Body Armor Drink for Breastfeeding and Milk Supply: What You Need to Know!

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Perhaps you’ve found yourself reading this article today because you are curious if the rumors about Body Armor being good for breastfeeding moms and it’s claims to increase milk supply are true.

You will get your answers to those questions, and much much more!

So without further delay, here is everything you want to know about Body Armor Drink and Breastfeeding.

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Does Body Armor Drink Increase Milk Supply?

That was the question and I’d like to confirm that yes, I believe it does increase milk supply. Although, there is no scientific data to solidify this as fact.

Still, it did for me and it does for many more breastfeeding moms!

Before we can get to the must-know reasons WHY this popular breastfeeding drink boosts milk supply and how much you need to drink, let’s first look at some of the M.V.P.’s of breast milk boosting foods you’ll definitely want to know about too!

Breast Milk Boosting Superfoods

The list of foods below are all considered galactatgoues, which is more specific to a food for breastfeeding or medication that promotes and stimulates the secretion and flow of breast milk.

Stimulate lactation, that sounds great!

So, what are these foods that help promote lactation? See the list below and remember them for later or download the FREE eBook that includes them and so much more!

  • Oats
  • Brewer’s Yeast
  • Nuts and nut milks
  • Spinach (dark leafy greens)
  • Yams
  • Papaya
  • Flax

While it’s nice to know these superfoods to add to your breastfeeding diet, having the right knowledge and techniques to master your milk supply is still ideal. 

Save yourself from the milk supply guessing-game mama and master it for good!

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Why Does Body Armor Increase Milk Supply?

Now that we have a solid list of foods that are factually proven to increase milk supply, let’s also look at Body Armor’s list of ingredients to determine if we can spot any galactagogues.

body armor drink ingredients that are galactagoguesTake a further look into these ingredients to determine which ones may be responsible for the increase in breast milk production.

  • Magnesium is a listed ingredient and is a known benefit to a menstruating mother while she is still breastfeeding. Taking calcium and magnesium before your period has been shown to combat the loss in milk supply and is a great preventative measure. 
  • Coconut water is a well-known natural milk booster because of how hydrating it is. With coconut water being the third ingredient in the Body Armor drinks, it makes sense why it packs such a powerful lactogenic effect. 
  • Electrolytes could also be contributing to the impact of hydration which in turn promotes more milk production. 

These drinks are also packed pull of vitamins which are believed to help nourish a mother’s cells and benefit her over-all health.

Which can lead to a body that is primed to produce more milk!

How Fast Does Body Armor Increase Milk Supply?

We now know that Body Armor does have the ability to boost milk supply according to many breastfeeding moms, but how long does it actually take for it to start working?

The answer of course is going to be different for everyone.

However, you should be able to see a significant difference in milk production during your first pumping session after you have a Body Armor drink.

That is at least what has been the experience of and recorded by other breastfeeding mothers.

Is Body Armor Safe to Drink while Breastfeeding?

You may be wondering if Body Armor is similar to an energy drink and whether it contains caffeine. 

The answer is no, Body Armor Drinks contain no caffeine (according to their website).

It would seem like Body Armor drinks are safe to have while breastfeeding due to this fact alone.

You can further analyze the ingredients (shown above) to determine if there is anything present that you may want to stay away from while breastfeeding.

When in doubt, it is ALWAYS recommended to ask your doctor first.

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Which Body Armor is Best for Breastfeeding?

This Body Armor breastfeeding drink seems like a great option for breastfeeding moms who struggle to stay hydrated because water is just not their favorite thing.

However, be aware, because the regular Body Armor drinks do contain a lot of sugar!

Luckily, there is also a Lyte option available if all of that extra sugar and carbs is something you’d rather stay away from.

Keeping that in mind, the best Body Armor to have while breastfeeding is probably going to be the lower sugar option. This is only if you plan to drink more than two per day. 

A little further down, you’ll see some tips on how to limit the amount of sugar, but still get the breast milk boosting goodness!

How Much Body Armor Should You Drink for Breastfeeding?

Now that you are aware of how effective Body Armor drinks can be while breastfeeding for your milk supply. I bet you also want to know how many you should be drinking each day in order to see these milk supply increases.

Most breastfeeding moms say that the sweet spot for them is anywhere between 2-5 Body Armor drinks per day.

However, as mentioned above, these drinks do contain a fair amount of sugar.

You can see below in the nutritional facts for the regular Body Armor drinks that an 8oz. serving will run you an additional 18g of sugar!

Body Armor Drink nutritional info

Next, you’ll get to see a great hack to cut the amount of sugar, but leave the increased milk production.

Body Armor Drink Breastfeeding Hack

Here’s how to cut the outrageous amounts of sugar in half, but still keep all of this super drink’s breastfeeding benefits.

Take your 8oz. regular Body Armor Super Drink and cut it with an organic coconut water. You can do this with equal amounts of both or less, depending on your taste preferences. 

This little Body Armor breastfeeding drink hack will help you consume more of the breast milk boosting ingredients, (in this case coconut water) while also further hydrating with an extra 8oz. or more of liquid!

Where to Buy Body Armor 

I bet after reading this you are thoroughly convinced that you need run out and grab one (or maybe dozens) of these milk supply increasing body armor super drinks right now!

The good news, is that you can find Body Armor Drinks at Target and at Amazon!

Amazon even carries a 5 gallon bag of Body Armor Powder mix so you can make your own and cut the cost of buying individual pre-made bottles.  

Body Armor Drink Alternatives

As explained above, the amount of sugar that can be found in some store bought sports drink can be nauseating.

Likewise, a breastfeeding mom who is desperate to increase her milk supply may drink up to 5 of these sugary sports drinks a day!

For those of you looking for alternative options, check out some of these “healthier” breastfeeding drink ideas to try instead!

  • Coconut water infused with fruit slices of your choice. Such as a tropical mango or pineapple.
  • Fresh carrot and apple juice or any combination you like.
  • Make your own electrolyte drink with coconut water, 100% juice and Himalayan salt.

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Other Drinks That may Also Increase Milk Supply

Incase you are wondering if there are any other drinks that also increase milk supply other than Body Armor, here are some I found that had some pretty significant effects.

Does Beer Stimulate Lactation? 

Beer is sometimes said to also increase milk supply because of it’s barley content. Which, has been a known low milk supply remedy for centuries.

Guinness seems to be the recommended beer of choice for this purpose because it’s lower in alcohol content.

Therefore, a breastfeeding mom can enjoy a Guinness from time to time without having to worry about pumping and dumping her liquid gold in spite of it.

Do note that alcohol definitely DOES NOT increase milk supply.

In this particular case, the barley is the galactagogue and may help promote more milk production.

See source for more information on alcohol and breastfeeding: (source)

Starbucks’ Pink Drink and Milk Supply

Here is another best kept milk increasing secret drink breastfeeding moms have accidentally and gladly stumbled upon.

The Starbucks’ Pink Drink increases milk supply and it’s become a well-known fact amongst breastfeeding moms.

This pretty and pink beverage will hydrate you to the max with added coconut milk.

As promised above, you can make it at home with this copycat Pink Drink Recipe for a fraction of the price!

Lactation Teas and Breastfeeding

Teas are a well-known way to drink your way to more milk. Some lactation teas, like Milkmaid Tea, are full of effective galactagogues. 

You’ve probably heard that Mother’s Milk Tea works wonders to increase milk supply. If you’re the type of mama who loves a hot cup of tea, this would be the perfect breast milk boosting beverage option for you.

You can find lactation teas at places like Earth Mama Organics, my personal favorite brand for organic pre and postpartum products.

Head over there after you read this to check out their wonderful inventory for expecting and new mamas! 

Milk Boosting Smoothies 

Knowing some good lactation smoothie recipes are an effective way to combat a sudden decrease in milk supply.

Additionally, lactation smoothies are delicious and healthy. Which make them one of the BEST ways to drink your way to more milk!

You can whip them up super fast, be creative with the flavors and add in tons of healthy foods that are nourishing and also increase milk supply.

Here are a couple of my favorite lactation smoothie recipes I created that taste amazing and do wonders for your milk supply!

Milk Dust is a protein lactation powder that packs a powerful lactogenic effect while being as pure and healthy as possible for breastfeeding moms. Shop for Milk Dust here.

To Sum Up 

I hope you got the answers you were looking for when you Googled “does body armor drink increase milk supply?” 

I understand how desperate we can get to make enough milk for our little ones. Which is why I try to find you the best resources to help you master your milk supply and breastfeed with confidence. 

The internet offers so much information now and can be such an amazing help if we know where to look.

If you’re seeking something that can provide you with quick and convenient solutions to your breastfeeding, breast pumping and milk supply challenges, an online course is where you should invest a little bit of your time.

Come check out the quality courses I recommend and learn how they can help you achieve your breastfeeding goals with less stress and worry!

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