10 DIY Maternity Photos You can do with Your iPhone, at Home and Outside

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Are you inspired by all of the gorgeous maternity photos you see on Pinterest, but at same time, aren’t quite sure you want to invest in a professional photoshoot?

Here’s a little secret, you can beautifully DIY your own maternity photos easily and have more fun doing it too! 

This post is going to show how to take stunning maternity photos with your iPhone, at home or outside and everything else you must-know to pull this DIY maternity photoshoot off like a pro!

Ready to take a look?

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When to Take Maternity Photos

Knowing how to time your maternity photos is an important detail you want to get right. 

Plan them too early on and you may just end up looking a little bloated. Plan them too late and you may hate how swollen you look.

Not to mention how uncomfortable you may feel during your photoshoot. 

The best time during your pregnancy for taking maternity photos is around 30-35 weeks.

At this stage, you are noticeably pregnant, (no question there) and your stomach is hopefully not too heavy so you can enjoy the experience.

However, if you’re having twins, you may want to push this maternity shoot timing up a bit and not go past 30 weeks. A recommended time for a mama with twins is around 28-30 weeks pregnant.

What to Wear for Maternity Pictures

When it comes to choosing a maternity outfit, think form-fitting and timeless. 

Maxi-dresses are great options because they are snug and simple. Also try and avoid loud patterns and busy colors. You want the bump to be the star of the show.

Have a look at this feminine maternity dress I found at Amazon, it’s perfect for indoor or outdoor photos and the color would be beautiful on most skin tones.

Having more than one look for your maternity shoot is ideal.

As an example, one look could be more casual and the other could channel the ethereal elegance you’ve been dreaming of for your maternity photos.

This next dress I chose is really special, the off the shoulder neckline is beyond flattering and the long sleeves conceal any insecurities you may have currently about your arms.

The shape of this dress is also divine for a pregnant mama. It hugs your bump beautifully before it gently flares out at the bottom for a unique and elegant look.

See below, where I also put together a little Amazon store front of beautiful maternity gowns and a flower headband for you to get inspiration from.

How to Pose for Maternity Photos

Since you won’t have a professional photographer telling you how to pose for every shot, here are some posing and positioning tips that will be the most flattering for your bump.

  • Try and maintain angles instead of straight on. 
  • Emphasize the curve in your back.
  • Prop the leg up closest to the camera to create more angles.
  • Place your hands on the top and bottom of your bump.

You’ll see examples of these posing tips in the diy maternity photos below!

DIY Maternity Photos at Home

With the important prep work out of the way, we can now focus our attention on the DIY maternity photo ideas you can easily take with your iPhone.

P.S. Every photo you are about to see was taken by yours truly (not a professional photographer) and with my iPhone 7 Plus.

Pregnancy Silhouette Photo with iPhone

This easy to accomplish maternity photo is a must!

You can effortlessly get this perfect DIY maternity silhouette photo using just a cell phone and in the comfort of your own home.

A silhouette maternity photo in front of a window.

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The silhouette pregnancy photo above was taken with an iPhone and in front of a window.

You too create this iconic photo and here are some tips to help you flawlessly pull it off:

  • Wear a tight outfit that crisply outlines your cute bump.
  • Stand about 1-2 feet from the window.
  • Make sure there is enough light coming through the window.
  • Make the room you’re in a little darker.
  • Tap on the window (or source of light) so your phone focuses on that.

Once you have your perfect pregnancy silhouette photo, use an app like Lightroom to edit it to your liking.

For the photo above, I increased the exposure and contrast. You can also darken the shadows and play with any and all color tones in the photo, or make it completely black and white. 

It’s a fantastic and easy to use app! Just play until you’re happy with the effect.

Pregnant woman taking a diy silhouette maternity photo in front of a window.

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DIY Maternity Photos Outside 

Next, let’s feast our eyes on some outside pregnancy photos you can get super creative with. Whether you’re looking for water maternity photo ideas, dog friendly or editorial, they are all here! 

Maternity Photos in the Water

If you want to get really creative and capture some unique pregnancy photos, the water is the place to go. If you are fortunate enough to live by a nice lake, pond or river – you’re in luck!

The water photos you’re going to see in this post were taken on our property in a pond and using only an iPhone. We also waited until sunset to take advantage of the perfect lighting.

Before you see the photos, here are some tips for taking your own DIY maternity photos in water:

  • Do these last and towards the end of the day (sunset lighting is best).
  • Wear an outfit that has a good amount of light weight fabric to get a stunning floating effect.
  • Have a friend or family member take these photos.
  • Choose a body of water that is calm and still (for safety purposes).

Pregnant woman taking a maternity photo in the water during sunset.

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For this photo, the sun was behind her, which created a beautiful outline of light along the side of her body.

The pose is also more interesting with a lot of angles and movement, be conscious of these things are you are positioning yourself into place. 

The more you can create space between your body and angles, the more professional your DIY photos will look.

Pregnant photoshoot in the water.

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The photo you just scrolled by was taken at the same time, with the same iPhone and in the same location, but posed in a different direction.

This time, my sister is turned toward the light allowing for more illumination.

Notice also how she is looking over her shoulder, this is another pretty pregnancy pose to use for your outside maternity photos.

hey mama, look here

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Forest Maternity Photo Ideas

The next DIY pregnancy photoshoot idea for outside is going to tell an enchanting story. All you need to do is find a forest scene and let your imagination take it the rest of the way.

The photo you are about to see was taken at a park, just a few feet down a trail. You probably have the perfect spot right on your property to create the same unique shot.

Maternity photoshoot outside in the forest.

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Pregnancy Photo Ideas with your Pet

If you have a pet, no doubt you love them just as much as your bump. Including them in your DIY pregnancy photos is not only adorable, but really quite easy and fun.

Once again, no need to venture far from home. In fact, the photo you’re about to see was taken in some over-grown brush right along the driveway. 

After some light editing, these fur-baby pregnancy photos turned out precious.

DIY pregnancy photo with your pet.

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DIY Beach Maternity Photos

You may have the fortunate luck of living near a beach, and if that’s the case, you must take advantage of that! A beach pregnancy photoshoot is so unique and beautiful! 

Just take a look at how gorgeous this shot turned out! 

DIY pregnancy photoshoot on the beach

This pregnancy beach photoshoot pose is a little different than what you have probably seen a lot of, but that is what makes it unique and special.

Silhouette beach maternity photo idea

The last DIY beach maternity photo idea is another iconic and stunning silhouette. If you can manage getting to the beach at sunset, don’t miss out on this photo-op!

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DIY Bedroom Pregnancy Photos 

Lastly, let’s talk about DIY bedroom maternity photos. These are the pictures you take when you may want something a little sexier, or to get hubby involved.

The bedroom maternity shoot you’ll be seeing examples of are of me, and my husband took them. Again, neither of us are even close to being photographers.

Which should give you ALOT of confidence when you go to shoot your own. Nevertheless, the photos turned out nice and after some strategic editing, I’m pretty happy with them.

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Some tips for taking your own bedroom maternity photos at home:

  •  Your bed is the perfect set, make sure it’s nicely made with a simple bedding that won’t be a distraction.
  • This is your chance to show off your belly, wear some lingerie or just a pretty robe.

DIY bedroom maternity photoshoot on a white bed.

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You can also let hubby jump in during your at home bedroom maternity shoot. Simply prop your phone or camera up on some furniture and have fun!

diy maternity photos with husband

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Last Words

I hope you feel inspired and confident that you can capture some stunning DIY maternity photos with simple equipment, no props or extras and with only using an iPhone.

After all, doing it yourself is the perfect solution if you’re on a budget.

Remember to use a good editing app like Lightroom, use your surroundings and imagination and most importantly, feel beautiful and special. 

Because you are!

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