can use this link to view more about the Haakaa on Amazon.

Haakaa silicone breast pump and leaking breast milk catcher.
Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump

The Benefits of Saving Leaked Breast Milk

Did you know that you could now be saving an extra 2-3 ounces (or more) of extra breast milk at every nursing session?

The amazing thing about using a nursing cup to catch leaking breast milk is the ability to effortlessly build a freezer stash for a rainy day.

You can now begin to put away dozens of ounces of breast milk a day that would have otherwise been absorbed into your t-shirt! 

Many moms say they were able to have a decent sized freezer stash for when they returned back to work without ever touching a breast pump thanks to this milk collecting strategy.

In some cases, the added breast tissue stimulation of the silicone suction may even help to increase milk supply.

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Leaking breast milk can be an undesirable side-effect of postpartum. It can lead to so much wasted and unused precious breast milk.

Not to mention the mess it makes of everything.

Thankfully, The Boobble Nursing Cup and Haakaa will both serve to catch any leaking breast milk and safely save it for your baby’s benefit.

These breastfeeding products are designed to eliminate the frustrating helplessness of leaking breast milk. Give them a try and share this article with another breastfeeding mama!

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