Best Concealable and Hands-Free Pumping Options

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Are you a pumping mama or maybe soon to be one?

If so, you are like most women on the hunt for a better and simpler way to pump. 

Every woman who is pumping breast milk regularly should have a hands-free pumping option, that is a breast pumping essential!

This article is going to introduce you to the best concealable and hands-free pumping options that require no pumping bra!

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What is A Hands-Free Breast Milk Collection System?

A breast milk collection system is the bottles, flanges and parts that connect together to catch your pumped breast milk.

You can technically make any of these breast milk collection systems hands-free with a pumping bra. However, these particular native kits are anything but discreet.

They can be extremely cumbersome, bulky and impossible to pump in public without attracting alot of unwanted attention anyway.

How to Pump Without a Pumping Bra

For a lot of women, pumping at work is where a good amount of their “pumping in public” pumping sessions happen.

Many of these women complain about having to wear their pumping bra to work and throughout the day to help save time and make their pumping session breaks go as efficiently as possible.

Most hands-free pumping bras are not that comfortable, nor do they provide the seamless under garment look we prefer.

So, instead of using a traditional pumping set up, where you have to switch out your normal bra for a pumping bra and sit there with no shirt on, try a hands-free and concealable pumping kit.

These innovative breast pumping kits allow you to forgo the hassle and time consuming restraints of a pumping bra. These systems even let you keep your shirt on! 

The simplicity and freedom a hands-free pumping kit offers is just too good to pass up! 

What are Your Hands-Free Pumping Options?

The concealable pumping options are honestly a little limited or extremely pricey.

Most hands-free breast milk collection systems require you to wear an uncomfortable pumping bra. On top of that, the flanges end up protruding 4 inches or more beyond your chest. 

That doesn’t really sound like it fits in the concealable category, because unless you are wearing a 7 layer winter jacket, EVERYONE is going to see your pumping kit in action.

Even so, using the native kit that came with your breast pump and a hands-free pumping bra is going to be your most affordable option.

However, it may not always be the most convenient for all circumstances and if you want better for yourself, keep reading.

Freemie Closed System Collection Cups 

If you haven’t yet discovered Freemie Collection Cups, they literally do what they are called – set a mama free! You can literally pump anywhere in these and for the most part, no one will know!

To further elaborate on Freemie Collection Cups, you should know that are two different versions available. There is a closed-system and an open system.

The closed system Freemies means that no milk can back-flow into the pump and ruin it. This system is much simpler to assemble since no back-flow protectors need to be hacked onto this particular kit.

The best part about Freemie Collection Cups is that they are capable of being placed into any snug-fitting sports bra, so no pumping bra required!

If you are looking for a completely hands-off milk collecting system, these cups would be a great option. 

Freemie Collection Cups

concealable and hands-free pumping option the freemie collection cups

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Spectra Hands-Free Cups

Now, let’s briefly look at the Spectra Hands-Free Cups. When I saw that Spectra came out with a concealable pumping kit option, I was impressed.

However, in my research for this post, I found it extremely difficult to find a well-recognized place to purchase them. It appears as though these Spectra Cups are sold via an Asian online marketplace.

The hands-free Spectra Cups also appear to be a Korean-based company.

I honestly do not know enough about the origin or authenticity of these cups to be able to recommend them to you.

The Boobble Cup

This milk collector is in a little bit of a different category, but it still deserves a mention in this post.

For one, it is capable of pulling milk out of your breast using suction. The Boobble is also capable of being concealable due to it’s small cup-like shape.

It’s extremely portable and hands-free when in use. You can see a demonstration of how to use The Boobble in this post. If you decide you need this cup in your breastfeeding tool box, here is a 10% off discount.

Best Breast Pumps for Hands-Free Pumping

I’m sure by now you are thinking this all sounds amazing and who wouldn’t invest in a pumping kit like this, but what breast pump would be best to use with either one of these kits?

The goal is to maintain discretion while you pump so you can literally pump anywhere and at anytime. The best breast pump for this purpose is a cordless, compact and quiet pump that you can toss in a small bag and connect with ease.

Genie Plus

My recommended pump for this type of concealable pumping is the Genie Plus. This breast pump is sleek and compact, making it ideal to travel with. 

It’s also powerful, which speeds up the time needed on the pump to fully empty your breasts.

The Genie Plus is also quiet, giving it another gold star for the best breast pump for concealable pumping.

To get your hands on this portable breast pump and a 10% discount, use this link to purchase.

Pumpables Genie Plus

Pumpables Genie Plus Portable Breast Pump

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Another awesome portable breast pump is the BabyBuddha.

Mom’s love this slender littler breast pump because it’s super powerful, yet extremely mobile. You can literally hang it from your neck and go about your day.

You can also save when you shop for the BabyBuddha by grabbing a discount code here.

BabyBuddha Breast Pump

BabyBuddha best breast pump for pumping on the go

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Willow Breast Pump

Now, if we want to truly talk about a concealable breast pump – this is your girl. The Elvie is an all-in-one system with the breast pump and kit being compact enough to fit right inside your sports bra.

More and more milk mamas are opting for these super-cool concealable breast pumps. 

You can find and shop for your Willow wearable breast pump here.

P.S. Willow uses Affirm to help you set up manageable monthly payments.

You could also check with Aeroflow to see if you qualify for a free breast pump with the option to upgrade to a Willow.

The Benefits of Concealable Breast Pumping

Moms are busy and are usually constantly on the go, especially if they have more than one child.

Pumping breast milk is a demanding sacrifice and requires ALOT of dedicated time-outs during the day to get the job done.

If you are exclusively pumping, you are very aware of how much pumping consumes your entire day.

Which is why finding a more efficient way to pump so you can continue on with your life would be a game changer.

Not only would you be able to have a life beyond your pumping station, but the efficiency of a system like this may actually help you get to your breast pumping goals without the resonating distain for your breast pump!   

  • You could pump in public and be the ultimate on the go, multi-tasking pumping mama.
  • Less worries about attracting attention while pumping in public.
  • Pump discreetly anywhere and at anytime.
  • Keep your shirt on while you pump – huge plus!
  • You may be more likely to pump for longer and more frequently once some the main inconveniences of pumping is eliminated.
  • You could eliminate alot of stresses about pumping at work around your co-workers and maybe even pump at your desk without anyone knowing – no clocking out to pump = mo’ money!

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Where and When can You Use a Hands-Free Pumping kit?

The best times to use a concealable and hands-free pumping kit would be anytime you want to multi-task while you pump.

For instance, pumping while driving is a perfect example of when a hands-free kit would be a practical set-up.

While a traditional bottle and flange set-up is totally doable for pumping and driving, a less bulky and inhibiting kit would be ideal. Freemie Collection Cups would be a perfect fit for this occasion.

Anytime you want to pump on the go or in public is a great time to wear your hands-free and concealable pumping kit.

In Conclusion

Every pumping mom can benefit from the freedom and efficiency of a concealable and hands-free pumping kit system. Because having the right set up for your breast pumping can be a huge game changer for your breastfeeding goals.

I introduced you to some incredibly cool and innovative hands-free pumping options that would instantly simplify pumping at work, pumping on the go and pumping in public.

There’s no reason for a pumping mom to be trapped to the wall anymore or have to expose herself unwanted-ly in order to pump breast milk. 

With Freemie Collection Cups you can pump hands-free, with any bra you feel most comfortable in and keep your shirt on! 

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