12 Awesome Gift Ideas for Breastfeeding Moms

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This is going to be a fun and inspirational gift guide for the breastfeeding mom in your life. Or, maybe that mom is you and you’re here to discover some new and nifty nursing gear!

The Best Gifts for A Breastfeeding Mother

What does a breastfeeding mom need and how do you get her a gift that will not only celebrate her breastfeeding journey, but make it better!

Thankfully, over the past decade or so, breastfeeding has been getting more awareness and new moms are now encouraged to nurse their babies for as long as possible. 

With that growing number of women choosing to breastfeed, there has been an influx of wonderful and innovative products to help make breastfeeding easier.

Let’s look at some of those gift ideas now!

1. Nipple Butter

This gift may get a little chuckle or two when your new mama receives it, but any veteran breastfeeding mom knows, this gift will not go unused!

Earth Mama Organics - gift ideas for a breastfeeding mom.

2. The Boobble Cup

This funny sounding nursing cup is a genius invention for breastfeeding moms. It’s inexpensive and offers solutions to so many important uses for a breastfeeding mom and baby. 

You can read this dedicated post to learn more about The Boobble and use the code LOVE-10 for 10% off your cup purchase!

The Boobble Cup displayed with illustrations how to use it while breastfeeding and pumping to catch leaking breast milk.

3. LaVie Lactation Massagers

Here is another great gift idea for a breastfeeding mom! LaVie makes the best lactation tools you can buy. These little lactation massagers and vibraters are truly game-changing for breastfeeding and pumping moms. 


4. Breast Pump Bag

Now this gift would make any mom the envy of all her new mom friends. Some breast pumps do come with a bag, but they are not cute – at all. If the breastfeeding mom you are shopping for is stylish and on the go, then a breast pump bag like this one would make the perfect gift for her!

Here is a separate post on the best breast pump bags and accessories of 2019.

5. Nursing Pillow

Every breastfeeding mom should have at least one nursing pillow and more than that doesn’t hurt either!

These breastfeeding pillows come in handy for many different scenarios. This is the Cloud Island line at Target in Floral Fields. I own this exact Boppy myself and it was gifted to me as well, we love it! 

You can also use this discount code for $40 off a nursing pillow!

nursing pillow for a breastfeeding mom gift idea

6. Nursing Cover

Some of us are still a little shy when it comes to nursing in public, so why not make it a fashion statement?!

This nursing cover has multi-functional use and can also perform as a carseat cover, highchair cover, shopping cart and anything else you want to prevent your baby from coming in direct contact with. 

Use the code LOVEOURLITTLES for an enormous discount on a premium carseat canopy!

nursing cover for breastfeeding mom gift guide

7. Breastfeeding Subscription Box

How about a super unique and impressive gift like a breastfeeding gift box?

I know I would have loved something like that!

Here is a full list and deep look at the best breastfeeding subscriptions boxes.

Image of Queen and Baby Box for pumping at work moms.

8. Reminder Bracelet

I wish I would have known about these reminder bracelets when I was nursing my newborn and extremely sleep deprived!

It may sound silly to need help remembering which side you last nursed on, but when you’re a sleep deprived new mom, it’s a common problem to have!

This particular breastfeeding bracelet can also be used to clip back a nursing cover, pretty neat!

9. Portable Breast Pump

Let’s say you really want to provide your breastfeeding loved one with a more practical and generous gift. A breast pump like the Genie Plus would be a smart pump to choose. 

This pump is great for all purpose breast pumping, especially great for pumping on the go and being mobile.

Use the code SHOP-10-LOVEOURLITTLES10 for 10% off.

Pumpables Genie Plus breast pump with baby in the background

10. Breastfeeding Mug

The breastfeeding mom you have in mind is probably waking up multiple times per night to breastfeed and is most likely exhausted. 

She will love drinking her coffee in this peace, love and breastfeeding mug!

11. Breastfeeding Jewelry

Breastfeeding is something to be proud of and having a memento to honor it is a really nice thought!

This bonding breastfeeding bracelet is such a sweet gift idea for the mom you are thinking of. Babies love to twiddle things while they are nursing, and this bracelet would be the perfect piece of distraction.

12. Breastfeeding Water Bottle

Hydration is very important for a breastfeeding mom and it’s not an easy task to remember to do! 

Give your breastfeeding mom a gift to help encourage her to drink more water and remember you every time she does.

This breastfeeding water bottle gift idea is one of my favorites on the list!

A Bonus Breastfeeding Gift Idea!

This bonus idea is really thinking outside of the box, but it’s a really cool gift idea for the plan ahead mom you know.

How about gifting her a breastfeeding preparation e-course like the one Milkology offers?

Thousands of woman sign up a month for this on demand and online video course. It’s full of amazingly well thought out content to help any mom with her breastfeeding journey.

This gift would last forever too because it never expires and is always being updated!

If you want to see if for yourself, follow me here!

P.S. Those who enroll in any course through my link will also receive my pumping and milk supply course for free! Email me once you have enrolled and I’ll send you the second course straight to your inbox!



I hope this breastfeeding gift guide for the new mom in your life gave you some great ideas!

I tried to create a list of items that I personally would have liked to receive and actually some of these I did! Maybe you checked out this gift guide because you’re shopping for yourself, and that’s totally cool too!

I hope you picked yourself out some things you’ll love to have during your breastfeeding experience.

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