How to Set Up A Breast Pumping Station: Pumping Cart Organization

Below is everything you need to know about setting up a breast pumping station and what you will need for pumping breast milk. You will see a thoughtful list of the important pumping supplies you won’t want to be caught without!

You’ll also find some helpful pumping tips for beginners that could up being extremely helpful during your journey.

Breast pumping roll cart with a breast pump inside.

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Where to Set Up Your Pumping Station 

Choosing the location of your pumping station is the first step. You will want to ensure that you’re in a comfortable space where you feel at ease being pretty exposed most of the time.

After all, not all of us want the experience of pumping in front of people, or extended family for that matter.

For instance, you may opt for a portable breastfeeding station and have two permanent pumping spots set up in your home. One could be in your bedroom for the convenience of pumping at night and the other in the main living area where you care for baby most of the day.

As an example, I keep my main pump in the living room on the couch where little one and I spend most of our time during the day.

By the way, invest in lots of supportive pillows to keep your back healthy.

This is a big pumping tip that you SHOULD NOT IGNORE, ladies!

Pumping can take a huge toll on your back, making sure that you are in a supportive position while you pump is extremely important. With that said, if you don’t already have the support you need for your back, try putting one of these supportive pillows behind you. 

And finally, don’t forget to place yourself somewhere you feel happy. After all, you’ll be spending A LOT of time at your breast pumping station.

Must-Have Breast Pumping Station Supplies

What do you need for pumping? You’re about to see the master list, so get out a notepad and start creating your pumping station supplies shopping list! 

By the way, the items listed below are nonnegotiable. Trust me, you won’t want to be without them when pull comes to shove! 

Pumping Cart

If you haven’t been on Pinterest yet to look for breast pumping station ideas and inspiration, then you may not know about these rolling carts breastfeeding moms have been utilizing for their pumping supplies and as a mobile pumping station.

Remember how we talked about having two different lactation locations? Using a rolling cart as your transportable pumping station is genius!

You would only need one station and then it’s like a tiny house that you take with you! Here is the Amazon link to get yourself the perfect pumping cart!

Breast Pump 

This is an obvious item, but it must be on the list regardless! I recommend investing in a double-electric, personal breast pump as your main pump. The best breast pump for this job in my opinion is a hospital grade breast pump that can hang with the demand full time pumping requires. 

I really like this light weight and portable hospital grade breast pump from Pumpables. Plus, if you shop the link, you automatically get 10% off!


Along with the pump, I like to keep my laptop nearby so I can indulge in binge watching YouTube videos. However, if you’re a bookworm, then you may want to have a good book on your pumping station.

On the other hand, if you’re still learning about pumping and would like ALL of the inside tips and techniques straight from a pro, this online exclusive pumping class is a must-have!

Not only is it entertaining, but it’s useful and once enrolled, you have access to it forever.

Pumping Lubricant 

Yep, you read that right. Nipple lubrication while pumping is a life-saver! Coconut oil is my preferred nipple lube for this task, but you can use a different nipple cream if you’d like.

Just be aware that whatever you use, it needs to be food grade and safe for baby’s ingestion. I like to keep mine in a little mason jar, like this one. I find it takes up much less room than the large jar it originally came in.

Lactation Tools 

Did you know that vibration, massage and heat are enormously helpful stimulants to use while pumping to encourage and increase milk flow?

It’s true and having said that, LaVie has some of the best (and only) lactation tools on the market. One or a few of these breastfeeding tools would be a smart addition to your pumping station.

If you’re ready to shop for some, use this special discount code LOVEOURLITTLES10.

Hands-Free Pumping Bra 

Multi-tasking while pumping comes down to this one thing, a hands-free pumping bra. There’s no getting around this one item being an essential. 

Clean Towels 

Expressing breast milk can get a little messy. Which is why keeping some clean towels near by in your breast pumping station is a must!

This helps to keep things clean and dry while you pump and that is crucial to avoiding annoying complications, such as thrush!

Keeping your flange dry while you pump may also help to eliminate a loss in suction. Simply wipe the flange down and just like that, you may have another letdown! It worked for me!

Breast Pads

Soon after your milk comes in, you become an almost non-stop breast milk leaking machine. Breast pads are probably one of the most common breastfeeding station staples.

After you’re done pumping, you might as well grab a fresh pair and pack them back in. Visit this online shop for FREE re-useable breast pads using the code LOVEOURLITTLES!

Breast Milk Storage Bags

The type of breast milk storage bags will most likely depend on the type of feeding/storing system you have going on. I used the Kiinde twist system breast milk storage bags when I pumped.

I liked these because I could pump directly into them. This greatly eliminated the exposure to contaminants and cut down on extra steps for me not having to transfer milk and risk spilling it (insert ghoul face emoji here). You can even see if you qualify for free breast milk storage bags through Aeroflow!


Pumping makes you thirsty! It’s hard work mama. In fact, pumping burns quite a few extra calories per day. So plan on keeping your pumping station stocked with beverages that will keep you hydrated throughout the day and especially while you are pumping.

Of course I’m supposed to tell you to drink lots of water, but did you know some sports drinks like Body Armor help to increase milk supply?

Another one of my favorite drinks for breastfeeding is any rendition of Starbucks’ Pink Drink. This homemade pink lactation drink for breastfeeding uses cranberry juice, check it out!

Healthy Snacks 

I sometimes sit plugged-in for an hour or more and doing all that work makes mama hungry! With that said, It may be a good idea to keep some healthy breastfeeding snacks in your pumping station that are also a lactation aid, like these no-bake boobie bites.

Night Light 

For those middle of the night pumping sessions, a soft light night light is a dream. This Vava night light is my personal favorite and the one I own. It’s been so wonderful that I now include it in every baby shower gift I give!

Spare Parts 

When your breast pump is under-performing and you’re in a hurry to relieve some pressure. The last thing you want to do is search around for spare valves.

I recommend having these extra pumping kit parts stocked up in your pumping station. See this related post to learn how often to change your pump’s parts.


Maintaining sanitation with your clean pump parts is crucially important while your baby is very young. A staging mat, like the Punparoo by Sarah Wells has this covered for you. You simply lay it out on your pumping station for a clean space to set up your pumping kit. 


One more thing that I feel is a nice touch to your pumping station ambiance, (but not a necessity) is an oil diffuser. Just imagine how relaxing it would be to pump while you breathe in some warm vanilla and calming lavender.

You may as well be pumping at the spa! In all seriousness though, relaxation does play a huge roll in helping to trigger letdowns more easily.

How to Organize Breast Pumping Station

Check out the pin I put together below to give you an idea of how to organize your pumping station cart. 

How to organize breast pumping station with labels.

In Closing

Alright mama, you now have a thorough understanding of how to set up a breast pumping station. You know how to decide where to put your pumping station. You understand the importance of back support and comfort while you pump. 

Your Amazon shopping cart is bursting full of pumping station non-negotiable must-haves (tell your husband this) and you are imagining your pumping session feeling like a spa get-away.

I hope you found this article helpful and fun!

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