What to Pack in Your Breast Pump Bag for Work and Everyday

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So mama, you’ve made your breast pump bag selection, it has arrived and now you’re ready to organize it with the essential pumping gear for work and everyday use.

You would be in the right place for a complete guide on what to pack in your breast pump bag! 

There is also a pumping at work planner pack you can download for free with helpful guides. Such as, your essential breast pump bag checklist, pumping at work rights, pumping signs to hang and more!

Are you ready to see EXACTLY what you need to pack, how to organize it and what to do if you forget something?

How to Pack and Organize a Breast Pump Bag

A breast pump bag is a little different than any other traditional tote or diaper bag.

What makes a breast pump bag different is the designated storage pockets specifically for your breast pump. Usually, these pockets will be found on both or one side of the bag.

This unique design function makes knowing how to organize and pack your breast pump bag pretty intuitive.

However, there will also be MANY other pockets you will not want to neglect. The better organized your breast pump bag is, the more efficient your pumping sessions will be!

In the video on this post, you can get a real life look at how I pack my Sarah Wells “Lizzy” breast pump bag.

One last word of advice, keep your breast pump bag packed with ONLY the essentials.

This way, you aren’t wasting time and energy sorting through miscellaneous items or lugging around a back-breaking bag. 

These breast pump bags can already be on the larger side. Which makes throwing anything and everything in them too easy to do, but try and refrain! 

Keep your breast pump bag from turning into a blackhole!

What to Pack in Your Breast Pump Bag: The Essentials 

Ready to check out what to pack in your breast pump bag? These items will be essential to have while you’re pumping on the go or traveling while breastfeeding. 

Here is your breast pump bag checklist!

1. Manual Breast Pump

This is an absolute must-have for your breast pump bag!

The reason to keep a manual pump with you and specifically in your breast pump bag, is because there may be times you do not have access to electricity or anywhere appropriate to pump.

Let me tell you, I have used my manual pump many times for a quick bathroom expression session while out of the house on a busy day! It has always been a milk-saver!

2. Car Power Inverter 

This little gadget is super handy for pumping in the car and while you’re on the go. With this car power adapter, you can plug your pump in with no worries, no matter where you are (as long as you’re in your car)!

3. Breast Milk Cooler

Of course your breast milk needs a place to stay safely stored. You can use a breast milk cooler specifically designed for this purpose.

Like, a cute Cold Gold Cooler by Sarah Wells and don’t forget to insert your ice pack!

3. Nipple Cream/Lubricant

Some mamas can pump dry (I never dared try).

If you’re like me, having your favorite nipple lubricant packed is crucial. Such as, an organic coconut oil or your favotie brand of nipple cream.

Here’s a quick pumping tip: Place the oil on the inside of the flange (where the breast shields meets the flange tunnel) and not on your actual nipple.

That way you are keeping everything as sanitary as possible at all times!

4. Breast Milk Storage Bags

Keeping a little stash of breast milk storage bags in your breast pump bag is also essential!

Did you know, that you can actually pump straight into a breast milk storage bag incase you forget your bottles? This breast pumping hack is one of my favorites! 

Simply hold your bag onto the opening of the flange and use a rubber band to secure tightly and VOILA!

P.S. You can use any sanitary bag for this purpose.

5. Silicone Breast Pump/Nursing Cup

Another handy back-up to keep in your breast pump bag is a nursing cup/silicone breast pump.

You can imagine using this if you decide to nurse baby while you’re out. This nursing cup will suction onto the opposite breast and catch any leaking milk. 

You could also use this extremely portable nursing cup to hand express into while you are in a pinch and away from baby and your pump!

There so many multi-functional and practical uses where a nursing cup would come in handy!

6. Quick Clean Wipes

These quick clean wipes will come in super handy on many occasions!

For example, you can use them to give your manual pump a quick clean before throwing it back in your breast pump bag. 

Another recommended way to use this wipes is after you finish a pumping session, but don’t want to wash them again before the next one. You can actually wipe them down and place them in a baggy in the fridge for one more use.

7. Breast Pads

Leaking happens, especially soon after your milk first comes in. Which is why having breast pads stowed away in your pump bag is a smart move and they may just be a life-saver while you’re away from the house!

8. Hands-Free Pumping Bra

If you’re not using a mobile and concealable pumping kit, like Freemie Collection Cups, you will need to pack a hands-free pumping bra in your bag.

My recommendation is this hands-free pumping bra by Simple Wishes. I like this pumping bra brest becuase it is double layered for extra security and flange support. 

Those puppies aren’t going anywhere!

9. Spare Pump Parts

Another essential breast pump bag item would be spare pump parts. Such as, valves and membranes, tubing and duckbill valves.

You do not want to find yourself without these little pieces, because even though they are small – they are most certainly not insignificant!

As they play an imperative part to the function of your breast pump!

5 Things to Pack in Your Breast Pump Bag for Work

The supplies above are your breast pump bag essentials, but the next few items are in addition to that list and specifically for the pumping at work mama.

1. Portable Electric Breast Pump

A compact and portable electric breast pump like the Genie Plus by Pumpables may be the best option for pumping at work.

The mobility and ease of using a small portable pump like this is also great for pumping in the car and on the way to work too!

Click this link to check out the portable Genie Plus and get 10% off!

2. Pumparoo Staging Mat

This particular pumping gear was designed with working moms in mind. This unique and new wet/dry travel bag can be used to store pump parts and can act as a staging mat for clean pump parts to set-up without contamination being a worry.

Watch the video in this post for better look at this product and how to use it.

3. Ziplock Bags

You will find that ziplock bags are a necessity to have in your breast pump bag. They will help you save loads of time in between pumps by storing your used parts in them (inside a refrigerator).

As mentioned above, you can use this breast pumping bag hack only one time. Doing this anymore than that could introduce harmful bacteria to your breast milk.

4. Pumping Signs for Work

A sign to hang or frame to let everyone know you need your privacy is a MUST!

Treat yourself to a FREE “Pumping in Progress” sign for work. Or, get them in the Ultimate Pumping at Work Bundle Offer!

5. Lactation Drinks

When you get busy working, it’s easy to forget to stay hydrated throughout the day. As you know, hydration is key to maintaining your milk supply.

Therefore, you may want to also pack some lactation aids in your breast pump bag. Such as Body Armor drinks, lactation cookies and lactation teas. 

Look here text with arrow in pink.

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Pumping door sign that reads "magic milk makin, do not disturb"

A Back to Work Pumping Essential 

You now have the best list of breast pump bag essentials for work. You should feel much more equipped to handle the task of your new breastfeeding location.

Even so, is there is still anything else that could help you prepare for pumping at work before hand?

I believe there is and I think you deserve know about it mama!

The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class by Milkology will show you how to get ready for this sometimes scary and anxious breastfeeding transition.

This online course will effortlessly teach you the protocol for back to work pumping and milk supply maintenance in an easy to comprehend video and voice-over teaching style.

You will learn the successful techniques needed in order to build a sustainable freezer stash, how to introduce a bottle to your baby and how to protect your milk supply while you work all day.

Imagine feeling confident and stress-free your first day back at work because you have a back-up of breast milk for your little one, he or she doesn’t refuse a bottle and you know EXACTLY how to perform pumping at work like a boss! 

You can make your back to work breastfeeding transition so much easier for yourself by clicking here to enroll today!

P.S. To further encourage your breastfeeding and pumping success, please take advantage of my offer to also gift you a FREE seat in my pumping and milk supply course ($22 value) with your enrollment in Milkology’s course. Simply contact me after and I’ll take care of the rest!

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On that Note

Well mama, your ultimate breast pump bag checklist has been created. You can now begin to gather these breast pump bag items and get them organized how you wish.

You will probably find that what you pack in your breast pump bag over time will look a little different than this master list and that’s great too!

I’m so glad you stopped by to find your inspiration here!

Before you go, don’t forget to grab your free pumping at work pack with 7 very helpful and informative digital or printable items to help you pump at work with no worries! 

Also, if you’re still hesitating to enroll in the Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class, here is your last nudge! This online class has been taken and loved by thousands of other moms just like you.

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