MILKOLOGY REVIEW: The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class

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I hope you get a lot of useful information in this review so you can feel fully knowledgeable and comfortable with the course before you enroll!

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Who is This Breastfeeding Course For?

Milkology’s The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class is for the mama who lacks either experience or confidence with the art of breastfeeding.

She is looking for an easily digestible and comprehensive guide to walk her through the challenges, wonders and details of breastfeeding her new baby.

She wants to be better equipped and prepared to accomplish her breastfeeding goals.

The mama who enrolls in this breastfeeding course is also conscious of cost and wants to stay in a certain price range without losing value.

The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class can also be for an expecting couple to watch together. The engaging visual video graphics of the course make it entertaining for dads to enjoy too.

On the flip side, this Milkology course is NOT FOR a mom who is already experienced and comfortable with the basics of breastfeeding.

You may also not benefit from this online breastfeeding class if you tend to not finish anything self-paced. However, you may find this curriculum very doable since the course is only 90 minutes and very engaging.

Course Details:

  • Cost: $19 for unlimited access forever.
  • Bonuses: eBook, troubleshooting guide and class notes.
  • Plus: A 30 day no risk money back guarantee and no questions asked.

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Milkology’s Breastfeeding Class Curriculumthe ultimate breastfeeding class 3

Milkology’s The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class curriculum covers all of the general topics in detail that a breastfeeding course should.

It begins with outlining the benefits of breast milk and how it works at the cellular level.

You are then led through video lessons on latching, the golden hour and even taken through the first couple of months with a newborn.

You will also be introduced to pumping and expressing breast milk.

P.S. Milkology offers a 20% coupon for an up-sell promo to apply to another one of their courses after you enroll. I recommend the Pump It Up! or Master Your Milk Supply for a well-rounded breastfeeding starter kit.

Here’s a look at some of The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class’ lesson modules:

  • The properties of breast milk and the benefits for everyone when mom breastfeeds.
  • Lactation explained and how to master your milk supply.
  • Latching, positioning and the first few months of baby’s life.
  • How to Find your support network and get prepared.
  • Bonus material, discounts and eBooks.

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Features of The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class

Digital goods mockup of The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class bonuses.

Next, let’s look at the unique features that makes The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class an excellent resource for moms hoping to achieve breastfeeding success.

These are the highlights in the course that I think make this online breastfeeding class worth every penny and a no-brainer!

1. Lactation Explained

Understanding how your milk supply works from a physiological aspect could be a crucial step in to your breastfeeding success. This second module of the course helps you wrap your head around milk supply in a logical and scientific way. 

Having the ability to approach your lactation in this manner will help you determine how to manage and maintain your milk supply without falling for miracle wand milk supply gimmicks.

If making enough milk for your baby is an understandable worry you have, I would recommend compounding what’s found in this module by using your up-sell discount on Milkology’s Master Your Milk Supply Course.

2. Learning the Techniques

Another section of the course worth highlighting is this third module that focuses on latching, positioning, expressing and storage.

These breastfeeding topics are often what make new moms most nervous about breastfeeding for the first time. As you may know, the latch can make or break your breastfeeding goals

In this featured module, you are shown the best breastfeeding positions in order to achieve a deep and painless latch. Not only that, but you are also introduced to important tips on how to store and express your breast milk.

If you are planning to continue breastfeeding while working outside of the home, you will want to prepare for pumping, milk supply and breast milk storage to a deeper degree. 

With that being said, The Ultimate Back to Pumping Class would be the best second Milkology course choice for you.

3. Bonuses 

If you thought that this course sounds pretty thorough, you’d be right, but that’s not all! The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class is also loaded with valuable bonuses! 

Check out these EXTRAS that come with the already impressive curriculum:

  1. Exclusive discounts on breastfeeding products, baby sleep courses and more!
  2. A troubleshooting guide pdf. with solutions for common breastfeeding issues.
  3. A 9 page eBook, The Little Black Book of Breastfeeding Secrets.

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The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class vs. Other Online Breastfeeding Courses

Online course shopping has become somewhat more difficult recently with the influx of their popularity. 

So to compare Milkology’s Ultimate Breastfeeding Class to the other online breastfeeding classes I have had access to, I can honestly say that Milkology’s breastfeeding class is so far my favorite on this topic.

It is priced right and is full of educational lessons that are visually delivered in a fun and engaging way. To further compare, there is no other online breastfeeding class at this production quality priced at $19. 

The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class is also easy to cruise through in a short amount of time with a high retention rate.

Another advantage of Milkology’s online breastfeeding class versus other online breastfeeding courses is the large resource library of compatible courses Milkology has created.

This makes Milkology’s course a must-have breastfeeding tool for your baby feeding tool box.

Here’s one more important comparison to make; many other online breastfeeding classes have an expiration date, Milkology’s never expire.

They also offer a money back guarantee – that’s something you don’t find often with digital goods!

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P.S. If you enroll in any of Milkology’s courses through a link in this post today, I’ll also gift you my Pumping Pro Course as an added bonus!  Contact me once complete and I’ll get you all set up!

Milkology’s Other Breastfeeding Courses

Milkology has quite a few online breastfeeding and pumping classes that are fantastic.

For moms curious about exclusive pumping, The Ultimate Exclusive Pumping Class by Milkology covers everything an E.P. mom would need to know. 

I am most impressed by the addition of this course to Milkology’s line up. Because currently there are limited resources for exclusively pumping moms to get the support and information they sometimes desperatley need. 

The next pumping course Milkology offers is The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class for breastfeeding and working moms.

This Milkology course helps you have a smoother transition as a breastfeeding and working mom. It also goes to great lengths in helping you prepare your baby and yourself for the change. 

As mentioned in the vey beginning of this Milkology review, there are also two new quick guide courses now available, Pump it Up! and Master Your Milk Supply. 

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What is it Missing?

Milkology’s breastfeeding class is exceptional, especially for the price.

However, it doesn’t cover everything. For instance, the tutorials only extend education for your breastfeeding journey up to baby’s second month of life.

You may also learn better by watching EXACTLY how something is done step by step.

Milkology does have tons of helpful video footage of mother’s breastfeeding their baby, but it’s not as in depth of a visual tutorial as some may need or want.

If you are looking for a breastfeeding course that gets a little more up close and personal with video demonstrations on how to latch and breastfeeding positions, I would recommend you take a look at Simply Breastfeeding by Cindy and Jana.

Course Review Conclusion

That will conclude this Milkology review of The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class.

If you are looking for an exceptional online breastfeeding course, this is your golden ticket.

To recap, the course is 90 minutes of video lessons taught by a real lactation consultant who spent months creating this course and making it the best breastfeeding course online.

So mama, if you want to breastfeed successfully without all of the stresses that lacking knowledge and the know-how can leave you with…

Plus, having the answers to always refer back to quickly and easily as a new and tired breastfeeding mom…

As well as a beautiful and painless breastfeeding relationship with your baby… 

Enroll now, it’s risk free and you won’t regret it! 

P.S. If you enroll in any of Milkology’s courses through a link in this post today, I’ll also gift you my Pumping Pro Course as an added bonus!  Contact me once complete and I’ll get you all set up!