Fall Crafts for Littles with Images and Printables

Fall and Halloween Arts and Crafts for Kids

Do you and your littles love doing crafts together? Fall time is the best time of year for arts and crafts! The ideas are endless and they always turn out adorable!

Today, I will be sharing a few fall craft projects that I have done with my littles to inspire you. I’ll show you how we made them and what supplied you’ll need. These crafts will be perfect for kids as young as 1 and up (with adult supervision of course).

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Fall Leaves and Tree Craft for Toddlers

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Fall crafts for toddlers with leaves on tree.

This fall leaf craft for toddlers is simple, fun and fast to set up! All you need is a large piece of white paper to draw your tree on and a few other things you probably already have at home!

Fall leaves craft for toddlers supplies dot marker and glue stick

For this fall leaves and tree craft, you only need a few supplies and most you probably already have! 

The leaves will be made from construction paper, so you might as well grab a large supply at Amazon because you will be needing a lot more for the other crafts too!

I recommend using red, yellow, orange and brown to achieve a beautiful fall leaves effect! I created a fall leaves printable you can grab here and just cut on the lines.

If you’re wondering whether you can print on construction paper, you can! Just make sure to cut the paper down to 8.5″ x 11″ so it fits. 

The next supply needed for this fall leaves and tree craft are these must-have paint dots for toddlers! My littles loves these and so do I because they are much less messy than traditional paint. These dot markers also make for fantastic learning tools with these compatible workbooks!

Last thing to grab for this fall leaf craft is a glue stick! 

Printable Fall Craft for Toddlers

Two littles wearing printable fall craft halloween masks.

This next Halloween and fall craft for littles are these darling masks! This is a fall craft project you print, cut out and then have your little ones color and decorate them.

Get creative with how you decorate them by adding jewels, glitter, yarn, pompoms and anything else you can think of! If you need more crafting supplies like I just mentioned, grab a huge crafting kit at Amazon here!

Gotta have it freebie with 3 arrows pointing down and hearts.4 printable halloween masks for kids.

If you would like to do this printable fall craft with your littles, grab these 4 adorable masks here for FREE! 

Fall Corn Cob Painting Craft 

Two corn cob shaped papers with red, orange and yellow dots.

This easy fall painting craft for toddlers is a must-do autumn art project! 

White paper cut into corn cob shapes and dot markers.

The best part about this fall painting craft is how few materials you need to do it. 


  • Dot Markers
  • White Construction Paper
  • Scissors

That’s it! 

Again, these dot markers are awesome if you have toddlers who like to do any kind of art projects.

Toddler painting a fall craft with dot markers.

Once you gather all of your materials, let your little one fill the fall corn cobs with kernels using their dot markers. 

This will keep them entertained for quite some time!

Fall Handprint Crafts 

Pumpkin handprint crafts for toddlers.

A handprint project is in order for our next fall craft idea! Fall handprint craft materials.

All you need is orange and black construction paper and scissors! Trace your little ones hands and cut them out. You can even let them practice their tracing skills by doing yours as well!

To make the cut-out handprints look like pumpkins, cut out some jack-o-lantern shaped face pieces out of black construction paper and have your little one paste them on!

Fall Coloring Pages for Kids

Printable fall coloring pages for kids, autumn coloring pages, pumpkin coloring pages, first day of fall coloring pages.

These fall coloring pages are too cute to pass up! There are 18 adorable autumn-inspired designs and the bundle also includes the face masks craft from earlier!

You can also easily turn each coloring page into a learning activity to help your toddler pick up on counting, colors, letters and more! 

I love having a daily creative activity for my little ones to do, but sometimes I don’t always feel like getting out a bunch of materials to do one. Coloring pages are the perfect solution!

Plus, when you purchase a digital bundle like this one, you can print out as many as you need! 

Pumpkin Handprint Craft

Pumpkin handprint craft on a real pumpkin.

You’ll love this fall handprint craft because it’s not only loads of fun for the kids, but it’s a perfect way to add some sentiment into your fall decor.

There’s not much explanation that needs to be done in order to achieve this handprint pumpkin craft. Simply place your child’s hand in some water-based paint and place it onto a pumpkin (real or fake).

These handprint pumpkins really do look so darling on display.

Pumpkin Haunted House

Pumpkin haunted house craft project idea.

This next fall craft is more of a project that you’ll probably end up doing mostly yourself. However, it’s more so the idea that I wanted to share with you.

The kids also love the end result!

You can simply take inspiration from this photo in order to recreate a similar look. The only materials you may need are some acrylic paint and popsicle sticks.

I also recommend these battery operated tea lights to light up the inside of your pumpkin.

Little girl looking at a pumpkin.

My daughter loved this pumpkin so much and I had a lot of fun making it!

Pumpkin Patch Fall Craft

Pumpkin patch fall kids craft project.

This cute fall pumpkin patch craft was something I threw together last minute with the supplies I already had lying around the house. Sometimes those end up being the most fun to create!

This is a little more of an involved fall craft project that you can enjoy doing with your toddler. In fact, I think I had more fun than my toddler making it!


  • 2 wooden sticks
  • Construction paper (brown and orange)
  • Pom Poms (pumpkin colored)
  • Beads
  • Green craft paint
  • Mini fall leaves
  • Glue gun and glue sticks 
  • Glue stick
  • Black Sharpie
  • Styrofoam base

I found my mini fall paper leaves at a garage sale, but here are some similar to mine at Amazon.

Here’s a link to a large bag of multi-sized pom poms, you can never have too many of those if you’re regularly crafting with your littles!

If you’re in the market for a glue gun, this looks like a good one at Amazon and it comes with a nice supply of glue sticks!

I used a half round styrofoam piece for the base of the craft (the hill). I had this leftover from a previous use and it worked out perfectly for this fall craft.

Little kid using a glue stick to glue on paper leaves to a fall pumpkin patch craft.


  1. Create a little pumpkin patch sign by hot gluing two wooden sticks onto either side of a piece of paper. Write “pumpkin patch” and whatever else you’d like. We also added a little owl sticker to ours.
  2. Next, cover your foam half-sphere with brown construction paper to make it look more like a hill. I did not use any glue for this because I wanted to be able to reuse it again.
  3. Have your little one paint some beads a green color, these will be the stems for the pom pom pumpkins.
  4. While the paint is drying, let your toddler glue on the fallen leaves all around the pumpkin patch.
  5. Lastly, go ahead and glue the painted green stems onto the pumpkin pom poms and let your little one decide where they go and hot glue them down.

There you have it, an adorable and unique fall craft you will want to display in your home because it is so stinking cute! 

Fall Food Craft

Apple slice made to look like a monster with it's tongue sticking out using a strawberry.

This last one is a fall food craft, a little different than the rest, but still cute and simple to do with your kids! It may even be a great little trick to get your picky eater to enjoy some healthier food options. 

All you need is an apple, peanut butter, strawberry and candy eyes. I got mine off of Amazon and I use them all of the time on my little ones’ food to get them more interested in what’s on their plate.

It works too!

To make this apple monster mouth:

  1. Slice your apple into quarters and carve out a slit where the slice of strawberry will fit for the monster tongue.
  2. Fill the mouth opening with peanut butter and add the strawberry.
  3. Place on some candy eyeballs using peanut butter as the glue.

Little girl smiling at an apple monster mouth fall craft.

This little apple monster mouth fall food craft was super fun, simple and it was a big hit with the kids!

P.S. Don’t leave without sharing some of your favorite fall craft ideas to Pinterest!

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