MILKOLOGY REVIEW: The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class

I bet you’ve noticed how popular online courses have become, they are popping up everywhere and in every niche imaginable.

They are a fantastic resource for those who are short-on-time and like to learn online.

You may think an online course for breast pumping and milk supply would be hard to sell, but in truth, it’s an extremely popular topic with new and expecting moms who want to be more informed on the subject.

In this Milkology review, you’re going to get more insight on The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class and a sneak peek into the course you won’t find anywhere else!

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What is The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class?the ultimate back to work pumping class header course image

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The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class is an all video online course that strongly focuses on preparing a breastfeeding mother for her transition back to work. 

By now, most of us are conditioned to learning by visual means, which is why Milkology’s course makes taking in this information an effective and fun way to get prepared for pumping at work.

Not only is The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class entirely produced in engaging and unique video lessons with a voice over teaching style, it also comes with pre-written notes and a bonus eBook!

The best part about choosing a convenient video course like this – is that you can go at your pace and revisit it whenever you like.

You have the option to watch it at home, in the bath, while working-out or riding in the car and it can be viewed on all devices. 

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Who is The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class for?a screenshot of the courses video lesson modules, pictured: two bottles of pumped breast milk sitting on a desk in front of a laptop.

The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class is for any mother (new or expecting), who wants to be thoroughly prepared for her tough transition of going back to work while still breastfeeding.

This fantastic Milkology course is also for the mom who wants to have a non-expiring resource to always refer back that is in one easy to access place.

She also wants the crucial tips and information needed to know exactly how to maintain her milk supply while being away from her baby.

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Course Curriculum and Highlights 

the ultimate back to work pumping class course cirriculum

So what exactly will you be learning inside of The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class? Let’s take a look at some of the course curriculum highlights worth mentioning. 

  • Safe milk storage guidelines with diagrams and charts to make the information more structured. 
  • Lessons on growing and building a freezer stash to give you peace of mind while you are away from your baby. There is also teachings on how to safely thaw frozen breast milk.
  • Two deep modules all about milk supply. How to master your milk supply and protect it from tanking while you are at work.
  • The pumping at work rights you need to know in detail so you can protect yourself legally from mis-informed work colleagues. 
  • Bottle feeding tips for the breastfed baby. How to introduce a bottle and pace feed. 
  • What to do if you’r not pumping enough milk.

Features and Bonuses

ultimate back to work bonuses mock ups.

If you’re not impressed by how comprehensive this online pumping class is yet, check out the added bonuses and features you’ll also have access to once you enroll!

  • Bonus #1: Ultimate Class Notes for you to study and refer back to later.
  • Bonus #2: Pro Pumping Tips eBook (a collection of tips, trick and hacks from pro pumping moms).
  • Bonus #3: “What to Do if You’re Not Pumping Enough” bonus video.

Price and Time Commitment 

One of the most impressive points to make about this Milkology course is how fairly priced it is and by fairly, I mean – it’s a steal!

You just can’t beat the value for the information, the production quality and the engagement you get for only $27!

The course is also a very easily digestible 90 minutes long.

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Milkology’s Other Courses

While this Milkology review focuses on The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class, you may also be benefit to know Milkology has a full library of online courses for breastfeeding moms.

Milkology’s Main Courses

Milkology’s Mini Courses

Milkology has expanded their online course presence to now include two mini courses with 5 short and to the point lessons. These mini courses would be the perfect companion to add to any of Milkology’s featured courses.

Plus, when you purchase a featured course, Milkology gives you a 20% off coupon to use on a second course of your choice!

The first no-fuss quick class is Pump it Up!

This quick guide to pumping has the top 5 tips and tricks to help you pump up your milk supply and maximize your pumping efforts. 

The other Milkology mini course is called, Master Your Milk Supply. And yep, you guessed it – it’s all about that liquid gold! 

These mini courses are $19 and are self-paced.

My Review of The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class

In my opinion, I would say that The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class is as complete and thorough of an online course on this topic you will find.

In truth, I don’t know if I’ve even found another course like this that is completely dedicated to helping moms with this breastfeeding scenario.

There are a few things I learned in the course that were game changers.

Such as learning how to simplify building a freezer stash, how to ensure baby will take a bottle while I’m away and what to do to protect my milk supply while I’m away from my baby working full time.

I also loved and appreciated the visual graphics and video content that made digesting the information much more enjoyable.

It was fresh, entertaining and fun! 

It was awesome that I was able to complete the course from start to finish in 90 minutes and it’s not overwhelming.

Other online courses I’ve taken can be very hard to focus on and in all honesty, I rarely finish self-paced online courses because of that.

But that wasn’t the case with The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class.

I would also like to note that the price point of this course, at just $19 is beyond reasonable and accessible to anyone who is interested in purchasing it.

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Pumping at work preparation pack mockup on a journal.

✔︎ Pumping Signs

✔︎ Pumping at Work Rights

✔︎ Pump Bag Checklists 

…and more!


Final Thoughts 

My final thoughts about this Milkology review of The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class is that it is 100% worth enrolling in.

Don’t even hesitate, just hop over to the sales page to receive all of the awesome insight and information that will greatly help ease your transition back work while breastfeeding.

We all want to find things that make our lives easier, better and more successful without a lot of effort on our part and I believe this course offers that!

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