How to Pump Breast Milk On-The-Go: Best Portable Pumping Tips

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Are you a busy on-the-go milk making mama?

If that answer is yes, you most definitely need to stay tuned to what I’m about to share with you!

You may also be here as a mama-to-be, doing your research in preparation for new mom breastfeeding victories.

No matter the exact reason you have found yourself here, you will assuredly get the best pumping on-the-go tips I can bet you didn’t have before!

You’re going to be enlightened about your assumptions of what pumping exclusively (or part-time) looks like and given the best breast pumping systems for portable pumping that will change the way you pump breast milk from here on out!

Let’s dive in!

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Pumping On-The-Go 

Most of us full-time pumping mamas picture our plugged-in life as immobile and extremely inconvenient as we helplessly remain tethered to the wall for most of the day.

That can be the case if you don’t have the right portable pumping system that will grant you your freedom!

What would it look like to have the ability to pump breast milk in public while shopping, driving or even riding your bike?

Better yet, how freeing would it feel to know you can discreetly pump in public without anyone being the wiser?

This sounds too good to be true, right?

I would have thought so as well when I first began exclusively pumping.

In fact, I would often use the reason of needing to pump as a scape goat for many situations I was happy to get out of – shhhh, that’s our secret.

Pumping may not be your favorite past time, but at least you’ll be able to multi-task!

Some moms are just too busy and active that pumping on-the-go is their only breastfeeding option.

Best Breast Pumps for Pumping On-The-Go

Here is where we get into the really exciting content, where I get to let you in on the secrets of what makes freedom pumping work.

The breast pump you wear for portable pumping is what will make all the difference to achieving your mobile pumping dreams.

1. The BabyBuddha

I was lucky enough to somehow stumble upon the existence of this breast pump and because of my spontaneity, or you could call it impatience and joy of online shopping – I scooped it up before it was sold out!

This sleek little peanut of a pump arrived to my house a couple of days later.

I was thrilled to see how compact and light it was!

There was even a rope I could attach at the top to hang around my neck – it was like they knew this would soon become my favorite accessory!

Another great component that made The BabyBuddha wonderful for on-the-go pumping was how quiet it was. You see, I was used to my hissing Medela Pisa and the buzzing vibration of my Spectra.

The BabyBuddha barely made a hum…

I mentioned earlier how I managed to snag this popular portable breast pump before it was sold out and that was no exaggeration.  

I guess I wasn’t the only pumping mom who had caught wind of this little pump-star.

But don’t fret incase you can’t get your hands on one right away, because the sentence you will read next will make it worth the wait!

I have partnered with BabyBuddha and have an exclusive discount code for you to use toward your entire purchase, find it here!

BabyBuddha Breast Pump

BabyBuddha best breast pump for pumping on the go

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2. Pumpables Super Genie Plus

The next best portable breast pump is the Genie Plus by Pumpables.

This portable breast pump is small and super gentle for mamas with tender breast tissue.

The pump kit for the Genie Plus even comes with three breast shields so you always have the right fit throughout your evolving pumping journey.

The price is also a little more wallet friendly compared to comparable portable breast pumps. Here is a 10% off discount code to apply to your purchase!

Super Genie Plus

Pumpables Genie Plus Portable Breast Pump

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3. Willow Wearable Breast Pump

Now let’s talk about a breast pump that is truly made for the purpose of pumping on-the-go and in public. 

The Willow is the world’s first wireless and wearable breast pumping system. 

That means, no cords, no restrictions and no one even needing know you’re pumping!

With a wearable breast pump like the Willow you can cook pump while rocking and feeding your baby, cook or lead a conference call without any interference of a bulky pumping kit.

Yes, the price reflects the extra freedom it offers, but if you have the budget, go here to learn more! 

P.S. You can also make manageable monthly payments with Affirm.

Willow Wearable Breast Pump

Woman using the Elvie Wearable breast pump for pumping on the go.

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The Freedom Breast Pumping Kit

In this portion of the post, you are going to learn exactly what you need to put the pieces of the puzzle together and gain your breastfeeding freedom!

We have already identified which breast pump will serve your pumping on-the-go purposes best, but what about the breast milk collection component?

Indeed, a breast pump is no good without a place for the breast milk to collect. Once you pair a portable pump with the Freemie Collection Cups – you are in business!

Why Freemie’s are Perfect for Pumping On-The-Go 

If you’re going to be pumping in public, maintaining your modesty is essential.

A breast pumping kit that allows you to dual pump hands-free and keep it all under your shirt would be ideal!

Freemie Collection Cups are an innovative pumping kit that lets you wear your own bra (no pumping bra required!) and is totally concealable. 

This kit is perfect for pumping in public, at work and when you’re on the go!

  • The cups hold up to 8 ounces each!
  • There are no replacement bags needed.
  • They can easily and securely be concealed within any sports bra, no special pumping bra needed!

Freemie Collection Cups

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BabyBuddha and Freemie Hack

I should mention that if you cannot find the closed system Freemie’s – you will be doing some pump hacking.

What is a closed system?

A closed system ensures that no breast milk can be sucked back up into the pump. If you do not have a closed system, all you need are some backflow protectors. 

Your Freemie’s will come with the adapter needed to attach the backflow protectors.

All you need to remember is that the backflow protectors need to be in-between your pump and cups, however you decide to hack that is up to you!

If you need to cut some tubing that’s ok, you can find the most common breast pump replace parts here and how often to change them.

Best Resources for Pumping Moms 

Pumping comes with a lot of challenges and it can be very overwhelming. 

A new mom sometimes just needs some extra encouragement, information and support to help her achieve her breastfeeding goals.

Here are a couple awesome online pumping courses I want you to have knowledge of incase you would like to be extra prepared to pump like a pro when the time comes!

1. The Ultimate Exclusive Pumping Class

The first online pumping course is strongly focused on every detail and aspect of pumping only.

I recommend The Ultimate Exclusive Pumping Class by Milkology for moms who may or may not end up exclusive pumping, but want to have the option just incase traditional breastfeeding doesn’t work out perfectly right away or at all.

2. The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class

Another great online pumping class by Milkology and one of their most popular.

This 90 minute course teaches you how to transition from feeding on demand to pumping and breastfeeding.

The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class teaches you how to transition to work while still breastfeeding without losing your milk supply or your bond with your baby.

There are also tips on how to build a freezer stash, safely store your breast milk and how to get your baby to take a bottle while you are away for the day.

P.S. Milkology will gift a second course enrollment to you for a 20% discount. So, if you want to grab more than one of their online classes, take advantage of this up-sell discount!


Before You Go

Are you ready to begin pumping with more freedom?

How will being able to discreetly pump in public and on the go change how you breastfeed?

I think for a lot of women who pump exclusively, their breastfeeding is sometimes cut short of their goal because of how demanding of time pumping can be.

Hopefully these portable pumping systems you learned about today will be the game-changers you were looking for!

**Don’t forget to grab your discount codes!

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