How to Exclusively Pump and Free Pumping Schedules

Hello mama, you must be here because you are seeking some or maybe ALOT of help with exclusive pumping.

Let me first say, I can relate to that!

Not too very long ago I was in the same shoes of being thrown into exclusive pumping without the slightest idea of what I was doing.

Almost a year and thousands of hours of pumping later, I did it!

I managed to pump exclusively for 10 months and now I can help you figure out how to exclusively pump without as many bumps in the road.

Ready to get started?

Exclusive Breast Pumping 101 infographic

A quick glance at what you’ll be learning:

  • An outline of the exclusively pumping tips we’ll cover in this read.
  • Choosing the right breast pump guidance and a special offer.
  • Finding the right breast pump and flange fit with a pictogram.
  • How often should an exclusive pumper be pumping.
  • Free pumping schedules.
  • Investing in your exclusive pumping the right way – that will lead to success!
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Most Important Exclusively Pumping Tips

Lets begin with some helpful exclusive pumping tips I wish I had known before I started this journey.

  1. The best breast pump fit for you.
  2. Flange size matters and so does lube!
  3. How often you pump while exclusively pumping is key to sustaining your efforts.
  4. Free pumping schedules
  5. Invest in some extra breast pumping knowledge – this will make a world of difference!

Now allow me to elaborate a little on these points.

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The right breast pump fit is crucial to your exclusive pumping success

It really all boils down to the breast pump, doesn’t it?

After all, the pump is the ONLY piece of equipment that is truly doing the extracting of your breast milk. Let me just say, not all pumps are created equal either.

I have tried and own several breast pumps and it is amazing the difference in performance between them all. Not only do they all perform differently, but every woman’s body may react uniquely to each pump.

Choosing the best breast pump for exclusively pumping is extremely important. 

In my popular post Best Breast Pumps, you can read about many of the most popular breast pumps, get reliable reviews and most importantly, where and how to get your free breast pump with insurance.

Here is a special offer for you – woohoo, it’s your lucky day!

How does a significant discount for the BabyBuddha breast pump sound?!

This portable pump is over and over again given 10/10 stars by every e.p. mom who tries it. Now is your chance to experience freedom while pumping and a better milk supply too!

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Flange sizing and using them correctly to avoid pain and pumping problems

I cannot stress enough how important it is to find the correct size flange and fit. Doing so will ensure that you are maintaining sufficient suction strength and in turn, fully emptying your breasts when you pump.

See this diagram to help you determine how your flange should fit while the breast pumping.

Correct flange fit diagram for exclusive breast pumping

Adding to flange size and fit, lubing up the flange is also critical to avoiding pain and problems from exclusively pumping. I recommend using an organic coconut oil.

You can apply the oil to your nipples or on the inside of the flange itself.

Friction + pumping = bad!

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Your pumping frequency is key to your success as an exclusive pumper 

Because pumping exclusively is the absence of a baby’s natural nursing habits, you must learn to create that experience for your body artificially.

Your body will rely on breast and nipple stimulation to determine how much breast milk needs to be produced.

How often you should be pumping as an exclusive pumper also depends on how old your baby is. For instance, a newborn likely would nurse 8-12 times or more per day!

On the other hand, a 8-12 month old much less and by then your milk supply has already been regulated for quite some time.

A handy pumping tip to help you determine how often to pump as an exclusive pumper is to match your pumping routine with your baby’s feeding habits.

More than likely, for the first few months postpartum, you will need to be pumping at least every 2-3 hours around the clock until baby begins to regularly sleep through the night.

How to exclusively pump with a schedule infographic

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Invest in your pumping knowledge

Again, I cannot express strongly enough how much I wish there would have been something out there to show me how to exclusively pump, but there just wasn’t.

I had never even met an EP mama in person before, let alone knew of where to find an all-in-one resource to gently guide me through what to expect exclusively pumping and how to perform it full-time.

The good news is that you don’t have to go it alone and make the same mistakes I did!

You don’t have to feel like quitting every day from how overwhelming and exhausting exclusively pumping can be.

You now have an interactive and thorough resource to help support and inform you on every aspect of how to exclusively pump.

The Ultimate Exclusive Pumping Class is an online course by the breastfeeding gurus of Milkology. This course thoroughly covers the important aspects of learning how to exclusively pump and master your milk supply.

Also, when you enroll in this course, I will send you a second pumping and milk supply course for FREE that is the perfect compliment to Milkology’s course.  Just contact me after you purchase and it’s yours too!

FREE Pumping Schedules!

✔︎ Instant Download

✔︎ Printable 

✔︎ 3 Different Scenarios

Free pumping schedules with an image of a cell phone scrolling through the downloadable pumping schedules

These are just what I need!


My hope is that you feel like all of the tools I have tirelessly worked to provide for you are helpful and encouraging.

I truly am driven by compassion and empathy for other new moms who are trying to figure out the many paths that breastfeeding can take them down.

I also hope you found this post on how to exclusively pump concise and resourceful.

However, there really is no better place than the online exclusive pumping course by Milkology for you to get ALL of this information in one place

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